Martial Peak

Chapter 1933 - If You Have The Ability, Take It Yourself
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Chapter 1933, If You Have The Ability, Take It Yourself

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

“We’ll fight with you,” Ai Ou quickly said.

“En, with the strength of the three of us, we may have a chance to beat him!” Chi Yue nodded.

Yang Kai shook his head and said, “You’re underestimating the severity of the situation. This new strength... it’s too great. If I cannot match him on my own, it will be useless even if we all go together; however, if the two of you help Gui Zu and the others, you may be able to open up a path to escape.”

“And what about you?” Ai Ou asked solemnly.

“I’ll find a way to leave on my own. Don’t forget, escaping is my speciality,” Yang Kai smiled confidently as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

Hearing what he said, Ai Ou and Chi Yue exchanged a glance before nodding, Ai Ou quickly saying, “Boy, don’t die.”

“Be careful!” Chi Yue also exhorted, only then turning around with Ai Ou and joining together with Gui Zu’s group.

Yin Le Sheng watched all this happen without even trying to intervene. It seemed like even if all five of the others joined together, it made no difference to him. Feng De and Liu Xian Yun would be enough to take them down.

“You want to fight me alone? Kid, aren’t you being a bit too arrogant?” Yin Le Sheng looked at Yang Kai for a while with a mocking grin.

Yang Kai chuckled and said lightly, “As the saying goes, enmity should be solved rather than settled. Everyone is aiming for the Star Boundary, so there is no need for us to kill each other here, right? Besides, we have neither grievances nor grudges, we didn’t even know each other until today. Why must Your Excellency insist on acting so?”

“What’s wrong, scared?” Yin Le Sheng looked at Yang Kai sarcastically.

Yang Kai laughed and said nothing.

“Actually, I don’t mind explaining to you!” Yin Le Sheng suddenly said, “This King wants to strip the Star Source strength from your body and take it as a gift for Star Boundary’s Netherworld Sect, so whether you live or die does not matter to me. If you are scared, surrender to this King and I can spare your life!”

“Strip my Star Source?” Yang Kai’s brow rose slightly, “So that’s what you’re after.”

“Indeed, this King waited five fruitless years in this place, but just as I was about to leave, you appeared. It seems your luck is quite bad.”

Yang Kai laughed, “Truly so, but... your luck doesn’t seem to be very good either.”

“You still refuse to surrender?” Yin Le Sheng’s face went cold.

“I haven’t been beaten yet, so how can I just give up?” Yang Kai grinned before his figure flickered and he suddenly disappeared, the next moment appearing in front of Yin Le Sheng as he stretched out his hand towards him and shouted, “Secret Technique, Exile!”

From his hand, a pitch-black whirlpool suddenly appeared and began rapidly expanding towards Ye Le Sheng like a great beast’s maw.

If negotiating was useless, Yang Kai decided to seize the initiative and attack first.

“This is...” Yin Le Sheng narrowed his eyes as he sensed the strange power contained in this black vortex, his expression becoming solemn for the first time as he too stretched out his hand. A mighty power burst out from his figure as he shouted lowly, “Shatter!”

*Hong long...*

Yang Kai’s Secret Technique was instantly broken, and his body was forced backwards, but he didn’t slow his assault as he waved his hands rapidly and shouted, “Secret Technique, Moon Blade!”

*Xiu xiu xiu...*

A barrage of pitch-black, crescent-shaped blades shot towards Yin Le Sheng rapidly.

“It’s really a Space Force Secret Technique!” Yin Le Sheng’s complexion was shaken as he stared at the scene before him in shock.

When Yang Kai performed his Exile Secret Technique just now, Yin Le Sheng had already guessed this, but he could not be certain. Now seeing the rich Space Force fluctuations contained in the countless Moon Blades flying towards him, he immediately confirmed that Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space.

And incredibly proficient at that!

Being able to manipulate Space Force to this extent showed that this boy before him had a profound comprehension of the Dao of Space, at least on a Grandmaster level.

Clear jealousy flashed across Yin Le Sheng’s eyes, but this could not be helped. The Dao of Space was extremely esoteric and incredibly difficult to learn, much less master, but throughout the ages, those who had succeeded had always become legendary figures!

Yin Le Sheng was the overlord of Grand Desolation Star Field and had reigned supreme for countless years. After breaking through to the Third-Order Origin King, he had spent some time trying to comprehend this mysterious power.

However, he had failed to even begin cultivating it and was forced to reluctantly give up.

Now, he saw such a magnificent display of Space Force from a mere Second-Order Origin King.

This both shocked and angered him.

Why was this power beyond his grasp, but this boy was able to use it so freely? Did that mean he was inferior to this kid?

As this thought flashed across his mind, Yin Le Sheng’s eyes suddenly turned red and a cold murderous intent filled his whole body.

“So what if you can manipulate Space Force? In the face of absolute strength, you must still kneel and prostrate yourself at the feet of this King!” Yin Le Sheng roared wildly as he stretched out his hand and the Netherworld Darkness Shroud far behind him transformed into a stream of black light and flew over, rapidly enveloping him.

*Chi chi chi chi...*

The countless Moon Blades struck the Netherworld Darkness Shroud but could not break it; all of them disappearing after only making some faint ripples on its surface.

Yang Kai’s complexion changed slightly as he instantly realized that the other party’s defensive artifact was of an extremely high grade. Otherwise, it would never have been able to withstand his Moon Blades so easily.

Yin Le Sheng looked down at where the Moon Blades had struck and snickered sarcastically, “This King’s Netherworld Darkness Shroud is a Dao Source Grade artifact passed down from the Star Boundary. With your paltry means, even if this King were to simply stand here and let you attack, you would never be able to break it!”

Saying so, he flew forward, right through Yang Kai’s storm of Moon Blades, and punched out.

Yang Kai’s face sank and he tried to use his Space Force to flicker away, but he realized something was wrong in the next instant.

The surrounding space was incredibly viscous, and his instant movement technique which had always allowed him complete mobility in the past now seemed greatly hindered.

Yin Le Sheng saw this and grinned, “This is not the Star Field anymore, this is the Starlight Corridor, the intersection between all Star Fields and the Star Boundary. The World Principles here are hundreds of times stronger than in your Star Field, so all your Space Force Techniques will be greatly restricted.”

As his words fell, his fist had already arrived in front of Yang Kai’s chest.

Even before this punch landed, the mere pressure from it caused Yang Kai’s bones to creak and his skin to crack. It was conceivable that if this fist hit, even if Yang Kai did not die, he would be seriously injured.

At that last moment, Yang Kai roared, “Dragon Transformation!”

A shocking dragon roar sounded, shaking the world itself.

Yin Le Sheng froze for a moment as he felt the ancient and desolate aura suddenly surging out of Yang Kai’s body, even trembling slightly from its majesty.

Dragon scales condensed from Saint Qi rapidly covered Yang Kai’s right arm and transformed it into the shape of a dragon’s claw.

At the same time, on his chest, a unique, palm-size dragon scale emerged.

This was naturally a True Dragon Scale, a True Dragon Relic.

This dragon scale was something Yang Kai obtained from Purple Star’s Vault and had been refined into his body. Coupled with the Golden Divine Dragon Source he possessed; Yang Kai was able to exert a small fraction of the True Dragon’s Divine Ability contained within this scale.


Yin Le Sheng’s fist impacted Yang Kai’s chest in the next instant, but the scene of Yang Kai bursting into a blood fog failed to appear. Instead, Yin Le Sheng only felt his fist go slightly numb.

Yin Le Sheng involuntarily retreated a few steps, and when he raised his fist and took a look, he was completely stunned.

He found that his fist was bleeding! On the other hand, Yang Kai, although greatly shaken, had not suffered any significant damage.

Yin Le Sheng cast his gaze to the dragon scale on Yang Kai’s chest and his eyes flickered for a moment before a greedy light burst from them, “An actual Dragon Scale? How did you refine it into your body?”

At this moment, he seemed to have discovered an astonishing treasure, and his expression became frenzied.

This was not a surprise as a genuine Dragon Scale, in terms of value, was far above his Netherworld Darkness Shroud.

If he could obtain this dragon scale, how could his future achievements possibly be ordinary?

“What qualifications do you have to possess such a treasure?” Yin Le Sheng roared as he madly attacked Yang Kai, “Hand it over to this King!”

“If you have the ability, try to take it yourself!” Yang Kai also became somewhat feral. Since he stepped onto the path of cultivation, although he had encountered countless powerful enemies, he was always able to turn every dire situation into a good fortune. Unfortunately, he had encountered a very tricky opponent this time.

The heart of the Martial Dao lay in perseverance, courage, and unbroken resolve.

Facing a powerful enemy like Yin Le Sheng had stimulated Yang Kai’s fighting spirit.

Greeting his enemy without fear, he began a desperate battle.

*Hong Hong Hong...*

Two fists struck one another. Yang Kai had displayed his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique and his Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art, raising his strength to an unprecedented level, but even so, he was not Yin Le Sheng’s opponent.

The power surging out of Yin Le Sheng’s body was almost overwhelming.

The halo of Yang Kai’s Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art constantly shattered, reformed, and shattered again under Yin Le Sheng’s assault.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai became bloodied, and if not for the True Dragon Scale which was protecting his vitals, Yang Kai estimated that he might have already lost the ability to fight back.

On the other hand, the Netherworld Darkness Shroud around Yin Le Sheng remained completely unscathed, resisting all of Yang Kai attacks with ease.

“Boy, accept your fate, you’re not my opponent!” Yin Le Sheng laughed wildly as he continued to attack Yang Kai.

“Come out!” Yang Kai suddenly roared.

In the next moment, Stone Puppet Xiao Xiao and Firebird Liu Yan appeared.

Seemingly sensing the urgency in Yang Kai’s summon, as soon as Xiao Xiao appeared, he immediately assumed his stone giant form and donned his lava armour before slamming the Heaven Shaking Pillar down at Yin Le Sheng.

Liu Yan also transformed into her Firebird form and spat out a violent blast of fire and thunder.

Yin Le Sheng’s eyes only narrowed slightly as, although he was astonished at the two helpers Yang Kai suddenly summoned, he did not put Xiao Xiao or Liu Yan’s attacks in his eyes and only focused on butchering Yang Kai.


When the Heaven Shaking Pillar hit Yin Le Sheng and he felt the violent force behind it though, Yin Le Sheng realized he had greatly underestimated the power of this stone giant. Even with the Netherworld Darkness Shroud protecting him, he was still almost sent flying as the black light halo around him flickered wildly.

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