Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 36: Unity
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Chapter 36: Unity

There was news from the Liuyun Sect that Han Tian competed with others, was injured and could not return to represent the Han family to participate in the trial of the three clans. This news, like a cloud over the Han family’s mansion, made everyone’s heart feel extremely heavy.

As the main teacher of the younger generation of the Han family, Han Tian put the hope of almost everyone in the Han family. Han Tian himself certainly knew his importance to the Han family, but he was hurt at this critical moment, which was obviously unusual.

As for the Han family, the first thing that came to mind was the Yang family. It must be that the Yang family wanted to stop the Han family, so they attacked Han Tian. It may be that Han Tian did not want the Han family to be impulsive, so he did not explain the specific reasons.

The Han family people were worried about Han Tian’s injury and also about the tribal test. Han Tian is the only person in the Han family who expects to be in the top ten. He cannot play and the future of the Han family is in danger.

Although Han Yu is now showing extremely strong fighting power, in the Tri-Clan Test, the master is like a cloud, and the Yang family must be determined to stop the Han family. Han Yu wants to break the siege, and it is as difficult as the sky.

Not only that, but Han Yi, Han Hao, Han Shuang and Han Qing were all seriously injured and unable to play. The current situation of the Han family is even worse.

In the lobby, the Korean War, the Seven Elders, Han Yu and Han Gan were here, and everyone chose to be silent.

“It must be a good thing about the Yang family. To attack us at the Trial of the Three Clans, I did something so despicable. I will kill you in the Yang family and kill your young people!” The second old Han Qinghu murdered Tengteng stood up.

“Naughty!” Han Qingyun looked at Han Qinghu and dragged Han Qinghu to his seat.

“Now that the patriarch is among the three clans, he is already the number one teacher, and the Yang family does not dare to go too far. It is just that during the test of the three clans, it is clearly stipulated that if there is any death or injury, the Yang family will definitely not be responsible. Unscrupulous shooting, this is the issue we should consider most now! “, Wu Zhang said with a solemn expression about Han Qingshui.

The Korean War looked at Han Gan and said, “Han Gan, tell me the specific situation of the younger generation of the Yang family.

Han Gan responded and took a deep breath: “The younger generation of the Yang family, three of them are internal disciples of the Liuyun sect and 24 are external disciples of the Liuyun sect. This time his Yang family participated in the Tri-Clan Examination. All the people must be from the Liuyun Sect, and are very likely to be among the top ten young people in the Yang family.

“Yang Hong, the first person of the younger generation of the Yang family, has always been fascinated. I don’t know the specific level of cultivation. The second and third persons are Yang Yi and Yang Yun respectively. The first is the fifth level of cultivation of Xuanwu. The latter is the fourth level of cultivation of Xuanwu. And if everyone is a disciple of Liuyunzong this time, then his weakest person is the first level of cultivation of Xuanwu.

In the hall, there were bursts of cold breath, and even Han Zhan and Han Yu looked heavy. Although Han Yu is currently the eighth level of the Yuanwu cultivation base, even if he is able to fight against the masters of the upper fourth level of Xuanwu, he is not completely sure about the people of the fifth level of Xuanwu. After all, the higher the level of the cultivator, the greater the gap between each level; it is difficult to predict without having played against each other.

Moreover, Yang Yi of the Fifth Layer of Xuanwu is only the second person in the Yang family, and it is likely that the first person, Yang Hong, is a master of the Sixth Layer of Xuanwu. Such a person is not sure of victory even in the Korean War.

On the side of the Han family, the highest kingdoms were Han Gan, Han Hao and Han Yong. After this career period, the three finally made their way to the first level of Xuanwu. But this kind of strength is only the backbone of the Yang family. Even if Han Yu had the quaternary strength of Xuanwu, it was too far behind in comparison.

It can be said that the Han family has no hope for this year’s tribal test. The Korean War and others are now worried about whether anyone can be shortlisted, but whether they can guarantee that participants will return alive.

Han Qingshu suddenly said, “With Xiaoyu’s potential, he will definitely shine in the future. I think we can give up completely this year. When Xiaoyu grows up, we will fight for this tone.

The other elders looked at each other and felt that what Han Qingshu had said was reasonable. Although they took the initiative to withdraw from the Three Clan Test, the impact on the reputation of the Han family would be unusually great, but compared to the lives of these younger generations, it was not worth mentioning.

The Korean War has also moved on and Han Yu’s potential is beyond question. All that remains now is time.

“I suggest that the rest of you don’t participate, I will participate alone!” Suddenly a voice sounded, and everyone couldn’t help but look at it. There was a child with a determined look on his face. This person was not another, it was Han Yu.

Han Qingshui persuaded: “Xiaoyu, I know I told you to give up, and you feel very uncomfortable, but as the saying goes, if you leave the mountains without worrying about the firewood, giving up this year does not mean that our Han family is cowardly. This year’s tolerance is only for next year’s outbreak! ”

“Fifth Elder, I understand everything you say!” Han Yu could not help but show a little bitterness in his heart. He now has a one-year appointment with the man in the black robe and must worship the Liuyun Sect this year. And the only way to worship Liuyunzong is to enter the top ten in the Tri-Clan exam. Where can I wait for next year? He breathed in secret, his eyes became more determined, and said, “The strength of the Yang family is certainly not weak, but I am Han Yu, not that they love as they would like.

The elders looked at each other and could not help but set their eyes on the Korean War. Han Zhan also looked at Han Yu with a worried look. Although he agreed with Han Yu’s decision, this tribal test was not a simple test. He could die. As a father, he could not tolerate Han Yu taking risks.

While hesitating in the Korean War, Han Hai suddenly took a step forward: “Patriarch, elders, I think Xiaoyu is right. The strength of the Yang family is certainly not weak, but our Han family is not easy to intimidate, I Han Hai, you must participate in this tribal test! ”

“I, Han Yong, want to participate too!”

“More me, Han Jie!”

“Han Jin...”

The five young people in the hall expressed their opinions one after another. Han Gan looked at Han Qingyun, gritted his teeth and said, “I’m still there, Han Gan!”

The six young people expressed their stance together, their determined faces, not afraid of death, which made the Korean War and Han Qingyun feel satisfied and concerned. The Han family has not been so close for a long time, and all this is due to Han Yu.

“Don’t forget me!” At that moment, a voice suddenly sounded from the door and saw a young man dressed in white with an extraordinary demeanor enter. This person’s face was pale, his breath was a little weak, but his face was calm and unhurried. This person is no other than Han Yi.

“Han Yu frowned and walked a few steps to help Han Yi.

Han Yi waved his hand and said coolly, “Although my fighting strength has not recovered to 50%, I cannot help you much, but it can still be done to contain a first-class Xuanwu of the Yang Family.

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