Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 32: A Continuous Advancement
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Chapter 32: A Continuous Advancement

Han Zhan blocked Han Yu behind him and looked closely at the man dressed in black. In the man dressed in black, he could not feel the slightest fluctuation in breath, but a dangerous intuition silently emerged in his heart.

In the distance, both Yang Zhentian and Zhang Liding looked at the man dressed in black, which was like a bottomless pit, so they could not see the depth.

“Although the Korean War has reached the sixth level of Xuanwu, I fear it will be vulnerable to this. If this matter is not resolved today, the Han family is in danger,” sighed Zhang Liding in secret, analyzing from the perspective of a guest official.

Yang Zhentian’s face was gradually covered with ecstasy and he is now ready to see the tragic end of the Korean War and others.

Shui Ling’er embraced the arm of the man dressed in black and looking unusually intimate, and pointed to Han Yu and said, “Master, this guy is intimidating me, you help me teach him well.

Han Zhan and Han Qingyun almost cried, who is intimidating whom?

Han Yu’s gaze met directly with the man dressed in black. He felt as if the man dressed in black had seen him, but Han Yu resisted the fear in his heart, neither humble nor authoritative.

Shui Linger silently grimaced at Han Yu, gloating.

The black-robed man looked at the rock on the ground, and then looked deeply at Han Yu and said, “Why did you like this stone? The voice of the black-robed man was cold and merciless, and sounded as if ice skates were scraping him in human ears. After a moment, he shuddered involuntarily.

Han Yu looked at the stone. Now there is a crack in the stone, and the released aura is more concentrated. However, only those who have cultivated the power of the soul can detect it, and calmly he said, “I like it better.

In front of the man in the black robe, Han Yu could still be so calm and unhurried that many people could not help but nod in secret. Even Mr. Liang, who was on the second floor, had a look of admiration. You should know that even he was facing the man in the black robe. At that moment, they would be scared.

“Then give it to you!” The man in the black robe finished talking, turned around and left.

This result surprised everyone. Shui Ling’er was a little dissatisfied, with her mouth tilted, Lao Gao looked at Han Yu and left with Ma Su with a cold snort.

Han Zhan and Han Qingyun exhaled a long suffocation, the cold sweat was unknowingly soaked into their hands.

This charade was so overwhelming that Han Yu was not only not punished, but also received a free gem. Let the people of the Yang family be disappointed.

But Han Yu’s heart was not happy, he felt a dangerous sensation in the eyes of the man in the black robe.

The three did not stay at that time and returned directly to Han’s home. The Korean War distributed a third of the medical materials to Han Yu and left the rest to others. Because of this, Han Qingyun did not object.

When Han Yu returned home, he simply opened the door and a white figure became an arrow on the rope to shoot him, hanging his forefoot on Han Yu’s clothes, looking at Han Yu pitifully, with milk in his mouth. Angry call.

“Glutinous ghost, are you hungry again?” Han Yu shook the jade horn of the little horn, and the darkness in his heart disappeared. The little one is extremely sensitive to spiritual things. Before Han Yu could speak, he jumped on Han Yu’s package and started scratching with his paw.

“Don’t scratch, I’ll give it to you!

Hearing this, the little one was filled with joy and jumped on Han Yu’s shoulder to please, shook his front foot and hit Han Yu’s shoulder.

Han Yu took out a third class elixir and waved it in front of the little one, who drooled and his eyes lit up. After Han Yu handed it to him, he jumped to the ground and rolled, feeling very excited.

Han Yu smiled slightly. Although Xiaojiao was greedy, he was not fussy at all. No matter what level of elixir he was given, he rolled with joy to express his inner emotion.

The little boy quickly swallowed a third-rate elixir, stood up and looked at Han Yu. Han Yu did not lack that third class elixir now, so he simply took out two more and gave them to Xiaojiao. The little boy jumped and squirmed with joy and began to dance.

Han Yu put the package on the table and took out the stone. A piece of high-grade spiritual jade should allow him to pass through the Seventh Layer of Yuanwu.

Han Yu moved his mind, his vitality increased and gradually formed a purple electric snake in his right hand. Han Yu controlled the electric snake to fly over the stone. Suddenly, there was a cracking sound and the stone broke.

The thing inside was not a high-grade spiritual stone, but a dark cyan round bead the size of a cat’s eye, exuding an aura that was several times stronger than the high-grade spiritual stone.

“Low grade lingzhu?” Han Yu was very happy, this thing is the low grade Lingzhu. It is the evolution of the higher grade spiritual stone, and the thickness and purity of the contained aura is ten times greater than that of the higher grade spiritual stone.

Xiao Jiao jumped up on the table and looked at the lower grade spiritual orbs, his eyes were shining directly and halazi was still flowing from his mouth, however, after he stole Han Yu’s fourth grade elixir the last time, Han Yu left it out for a while. Be good, Han Yu won’t give it, and he won’t accept it.

Seeing Xiaojiao die avidly, but not daring to stretch out his hand, Han Yu was also very pleased and gave him all the medicinal materials in the package directly: “I will give it to you!

The little boy stood up and looked at Han Yu in an incredible way, after rubbing his eyes to make sure it was true, he embraced the medicinal materials and rolled on the floor.

Han Yu picked up the spiritual orb with emotion. Although it was a low grade spiritual orb, it was equivalent to ten high grade spiritual stones. The market price was a high price of 500,000 taels of silver. This was definitely a treasure.

“By refining this low-grade spiritual orb, will it continually reach the Eighth Layer of Yuanwu?

Han Yuqiang endured his ecstasy, walked to one side and sat cross-legged, pressing the Lingzhu with his palms, returning to the Yuan in front of the Dantian acupuncture point, and the Canglong Art moved quickly. Suddenly, two terrifying energies exploded from the spiritual beads and rushed into the body along Han Yu’s arm. The moment these two energies entered, Han Yu’s Dantian boiled and the cyclone grew rapidly. How long does it take to change from three cyclones to four cyclones?


Han Yu was delighted, he did not expect to make his way to the Seventh Layer of Yuanwu so easily.

And the energy of the spiritual orbs was still pouring into the body continuously, and the lower grade spiritual orbs took almost ten minutes to be fully refined.


Han Yu’s Dantian boiled again and the cyclone changed from four to five. And the aura in Han Yu’s body suddenly increased from the Seventh Layer of Yuanwu to the Eighth Layer of Yuanwu.

Continuous advances, this is the second consecutive advance of Han Yu since he cultivated his vitality, and the difference is only more than a month. If you let others know, you will definitely exclaim that Han Yu is a genius of cultivation.

However, Han Yu was not overwhelmed. The merit of all this was the black hole in his body. Without black holes, Han Yu could not refine so many celestial materials and treasures so quickly, and it would not be possible to absorb the purest energy each time he refined. What I use makes the advancement extremely easy.

If you are an ordinary person, let us not say that the time to refine the spiritual orbs is at least ten and a half months, and even if everything is refinement, because the energy obtained is impure, the vitality of the refinement is impure and the impurities of the vitality are discharged. This is also the main reason why Juqi Wan is so appreciated.

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