Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 33 Soul Pressure
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Chapter 33 Soul Pressure

Han Yu executed the Canglong Art and began to consolidate its cultivation. It was midnight when the vitality of his body diminished, he stood up and suddenly a crunch sounded.

As soon as Han Yu thought, the vitality sprouted from the Dantian, flowed through the eight channels of strange meridians and adhered to the surface of his fist. The thickness of the vitality has grown to several dozen times that of Yuanwu’s sixth-layer period.

What pleased Han Yu most was that as his level of cultivation improved, the black qi spat by the black dragon also increased greatly. Han Yu struck casually and his power increased by about 50%. If he uses a dragon-shaped fist, he can at least increase his power by 60%. And because of the strong increase in black energy, mixed with Han Yu’s vitality, his vitality seemed gray.

Han Yu regained his vitality, spat out a suffocating breath and turned his head to see that Xiaojiao had already swallowed the elixir and was asleep. It seems that the little one only sleeps in addition to eating.

Han Yu simply pushed his way through, feeling refreshed, without any sleep, and simply pulled out the box.

“With the improvement of my kingdom, the power of my soul has also been strengthened. Can I completely open the box and see the contents inside?” Han Yu was a bit expectant. Since he received the box, he has never seen the contents inside. And after this period of contact, Han Yu felt that the things in the box were absolutely extraordinary.

Just as Han Yu was about to open the box, suddenly a slight voice was heard outside. The voice was at least a hundred meters away, and it was very weak, and most people could not even notice it, but Han Yu had already cultivated the power of the soul and was extremely sensitive.

The voice was slowly approaching and there was a feeling of unconsciousness.

Han Yu immediately realized what was wrong, hid the box, turned around and went under the bed. Now that the Han family and the Yang family have reached the point where they are at war, it is difficult not to guarantee that the Yang family will attack the Han family at night, which is not good for them.


The door opened and a foot with black shoes came in, its toes almost covered by the long black raincoat. Although he did not see what this person looked like, Han Yu was sure he was not from the Han family and could not help but hold his breath, clenching his fists tightly.

This person stopped three meters before Han Yu’s bed. Han Yu tried to see what the person looked like, but could not see.

“Come out!” At that moment, a cold voice sounded. As soon as the sound sounded, the temperature throughout the space seemed to drop rapidly, and she shuddered involuntarily as she lay down in the small corner of the bed.

Han Yu was stunned and couldn’t help but take a deep breath. This voice was not unknown, and it was the man in the black robe who was at the MoMA Guild at noon today. Han Yu had a bad feeling earlier and didn’t expect to go in so soon.

Now that he was discovered, Han Yu simply walked out. He was a person covered in a black robe, with only a pair of eyes exposed, glowing with a cold light, and he was the man in the black robe of the Morma Guild.

The man dressed in black suddenly fired two rays of light in surprise and said in an incredible way, “Did you really refine all the spiritual orbs of the lower grade?

The man dressed in black felt the growing aura of Han Yu from Han Yu, and had seen the broken stones on the table. Obviously, Han Yu had taken out the lower grade spiritual orb, and he did not feel the lower grade spiritual orb. He assumed that the Lingzhu was refined by Han Yu.

However, it has only been more than ten hours since Han Yu received the stone. Even if it is as strong as he is, it is impossible to refine a low-grade spiritual orb in such a short period of time. The sixth layer of Yuan Wu in Han Yu district, how did he do it?

However, the people dressed in black soon discovered that something was wrong. With the strength of Han Yu, even if I could refine the lower rank spiritual orbs in such a short period of time, so much energy would be enough to fly to Han Yu.

The gaze of the man in the black robe could not help but slide into the small corner lying on the bed, and a thoughtful color shone in his eyes.

Han Yu was also extremely surprised.with the power of his soul, he could only say that there were treasures in the cyan stone, but he could not determine with precision that it was a low grade spiritual orb.the man dressed in black only looked at the cyan stone and saw inside. It is a low-grade spiritual orb. This shows that the man in the black robe has not only cultivated soul power, but is also very strong, at least far surpassing Han Yu.

There is no one who has cultivated the power of the soul, and the strength of the black robe made Han Yu feel unlimited pressure.

The most important thing is that the man dressed in black already saw the bottom of the cyan stone and gave the stone to Han Yu. Now he ran to find Han Yu. What is the purpose?

Han Yu took a deep breath, resisting the shock in his heart, and asked, “I wonder if the elders are visiting late at night, what is the point?

The man dressed in black looked back, apparently thinking that the little horn had swallowed the lower grade spiritual orb. When he looked at Han Yu again, a sudden wave of invisible pressure rushed towards Han Yu like a tide.

“Pressure from the soul?” Han Yu was surprised, this kind of pressure was not effective on the body, but it caused him a sharp pain in the soul. Han Yu uses the power of his soul to resist. Unfortunately, although Han Yu has cultivated soul power, he has not practiced soul-type cultivation secrets, so control of his own soul power cannot come to the point of being useful, and the man in the black robe Soul pressure was too strong, in only three breaths of time, Han Yu felt dizzy and collapsed to the ground.

Just when Han Yu was about to fall asleep, the constant pressure of the soul suddenly disappeared, Han Yu could not help panting, his whole body was soaked with cold sweat. The pressure of the soul makes killing invisible, if the man dressed in black wants to kill him, he may be dead.

“Indeed, the power of the soul has been cultivated, but it is too weak!” The voice of the man in the black robe sounded coldly.

Han Yu did not speak, the man in the black robe approached him, the first thing was to test the power of his soul, obviously he had another plan. Even if he did not ask, the man in black would say so.

Suddenly, a chill came from the sleeves of the man dressed in black, poured into Han Yu’s body, and the exhaustion of Han Yu’s body instantly disappeared, and even his sleeping soul could not help but shake him.

Han Yu stood up and bowed deeply to the man dressed in black: “Thank you Major for not killing!

You have to be grateful if you don’t kill. Han Yu only feels greasy, but Han Yu still understands the reason why people have to bow their heads under the eaves.

“Well, kid, I’m very optimistic about you!” The man in the black robe nodded and said

Han Yu was surprised, wondering what the man in the black robe meant.

The man in the black robe waved his sleeve and a black leather book fell on the table, from beginning to end, his hands were not exposed, as if shy.

Han Yu’s gaze could not help but be drawn to the books on the table, and the four words “Dafa that solves the soul” were written on the book’s cover.

Black Robe Humanity: “This is a secret book for cultivating the power of the soul. If you practice according to the above methods, your soul power will be triggered and you will be able to better control your soul power.

When the man dressed in black showed the soul pressure at this time, he could see that although Han Yu had cultivated soul power, he had no systematic method of cultivation, so he could not control his soul power well.

Han Yu looked at the man dressed in black in amazement. There is no one in everyone who can cultivate soul power, and the secrets of soul cultivation are the supreme treasure. Looking at Jingzhou, there are innumerable secrets of martial arts, but there are few secrets of soul cultivation. Even the Han family, which has been dead for thousands of years, has no secrets for soul cultivation.

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