Martial Peak

Chapter 1773 - Seven Coloured Radiant Light
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Chapter 1773, Seven Coloured Radiant Light

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys

“Uncle Ni!” Xue Yue called out in pleasant surprise from Yang Kai’s back.

In this damned place, there was nothing more pleasant than seeing familiar faces. Although she was at ease when she was with Yang Kai, she still worried about whether Ni Guang was safe or not, so seeing him here, in good condition, Xue Yue naturally let go of her last concerns.

“What happened?” Ni Guang did not approach too close and instead came to a halt about ten metres away from Yang Kai’s group, his eyes fixed vigilantly on Gui Zu.

He was worried that Yang Kai and Xue Yue had been captured by Gui Zu, and if this was the case, his actions needed to be restrained.

Ni Guang thinking this way was not him being overly cautious or pessimistic, but rather a necessary measure. Gui Zu was easily identified as a villain, so anyone with some common sense would treat him like this.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Ni. I was only slightly wounded, it’s not a problem,” Xue Yue slipped off Yang Kai’s back while answering.

Hearing what she said, Ni Guang’s expression brightened slightly as he glanced over Yang Kai and Xue Yue before returning his eyes to Gui Zu to make sure that this unknown party did not do anything to Xue Yue. After a slight pause, Ni Guang cupped his fists and spoke, “Dare I ask this friend...”

In any case, Gui Zu was clearly travelling with Xue Yue, so Ni Guang had to at least ask for his identity.

Gui Zu simply gave a strange, somewhat grating laughter as he waved his hand, “You don’t need to ask for this old master’s name and origin, this old master has no plans to join forces with you. Just take your Junior back and go about your business, no need to pay attention to this old master!”

His stand-offish tone clearly indicated he did not put Ni Guang in his eyes.

Yang Kai simply scratched his nose to the side.

Ni Guang’s face could not help sinking slightly as he snorted, his expression extremely unhappy.

He was amongst the highest-ranking members of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and a famous figure in the Star Field, anyone with lower cultivation would greet him with extreme respect, and even those in the same realm did not dare treat him rudely, except for a few like Zi Long. As such, Gui Zu’s words were somewhat off-putting.

Ni Guang immediately lost interest in chatting with the other party and coldly declared to Xue Yue, “Let’s go!”

Xue Yue opened her mouth, as if she wanted to say something, but she couldn’t find the words, simply glancing over at Yang Kai and entreating him, “Be careful!”

Yang Kai smiled and nodded, “You too!”

In this situation, he couldn’t remain with Xue Yue as she needed to stay by Ni Guang’s side, and he had to act with Gui Zu.

“Yang Kai, aren’t you coming?” Luo Lan asked in amazement.

Yang Kai shook his head, hesitated, then said, “I have something to do with this Senior, so I’m afraid I cannot fulfil our previous agreement, Senior Luo. If there is a chance in the future, this Junior will give you appropriate compensation.”

“That’s...” Luo Lan smiled, “It’s fine, I was not fully prepared and implicated you this time. Since you have agreed to assist this nobleman, then... Good luck!”

She was a reasonable individual and did not blame Yang Kai for not acting together with her.

“Kid, trying to take the skin from a tiger only leads to being eaten. Think about it clearly,” Ni Guang gave Yang Kai a stern look as he subtly warned him.

“Many thanks for Senior’s care, Junior understands well!” Yang Kai cupped his fists.

Gui Zu cackled to the side, seemingly intentionally worsening his image.

Ni Guang nodded towards Luo Lan before bringing Xue Yue back to the place where they had originally been waiting. On the way, Ni Guang naturally asked about what happened after they separated, but Xue Yue did not explain in detail, only telling Ni Guang that she and Yang Kai had expended a lot of effort to escape from the Illusionary Void Butterflies before coincidentally meeting Gui Zu.

As for what happened in the void crack, Xue Yue did not dare to explain.

“His name is Gui Zu?” Ni Guang frowned, “Why have I never heard of such a character in the Star Field? Elder Luo, have you ever heard of this person?”

“This Mistress is also ignorant of such a man,” Luo Lan shook her head.

“Strange, how could a Second-Order Origin King possibly be so unknown? Especially one with such obvious traits. Has he intentionally been secluding himself from the world...?” Ni Guang couldn’t understand why he had never heard of Gui Zu before. It was if he had suddenly leapt out from a stone without warning, surprising everyone around.

“Uncle Ni, what’s the situation right now?” Xue Yue asked, skillfully changing the subject.

“The situation isn’t optimistic,” Ni Guang glanced over towards a certain direction. “That bastard Kong Fa followed this old master and Elder Luo all the way to this medicine valley, and after he arrived, he used some kind of secret technique to call over Xue Wei. What’s more, before we even arrived, Zi Long was already here along with that old bastard Meng Tong, who somehow learned of this place.”

“Meng Tong?” Xue Yue frowned and glanced over at a certain spot where a short old man stood, his eyes narrowed tightly and shifting around frequently, like a guilty thief.

This short old man was a true Origin King, and although he was just a First-Order, he had reached the very peak of that realm!

It was rumoured that Meng Tong had reached the Origin King Realm more than a thousand years ago but had never had an opportunity to break through to the Second-Order. If he could obtain some kind of opportunity, breaking through was almost assured!

Meng Tong’s origins were also very mysterious. No one knew where he came from, and the man himself never joined any great force, always cultivating all on his own.

It was extremely difficult for a cultivator without a powerful background to reach great heights because there was no one to teach them, making it much more likely for them to stumble and make mistakes on the long road of cultivation, eventually falling short.

Also, a cultivator without a great force behind them would have limited access to resources. Any time such a lone cultivator wanted resources, they would need to acquire them personally, wasting a great deal of time.

Therefore, such lone cultivators generally did not have high achievements; simply reaching the Origin Realm was already quite impressive.

But Meng Tong was a genuine Origin King! It could be seen that his luck and opportunity in this life were quite good, and with his perseverance and effort, he was able to have his current achievements.

Therefore, although Meng Tong’s cultivation was not at the top of the Star Field, his reputation was quite loud.

Many cultivators without great forces backing them regarded Meng Tong as a role model as well as a goal they strove to match, making the number who looked up to and even worshipped him very large.

Purple Star, Sword Union, Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce... All of the Star Field’s great forces had extended invitations to Meng Tong, hoping to win him over and even offering him honourable positions as an Elder. Unfortunately, Meng Tong had refused them all so far, preferring to remain alone and not even accepting disciples of his own.

In a sense, he was another legend in the Star Field.

He did not engage in evil or provoke any great force, nor did he get too close to any great force, simply living an unfettered life.

At times, even Ni Guang admired Meng Tong’s life and yearned for it, but even if he really abandoned everything and lived a life like Meng Tong’s, he might not be happy.

This time, among the cultivators who entered the Severed World, Meng Tong was also one of them. He had come here to seek treasures, and seeing how he found his way to this medicine garden, it was clear his good luck had not run out yet.

Counting Meng Tong and Gui Zu, who had just arrived, there were a total of seven Origin Kings present!

This accounted for about sixty percent of the people who entered the Severed World, and if one took into account those who had already died, the number of Origin Kings who had come to this medicine valley might be as high as eighty percent of the total number of people still alive!

“The spirit medicines and herbs outside the valley have already been divided up,” Ni Guang motioned towards the huge mountain valley in front of him.

“Divided up?” Xue Yue was astonished, “How was the harvest?”

Ni Guang smiled slightly, “Not bad; although there weren’t many, each one was a rare treasure.”

As the two spoke, Luo Lan also unconsciously stroked her Space Ring, as if she too had gained a lot.

“The remaining spirit medicines are hidden inside, but we can’t enter it for now!” Ni Guang continued.

Xue Yue stared at the huge mountain valley in front of her and saw that there was a dazzling seven-coloured light blanketing it, making it seem like the entire valley was filled with a vibrant tide.

What’s more, from this seemingly solid light, Xue Yue felt a deadly threat.

“Seven Coloured Radiant Light?” Xue Yue’s face sank as she uttered the name of this phenomenon.

Given her status, it was obvious she knew something about this medicine valley.

“Indeed!” Ni Guang gently nodded, “This is the Divine Bird’s – Seven Coloured Radiant Peacock’s – innate Seven Coloured Radiant Light. This aura completely ignores all forms of defence, whether they’re artifacts, Secret Techniques, or Divine Sense. Once shrouded in it, no matter how high one’s cultivation is, it will not take long for them to disintegrate and die. It’s extremely dangerous!”

“Then how are we supposed to enter?” Luo Lan asked with some worry. Although she had followed Ni Guang this entire time and gained some knowledge, she was still ignorant of this situation.

It was even her first time hearing about this Seven Coloured Radiant Peacock and its Seven Coloured Radiant Light. Against this dazzling light that even Ni Guang was powerless before, she felt a profound sense of weakness.

“We wait!” Ni Guang quickly said, “This radiant light is diffused when the Divine Bird exhales. When it inhales, it will take it back and we can then enter the medicine valley. Inside the valley, there are numerous Void Cracks that, while dangerous, can serve as natural barriers against the Seven Coloured Radiant Light. We only need to find an appropriate Void Crack to hide behind in order to protect ourselves when the Divine Bird exh...”

Hearing what he said, Luo Lan showed a look of understanding.

While explaining though, Ni Guang suddenly frowned and stared at Xue Yue gravely.

“What’s wrong?” Xue Yue gave a stunned expression.

Ni Guang didn’t speak, but instead focused on a certain spot on top of Xue Yue’s head for a moment before suddenly coldly snorting and shouting, “Despicable!”

Saying so, he condensed his Saint Qi onto his fingers and struck towards Xue Yue.

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