Martial King's Retired Life

Book 13: Chapter 202
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A Small Matter Blown Into a Giant Matter

Captain Song had a lot of spare time on his hands as of late. Though he didn’t collect any credit in the squashing of Fiends’ Genesis, Liu Shan Men was rewarded a merit.

Liu Shan Men made a considerable number of blunders in Shen Yiren’s absence, but Emperor Yuansheng didn’t hold Song Ou accountable as he knew the latter didn’t have any actual authority at the office. Therefore, Shen Yiren would have to pay for the majority of the consequences. That made for a prime opportunity to seize power at Liu Shan Men.

Song Clan contributed notably in bringing down Fiends’ Genesis via contacting the other White Princes in addition to offering support in Emperor Yuansheng’s greatest time of need. The future wasn’t bright for them yet, but a weight had certainly been lifted from their shoulders.

Song Ou, seeing an opportunity to progress his agendas, enthusiastically began discussing business with his most capable assistant. “Tell me: who is the strongest in Liu Shan Men?”

His capable assistant answered in a sincere tone, “Is it not written on the wall? That would be you.”

“Tell me: who holds the highest authority, and who is the most dashing in Liu Shan Men?”

“Captain, I hate to sound like a nag, but you are too modest. Remove the question marks and speak from the heart. You embody all adjectives of praise.”

“Then, tell me: how is this report for His Majesty?”

“One word: spectacular. Captain, just how do you do it? How are you so talented?”

Song Ou: Exactly. You people just don’t recognise talent. Ming Feizhen? He deserved to be kidnapped.

By this point, Zha Pi probably no longer recognised the person he had elevated into the heavens.

Song Ou slapped the table with the accordion in his hand. “Hmph, overlooking me, not letting me take the reins and running off whenever you want. Even your subordinates have no manners. I’m going to have His Majesty transfer you to another branch outside of the capital. I’d like to see you boss me around again!”

“Captain, this move of yours is better than anything Zhuge Liang ever came up with up. Genius,” praised Zha Pi. “Here, have lunch first.”

Song Ou laughed heartily, smirked, grinned and smiled before he finished his bowl of soup. When he saw the dishes, though, he froze up. “Why… is it all green vegetables?”

“Did you not say you wanted to go vegetarian? A clear mind makes you wiser.”

Song Ou: I think I did say that? There’s just something off putting about all this green, though. It makes me feel like I’m about to lose something, like something bad is about to happen.

“Ah, whatever, I’ve lost my appetite. Give me some fruit. What fruit is on the menu today.”

“Uh, watermelon.”


Song Ou’s unease burgeoned.


“What brings you here, Brother Dugu?” Hong Jiu saw Dugu standing politely on the other side of the doors as soon as he opened them.

Dugu smiled. “I was wondering where you had gone, Brother Hong. Is Sir Tianhu here by any chance?”

Because he had a part in defeating Jiang Chen, Tianhu had to provide a location, thereby divulging his whereabouts, but there was no guarantee that he’d stay in Hangzhou for long, which was why Dugu rushed over.

Hong Jiu nodded. Dugu peered into the room to see Tianhu looking invested in whatever he was chatting with Master Qi about.

“Where? Where? Let’s go see.”

Master Qi smiled. “Is it really so interesting?”

“Very.” Tianhu hurried to his feet to leave, wearing a smile that suggested he was about to go the most important event in the world.

Dugu stepped inside and went up to Tianhu. “Your subordinate is here on orders from above. Sir, may we step aside to talk?”

“Not free. If there’s something important, save it for later,” replied Tianhu, continuing out on his way.

Hong Jiu and Master Qi looked at each other, puzzled, then asked Dugu. “Important matters are left for later?”

“Uh, Sir Tianhu refuses to listen to trivial things,” replied Dugu. “What is he off to see?”

Hong Jiu smacked himself on the head. “I totally forgot! We need to stop him. Why does he want to peek on people sleeping?”

In spite of Tianhu’s strong interest, he travelled at a casual pace, seemingly not wanting to ruin his joy of anticipation, which gave Hong Jiu and company time to catch up.

“Hey, Tianhu, you can’t…”

“Hmm? Hong Jiu? Why are all of you gathered today?” Carrying a calabash of wine and a bag of peanuts, Mountain Monster questioned, “Hey, you forgot who I am? You still owe me a hundred thousand taels from our bet.”

Hong Jiu was about to answer the questions until he heard the mention of the debt, which prompted him to scratch his head. “Huh? That happened? Who are you again, Miss?”

Suffice to say, Hong Jiu couldn’t fool the disguise expert. However, knowing Mount Daluo only ever took, never gave, she didn’t make a big deal out of it. “Stop acting. I’ll just forget about the bet. What are you all doing? By the way, have you seen Ol’ Shen? I came here with her, but I don’t see her anywhere.”

“Ol’ Shen?”𝘧r𝙚e𝓌𝐞𝑏𝗻𝑜𝘷𝙚Ɩ. com

“That reckless lass who looks sweet, has a hot voice and extra-large udders. You know her.”

Master Qi, Hong Jiu and Dugu: “Oh, Miss Shen!”

Hong Jiu and Master Qi knew where Shen Yiren was, but how were they supposed to answer that…?

The dapper adept went on ahead with a skip in his step, virtually humming, “Follow me. Follow me. I know where she is.”

“Now that’s an intelligence agent for you.”

Thus, Mountain Monster joined the crew.

Just outside the doors to Ming Feizhen’s room, the group bumped into Song Chi and Bai Zhiqing.

“What a coincidence. Hello again, Hero Hong,” expressed Song Chi.

“What are you here for?” Hong Jiu, evidently, wasn’t a fan of Song Chi.

“It seems there are some misunderstandings between us, Brother Hong. I shall catch up with after I greet my sister-in-law.”

Oblivious to the bad blood between them, Bai Zhiqing pointed to the doors. “It’s this room, but why are the doors open?”

Tianhu didn’t even pretend to hide his interest. Dugu checked inside, and the informed pair couldn’t help stealing a glance, too. Regrettably, the scene they wanted to see wasn’t available. All they could see through the gap was Shen Yiren’s tired face. While she was tidy for the most part, it would’ve been safe to assume she slept without changing out of her outside clothes and forgot to tidy up herself upon waking. That was a rare occurrence for the young maiden who was usually well-groomed. She stood at the doors, spacing out as if she wasn’t sure if she was going to step out of not.

Song Chi retreated one step and saluted Shen Yiren. “Zi Li pays his respects.”

Mount Monster: “Ol’ Shen, you sleep yourself into stupidity? You reek of alcohol. Why didn’t you invite me if you were going to drink?!”

It took Shen Yiren a while to identify who was who. In a dazed voice, she said, “Hmm? Oh, it’s you guys. Why are you here? Ah, it hurts…”

Mountain Monster jogged up to Shen Yiren. “Hurt? Where?”

Song Chi reflexively asked, “Sister-in-law, what is bothering you?”

“Boss, your sash, huh?”

The people gathered at the door froze upon hearing the voice from the man behind Shen Yiren. Everyone fixed their gazes on the man rubbing his eyes as he went to the door and holding out a sash.

Song Chi: Hurts… Sash… Brother, what do I do…?

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