Martial Peak

Chapter 2536 - Limited Intelligence
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Chapter 2536, Limited Intelligence

Translator: Silavin & vin

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

After being reminded by Old Fu, the red-clothed girl dared not mention sending a message back to the palace again. She would be locked up while that dog couple would remain unscathed.

The red-clothed girl’s eyes reddened with grievance, “Lord Father is biased! He lets Big Brother leave the palace whenever he wants, and he doesn’t even have to take guards with him! Lord Father doesn’t care if he slaughters people or sets fires to cities, but when it comes to me, I have to not only bring trash along but also abide by so many rules! Lord Father is so unfair!”

She was filled with resentment and kept on yelling incessantly, but Old Fu dared not agree to anything she said. His Sir possessed extraordinary strength and ability. It was acceptable for the Young Lady to say such things because she was his biological daughter, but if he were to agree and his Sir found out… he would lose his life!

“What should I do then?!” The red-clothed girl stomped her foot. Not being able to vent her anger made her feel uncomfortable all over.

It was impractical to ask the palace to send people over while relying on these three good-for-nothings was impossible, but she couldn’t just let this go. If she did, she was afraid she would no longer be able to sleep at night! The humiliation would induce a lifelong nightmare, enough to leave a severe psychological shadow in her heart!

Old Fu didn’t seem to have any ideas either as his expression twisted into one of bitterness.

“Waste, you’re all a bunch of wastes!” The more she looked at Old Fu and the two guards, the angrier she became, until she burst out, “This Young Lady was bullied, yet you can’t do anything! What use do I even have for you?!”

At this moment, Old Fu suddenly lit up as though he’d thought of something, “Please calm your anger, Young Lady! This Old Master may have thought of a good idea!”

“What? Hurry, let’s hear it! If it succeeds in crushing that dog couple and helping this Young Lady get revenge, this Young Lady will reward you handsomely and even put in a few good words for you in front of Lord Father!”

Old Fu chuckled, “Being able to accompany the Young Lady is already the greatest honour this Old Master can have. There is no need for…”

“Stop dawdling and spit it out already!” The red-clothed girl interrupted him impatiently.

Old Fu lightly coughed and said, “The power of the palace cannot be mobilized, and this Old Master is not that little brat’s opponent. If the Young Lady wants revenge, then we can only borrow the hands of outsiders.”

“Outsiders?” The red-clothed girl’s eyebrows wrinkled in confusion, “Who?”

“This Old Master will have to inquire about that first and see who in the vicinity can be of use to you, Young Lady.”

Upon hearing this, the red-clothed girl’s beautiful eyes suddenly brightened and she urged anxiously, “Then what are you still waiting for? When this Young Lady was still in the palace, those people were practically tripping over each other while trying to please me! Now that this Young Lady has a use for them, they definitely won’t refuse.”

“Yes, yes, it is an honour to be of use to the Young Lady! Who would refuse?” Old Fu smiled, spewing flattery as he withdrew a communication artifact from his Space Ring.

“Please allow this Old Master a few moments, Young Lady.”

He poured his Divine Sense into the communication artifact, which emitted faint rays of light as it began to send out messages.

The red-clothed girl watched on eagerly with an expectant gaze. It seemed as though she could already see Yang Kai and Zhang Ruo Xi being surrounded by a group of people, kneeling down, and begging her for mercy… the thought of it made her incredibly happy.

Her heart was utterly ruthless. When the time came, she intended to make Yang Kai kneel down and lick the dirt off her shoes. Then, she would ruin the woman’s face, strip her naked, and throw her onto the busiest street here.

[Anyone who dares to provoke this Young Lady will suffer the consequences!]

“I have found someone!” Old Fu exclaimed after some time.

“Who is it?” she asked excitedly.

“Some time ago, many people from the Netherworld Sect entered the Ancient Lands, including Elder Hua Fei Chen,” Old Fu replied.

“Hua Fei Chen?” The red-clothed girl raised her eyebrows, “The Second-Order Emperor Realm Master who has a good relationship with you?”

“Yes, him!”

The red-clothed girl clapped her hands together, “Good! With Hua Fei Chen on our side, that dog couple won’t be able to escape from my palm! Old Fu, quickly, send a message to those Netherworld Sect people and tell them to get out of the Ancient Lands. Just say that this Young Lady has an order for him!”

“There is no need for that, Young Miss. We will be able to find him once we enter the Ancient Lands,” Old Fu said.

Upon hearing that, she frowned, “Find him? Why?”

Old Fu couldn’t help but think that this little girl’s intelligence was limited. How could she not even understand something so simple? If she were someone else, he would’ve slapped her already for her foolishness. However, since she was his Young Lady, he could only patiently explain, “Young Lady, what do you think that dog couple’s purpose for going to that old man is?”

The red-clothed girl looked at him blankly, “What?”

The corner of Old Fu’s mouth twitched. Still, he had to push down his frustration and explained, “What was our purpose for going to see that old man”?

“So he can guide us into the Ancient Lands!” The red-clothed girl exclaimed, “Didn’t the people here say that he’s the best guide in the entire city? Why else would this noble Young Lady go to that rundown shack of his.”

After she said this, she seemed to have been hit with a great realization, “That dog couple was also there to get the old man to take them into the Ancient Lands!”

Old Fu was relieved. [Oh, thank Heavens, you finally figured it out.]

It wasn’t easy on his conscience, but he had to praise her, “As expected, the Young Lady is bright and talented.”

The red-clothed girl coldly snorted, “Why did you have to make such a simple matter sound so complicated? You could’ve just said that they’re also going to enter the Ancient Lands!”

“Haha…” Old Fu forced a smile and then continued, “Since they are going to enter the Ancient Land, we should dispose of them there to avoid being found out.”

“Good!” The red-clothed girl nodded and waved a hand, “In that case, let’s also enter the Ancient Lands. Old Fu, send that Hua Fei Chen a message and tell him to cooperate with this Young Lady. After this is over, they will be rewarded.”

“This subordinate will obey!” Old Fu hurriedly cupped his fists in response.

Thus, the group of four rushed towards the Ancient Lands.

An hour later, they reached the entrance of the canyon. Not far away, Yang Kai, who was inspecting the jade slip, suddenly raised his head and glanced in that direction.

“What is it, Sir?” Zhang Ruo Xi looked at him questioningly.

“It’s nothing,” Yang Kai responded, “Just that the domineering Young Lady and her guards have entered the Ancient Lands.”

“Hmph!” An unhappy expression appeared on Zhang Ruo Xi’s face, “For people like her who don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth, entering the Ancient Lands is no different from courting death!”

Yang Kai smiled slightly, “Although she is spoiled and tyrannical, I believe she will survive the Ancient Lands.”

“Why are you defending her, Sir?” Zhang Ruo Xi couldn’t help but pout.

“It’s not that I’m defending her, but her background is certainly extraordinary. She must possess numerous treasures, so unless a great incident happens, her life should not be in any danger,” Yang Kai explained.

“An extraordinary background…” Zhang Ruoxi murmured, and she asked suddenly, “Is that why you let them go so easily, Sir?”

Yang Kai nodded, “She and that Old Fu are nothing to worry about, but if I really killed them, I’m afraid it would incur the wrath of some truly powerful figures. Moreover, she didn’t kill anyone, so hopefully, she’ll learn from this setback.”

“I doubt that’s possible, Sir,” Zhang Ruo Xi snorted.

Yang Kai glanced at her, then looked at the wine bottle in her hand, and said, “Wild Wine is good, but don’t drink too quickly. Focus on feeling the Wild Force, it’ll benefit you greatly once we enter the Ancient Lands.”

“Yes!” Zhang Ruo Xi replied softly. Perhaps it was due to the alcohol, but her face was flushed, her eyes slightly wet, and her breathing a little heavy.

Suddenly, Yang Kai thought of something and reached into his Space Ring, “By the way, this belongs to you.” He handed the item to her.

“The Space Spirit Jade! “Zhang Ruo Xi exclaimed softly.

“This is your family’s ancestral artifact, and it only reacts to you. Previously, since your cultivation level was too low, I didn’t dare to give it to you. Now, you have the ability to protect yourself. When you have the time, sit down and probe its secrets. You may be able to discover the secret behind your Bloodline Power.”

Zhang Ruo Xi accepted it solemnly. At that moment, the Space Spirit Jade began to give off peculiar fluctuations and images of a magnificent scenery appeared on its smooth surface.

Most of these images were of great rivers and spiritual mountains as beautiful as brocade, and among them, there were numerous glorious pavilions and towers. Countless rare Monster Beasts roamed the skies and land, emitting extremely powerful auras that startled the birds and insects.

Years ago, when Zhang Ruo Xi first touched the Space Spirit Jade, these images had also appeared.

Now, seeing them appear again, they were both at a loss. Neither of them knew what these images meant.

Yang Kai used to believe that this Space Spirit Jade was hiding a Space Divine Ability. After all, someone had once used it to cultivate the Dao of Space; however, he had probed into it many times and found nothing special about it.

It seemed that due to some mysterious mechanism, it would only react in Zhang Ruo Xi’s hands.

Suddenly, she raised her head and stared intensely into the Ancient Lands.

Yang Kai looked at her sceptically and quickly asked, “What’s wrong?”

It wasn’t until several moments later that Zhang Ruo Xi snapped out of her daze and said, “Sir, something is calling out to me from there.”

“Calling out to you?” Yang Kai was slightly surprised. The place Zhang Ruo Xi was looking at was the depths of the Ancient Lands, but what could possibly be calling her from there?

Moreover, it happened just after she received the Space Spirit Jade. Could the two be related?

“Are you sure?”

Zhang Ruo Xi frowned, then after a long silence, she shook her head, “No. It was there for a moment, and now it’s gone.”

“There may be a connection between the Space Spirit Jade and the Ancient Wild Lands. Maybe the jade originated from there. Inspect it carefully again once we enter, and you may discover something.”

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