Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 38 Blood Demon Forest
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Chapter 38 Blood Demon Forest

Yang Zhentian’s face trembled violently, thinking of the shame of being on his knees in the street with the “power” of the Korean War, wanting to find an anthill to climb down, and at the same time hating the Korean War. He mocked and said: “Korean War, I didn’t expect you to take advantage of your tongue now, the old man can tell you very responsibly, this year your Han family, you entered the forest of blood evil, but you don’t even want to come out!

No one thought that Yang Zhentian would dare to threaten naked. Although the three main families have established the rule that once they enter the forest of blood evil, life and death are destined and wealth is in heaven. After they leave, no matter how unpleasant it is inside, they will disappear and cannot be held responsible. The people of the three main families also agreed to fight within, but it was the first time that they spoke so boldly.

The rest of the people also saw that the Yang family was about to break up with the Han family. The people of the Zhang family stood aside and watched from the sidelines. The more fierce the fights between the Yang family and the Han family, the more advantage their Zhang family will take.

The chill in the eyes of the Korean War became more and more intense, and he secretly took a breath and said, “Yang Zhentian, I can tell you clearly, if your Yang family really wants to do that, I will level your Yang family for the first time in the Korean War.

Yang Zhentian scoffed and said, “The Korean War, don’t forget, the rules of the Tri-Clan Test were established by Liuyunzong’s teachers. If you break the rules, Liuyunzong will definitely not overlook your Han family. Also, don’t overestimate your own abilities! If you have the ability, leave this tribal gathering! ”

The fists of the Korean War were clenched tightly. In fact, the people of the Liuyun Sect would never mess with him, he really wanted to surrender.

“Are you the Han Yu trash of the Han family? Enjoy the sun now, I promise you won’t see the sun tomorrow!” Yang Yi, the leader of the Yang family, looked at Han Yu with cruel, murderous eyes.

If he is a person in the ordinary kingdom of Yuan Wu, he must have been scared, but Han Yu calmly responded, “Return the original words!

“The Han family is finished this time. The strongest person is only Xuanwu First Heavy. How can you fight against the Yang family?” Even the spectators could see the gap between the two families.

“The Han family was originally the family with the longest inheritance among the three big families, and I didn’t expect it to end here!

“There is no foolproof family in the world. If the Han family is annihilated this time, I fear that it will not be too long before they are removed from Mangcheng.

All whispered, none of them were optimistic about the Han family. Before entering Blood Fiend Forest, the Han family was persuading Han Yu and others not to participate. Han Yu had to participate because of the black robed people, and Han Yi and others, Han Yu had to participate, and they had to participate.

The time soon came at noon. The Zhang family and the Yang family took the initiative to enter the Forest of the Bloody Devil. Before the Yang family entered, everyone turned around and taunted the Han family, making the move to wipe their necks.

“Several older brothers, I had to participate in the Three Clan Test, but you, there is no need to take any chances with me. After seeing the Yang family lineup, Han Yu had no idea, he didn’t want Han Yi. He waited for someone to follow him and go on an adventure.

However, Han Yi and the others didn’t say a word, they took the lead to walk into the Blood Demon Forest. To distance themselves from the Yang family, they deliberately chose a corner to enter and were separated from the Zhang family.

Looking back as they entered the Forest of the Blood Evil one by one with resolve, Han Yu clenched his fists tightly. Regardless of these people who looked down on Han Yu in the past, and some who had repressed Han Yu before, they are all of the Han family and have the same blood as Han Yu. To have such a brother is a blessing for life. Han Yu reached out to him.

The Han family clenched their fists one after another, cold sweat pouring down involuntarily. The people of the Yang family showed coldness.

After entering the Blood Fiend Forest, Han Yu and the others did not disperse and rushed northwest together. The people of the Yang family entered from the northeast, so that the distance between the two families could be extended.

However, after the Yang family entered the Blood Fiend Forest, they had been hiding in the darkness and watching the Han family. After determining the direction in which the Han family had entered, they quickly followed them. Their goal this year is to kill the Han family first and then compete for the ranking.

“Brother Wei, the people of the Yang family have already chased the people of the Han family. Should we go on and have a look?” The Zhang family people didn’t split up either. Everyone gathered, looking at Zhang Wei.

“It’s such a good show, of course I have to go see it!” Zhang Wei’s mouth was slightly tilted. Ever since the Han family of Dezhi cultivated the deep-stage mental technique, it has been touching. Because of Xuanjie’s mental method, even he, the inner disciple of the Liuyun Sect, had never been cultivated. In the Liuyun Sect, only the central disciples are qualified to cultivate the deep mental method.

If he obtains the Han Family’s Deep Range Mind Method, his strength will be even greater, and he will surely compete for the top ten in the Liuyun Sect’s Inner Gate Mountain and River Rankings. Furthermore, if all members of the Zhang family have cultivated the Deep Range Mental Technique, the Zhang family’s strength will be boosted and it will master Mangcheng, which is just around the corner.

Han Yu and the others traveled twenty to thirty kilometers in depth, and suddenly Han Yu heard rapid footsteps behind him.

“No, the people of the Yang family have caught up. Let’s find a hidden place to hide!”

Han Yi and others were a little surprised, they didn’t notice, but they trusted Han Yu 100% and everyone accelerated unanimously. But what depressed some people was that, although there were dense dark red forests everywhere, it wasn’t really easy to find a hidden place to hide. After all, the spiritual sense of the cultivator is not covered, even though Han Yu, who has not cultivated the power of the soul, is so abnormal, it is not so simple to hide it easily under the eyes of the cultivator.

“Do not run away from the Han family, I have seen them all!” Suddenly, a cold voice sounded, making everyone tremble, because the person here was not another person, but Yang Yi.

“The speed of the five levels of Xuanwu is really frightening!”

“He is the only one who catches up. You go first and I will block him!” Han Yu made a decisive decision.

Han Yi and others were surprised, but Han Yu confidently said, “Don’t worry, even if I’m not his opponent, he can’t help me.

Han Yu turned his head and ran to Yang Yi after speaking. Han Yi and the others gritted their teeth and continued running forward.

“You want to stop me by yourself, you can’t help it!” With a cruel look on Yang Yi’s face, he charged towards Han Yu like a beast. From a great distance, the “power” of Xuanwu’s fivefold horror reached Han Yu. If she were an ordinary person of eight Yuanwu, her body would have been crushed long ago.

Han Yu ran the Canglong Jue frantically, the black dragon in his dantian reached an extremely excited state, exhaling black energy, resisting most of the pressure for him, and went out to sea like a Canglong, beating Yang Yi ferociously.

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