Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 40: Sad and Magnificent
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Chapter 40: Sad and Magnificent

Everyone in the Yang family was moved. Han Yu had been hit hard one after another, and he could continue to fight hard. With such perseverance and tenacity, even as an enemy, I had to admire. At the same time, the fear of the heart, such an enemy, must be killed in the cradle, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.

Yang Yun has also taken action: as Quadruple Xuanwu, he is not afraid of being attacked by Han Yu, while the four remaining disciples of the Yang family guard the Quartet, ready to strike a fatal blow at any moment.

Under the attack of Yang Yi and Yang Yun, Han Yu was even more helpless and was hit on the ground several times. But every time the Yang family thought Han Yu was finished, he miraculously got back on his feet.

Of course, the reason Han Yu can be so tenacious is that most of the credit goes to the Black Dragon. The black gas that the black dragon spits out can help Han Yu resist most of the power every time, so every strong blow from the Yang family will affect Han Yu. The injuries are not as severe as she imagined.

However, Han Yu’s situation was not optimistic. Gradually, he was hit. Not only was his entire body injured and unable to exert its strength, but the vitality of his body was almost exhausted.

After receiving three more beatings, Han Yu’s heart sank to the bottom.

“Is Han Yu really going to die here today?

Seeing that Han Yu was really hurt and could not hurt anymore, the Yang family finally breathed a sigh of relief, Han Yu’s tenacity really surprised them.

Yang Yi picked up Han Yu, ready to question Xuanjie’s mental method. But at this moment, a roar came.

“Villain of the Yang family, let Xiaoyu go!”

Under the rain curtain, six people ran madly, they were Han Yi, Han Gan and others. Han Yu’s heart jumped wildly and shouted: “Who told you to come, hurry up!

Han Yi and others came, no doubt looking for a dead end.

“Hmph, all right, save me by finding them one by one!” Yang Yi released Han Yu and stepped forward, ready to harvest the lives of the Han family.

“Yang Yi, you dare to hurt Xiaoyu like this, I want your life!” roared Han Yi, looking at Han Yu, who was all over his body, furious.

“Only Xuanwu Yizhong, I am not afraid to show my tongue when I speak big,” the Yang family scoffed.

“Brother Yi, let me come!”

Suddenly, Han Jin ran to the front with a crazy look on his face.

“Damn Yang family, everyone is going to death!” Han Jin’s face instantly turned red, and his body swelled up quickly.

“What are you going to do?” Yang Yi suddenly realized what was wrong and could not help but take a few steps back.

Han Yu turned her head to look, was surprised and shouted: “Don’t do it Han Jin!”

Han Yu thought of a secret method of the Han family, that secret method can unearth the greatest potential of the human body in a short period of time, to unleash it and inflict severe damage on the enemy by self-destruction. Just because this secret method is too cruel, it has been neglected.

Han Yi, Han Gan, etc. had long hoped that there would be an unexpected tragedy in the Forest of the Blood Demon, so in order to keep a hidden card, they silently stole the secret technique.

Originally, they felt numb when they saw this method of seriously injuring the enemy explode. However, Han Yu did not hesitate to block all members of the Yang family alone for their safety, and so far he has been wounded, arousing the deep affection and anger of Han Yi and others. Now, in their eyes, as long as they can kill the Yang family, no matter what price they pay.

“Yang Yi deserves to be the second master of the Yang family, with an unusually cruel outlook.

“Ah... Xiaoyu, you must avenge me!”

Han Jin flew directly to all members of the Yang family.

“Everyone disperses quickly!” Although Han Jin is only a practitioner of the Eighth Layer of Yuanwu, the power of self-detonation can easily hurt a fifth level Xuanwu expert, so even Yang Yi is terrified.


Scarlet flesh and blood flew, and the earth trembled three times. Han Yu stared at the hole that was blown. I would never dream that Han Jin, who has been relatively restrained and shy, would have the courage to explode. And even with such determination.

In the corner of Han Yu’s eyes, two lines of tears slid silently down. Even if he was going to die first, he did not cry.

Had it not been for his stubborn participation in the trial of the three clans, Han Jin and the others would not follow him to his death, nor would they die so tragically. Han Yu’s heart was extremely guilty and although he could not participate in the trial of the three clans, Han Jin died because of him.

“Xiaoyu, go away!” Han Gan and Han Yi mounted Han Yu one by one and left quickly. Their hearts were hurt too, but this is no time to be sad.

“All members of the Han family have to die today!”

Yang Yi jumped out of the mud, killer, right now Han Jin blew himself up and killed a member of the Yang family.

“Chasing, I don’t think everyone in your Han family has the courage to explode!”

The six remaining members of the Yang family caught up.

“Brother Yi, the people of the Yang family are chasing them, I will stop them!” Although Han Jie was trembling with fear, the bone strength in his bloodline made him turn his head decisively and cross the street where the Yang family was supposed to pass.

He knew that if he did not blow himself up, he could not help the Yang family, so Han Jie’s first choice was to activate the secret method.

“The Han family is crazy!”

Yang Yi and the others stopped in fear and scattered in all directions for the first time.


There was a loud noise, but this time the Yang family people were ready long ago and did not kill anyone, but they still blocked the Yang family people for a while, giving Han Yi and others a chance to escape.

The rest of the Yang family looked at Yang Yi with persistent fears: “Brother Yi, are you still chasing?”

Yang Yi gritted his teeth and said, “Chasing, but be careful, everyone, if something goes wrong, disperse immediately!

The Zhang family, who were following far behind, stopped at Zhang Wei’s signal.

“Brother Wei, why didn’t you chase him,” asked the confused Zhang family.

“The Han family today are crazy beasts, whoever goes up there will be bitten,” sighed Zhang Wei secretly, still underestimating the Han family’s ability. Apart from that, the courage and the courage to exploit is not comparable to the other two.


I don’t know how far I ran, the lost steps came back, and the eyes of Han Yi and others became extremely red.

“Damn it, I fought with them!” Han Hai turned his head decisively and ran back.

Han Yi, Han Gan and Han Yong did not stop, because Han Hai did not leave, any of them would have to return, their purpose today is to protect Han Yu well. They firmly believe that as long as Han Yu is alive, the Han family can grow and the Yang family will pay the price of blood sooner or later. And Han Yu, seriously wounded and extremely angry and sad, fainted straight away.


An explosion sound that was countless times louder than before sounded, scaring the lone blood wolves in the evil blood forest to escape. freewebn(o)

On the second day, the dark clouds dissipated, and Yang Yi led four disciples of the Yang family, standing awkwardly out of a valley, looking into the silent valley, with a deep fear in their eyes.

“Even running into the Valley of Death, the gods cannot save them, come on,” Yang Yi took the rest and turned around.

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