Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 35: Metamorphosis of the little horns
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Chapter 35: Metamorphosis of the little horns

What was in the box was a golden bean, which surprised Han Yu a little. But he soon discovered that it was not a golden bean, but a drop of liquid. Because Han Yu trembled, the thing rolled off like a drop of liquid.

After this drop of liquid fell a few times, it suddenly emitted a golden, slightly dazzling light, and the secret killer aura became thicker and heavier.

“Will there be changes?” Han Yu was a bit surprised, shaking his hands twice, the golden liquid exuded more and more light, and gradually exuded a smell of blood, the taste became stronger and stronger.

“Smell of blood? Could it be a drop of blood? Golden blood!” Han Yu’s eyes opened, he never expected there to be a drop of golden blood in this box. What kind of blood can have such a powerful killer aura?

When Jin Guang reached a terrifying level, Han Yu’s house became Jin Huanghuang and the smell of blood became stronger. And the murderous aura was so strong that even his soul could not stand it.

It seems that this is not a drop of blood, but a unique demon that is about to recover.

“Wow!” Suddenly, Xiaojiao let out a high-pitched scream and saw him rise, smiling, his eyes bursting with a fierce light.

“Xiaojiao, what’s wrong with you?” Han Yu quickly covered the box and looked at Xiaojiao in surprise.


The little horn suddenly became a white light and ran towards Han Yu. When Han Yu reacted, the little one had already grabbed the box, opened it and swallowed the golden blood in one bite.

“What are you doing, Little Horn,” Han Yu was surprised. The golden blood was too murderous, and if the Little Horn swallowed it, it would be harmful.

Han Yu wanted to stop, but it was too late. The Little Horn screamed and rolled on the ground. The white hair gradually turned golden and the golden light shot out of the skin. Also, the little one’s body was slowly expanding.

Han Yu was frightened by a cold sweat and wanted to keep pressure on the little horn, but the energy the little one radiated was terrifying and knocked Han Yu down seven or eight meters away.

“Han Yu was stunned, did this ability come from that golden drop of blood? This is too scary, isn’t it?

Xiao Jiao kept screaming, and the screams went through Han Yu’s heart like a knife, but he couldn’t do anything.

“No, you have to hold the little one and bring his skills into my body.

Han Yu ran the Canglong Jue frantically, covering his body with a layer of vitality, and ran toward Xiaojiao again. However, a frightening aura exuded from Xiaojiao’s body, and Han Yu did his best to solve the problem, but could not get close.

Han Yu was so anxious because Liushen had no owner. Although Little Horn was a monster, in Han Yu’s eyes, he was a child and a good friend of Han Yu. He should not have seen Little Horn’s accident.

“Thunder Palm!”

Han Yu decided to use magical powers to suppress Xiao Horn, and the sound of thunder shook the earth. Finally, Han Yu was able to approach Xiao Horn and execute the Canglong tactics like crazy, hoping to channel Xiao Horn’s energy into his body, but Han Yu finally failed.

“What to do?” Han Yu was anxious, “Find my father, yes, only the father can suppress him!

Han Yu ran away. Just as he reached the yard, there was a piercing scream in the house, and then there was no sound.

Han Yuhun almost jumped in shock, turned his head and ran into the room, even more surprised.

The golden light on Xiaojiao’s body is gone, and the body has returned to its original appearance, only breathing, abnormally weak.

Han Yu ran, picked up the little boy and ran to the Han family medicine pavilion.

The movement on Han Yu’s side also shocked many people. The Korean War rushed into first place. Seeing Han Yu rushing like crazy holding the little horn, he realized the seriousness of the problem and went directly to call the Fifth Elder.

However, the result stunned the Korean War, and Xiaojiao did nothing.

Han Yu was also amazed. With Xiaojiao’s situation before, how could there be nothing at all? Only then did Han Yu react. Now he has cultivated the power of the soul, and the power of the soul can be used to observe the wound of the little horn. I was so anxious before I forgot.

After Han Yu checked Xiao Jiao’s body with his soul power, Xiao Jiao did not suffer any injury except for some weakness. He could not understand it, but this was the best result.

The Fifth Elder gave Han Yu some elixir to replenish blood and qi. Han Yu used his real energy to grind it up and inject it into Xiao Horn’s body. After a short time, Xiao Horn’s complexion improved greatly, and Han Yu finally took a deep breath.

Those who woke up did not understand what Han Yu was screaming about a monster, but more people felt more relieved. Han Yu’s affection is a great thing for the Han family. People blame Han Yu.

Han Yu could only smile bitterly at this, they could not understand Han Yu’s previous state of mind.

After returning home, Han Yu did not rush to sleep. After all, it is an indisputable fact that Xiaojiao swallowed golden blood. No one knows if there will be an emergency. So Han Yu continued to hold the little horn in his arms, observing his situation.

When it was almost dawn, some gold suddenly appeared on the jade tip of the little horn. This golden spot is only the size of a needle, if it were not for Han Yu to cultivate the power of the soul, he would never see it.

Under the surprised gaze of Han Yu, the gold began to spread. After an hour, all the beautiful jade horns with small horns became golden, as if they were gold-plated. Apart from this, there are no other changes. The cultivation base of the small horns is still at the Tier 4 Yuan Beast level.

At dawn, the little one woke up and looked at Han Yu with an innocent expression, which seemed to say that I didn’t want to take his things away from him.

Han Yu, naturally, would not blame Xiao Jiao, regardless of whether Xiao Jiao did it intentionally, as long as he was okay. And Han Yu also found a bit of weirdness, that is, before the little horn stole the golden blood, the fierce aura in his eyes was exactly like a fierce beast, there was nothing like tenderness now.

But Han Yu didn’t think much about that. Little Horn is a monster no matter what, and the monster’s blood is full of cruel factors. No wonder Little Horn seems fierce.

Han Yu was a bit expectant. After Xiaojiao swallowed that drop of blood, the jade horn turned into a golden horn. Will there be any unexpected changes? However, the little one disappointed Han Yu. Although the Golden Horn seemed much more dominant, he was still a greedy and sleepy guy.

The time for the Tribal Examination is fast approaching, and the entire Han family is making preparations. The disciples who will surely participate in the Tribal Judgment are already desperately making the final sprint.

After practicing tirelessly and untiringly every day, Han Yu finally managed to practice the second Lei Huan palm of Lei Qianzha. But it was too late to be happy. Bad news made the Han family feel angry and sad.

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