Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 31: Han Yu went crazy
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Chapter 31: Han Yu went crazy

I saw two young people approaching, one dressed in a noble and luxurious dress, her complexion like jade, indifferent as water, tall, her skin white as snow, she was a rare beauty; one wore a white dress with her hair up. Two braids, a pair of large eyes that shine like pearls and blinking eyelashes, she looked like a strange person.

These two people are Ma Su and Ling’er. They just appeared, and immediately became the focus of the room, and it was the girl dressed in white, Ling’er, who spoke.

Han Zhan and Han Qingyun turned around, frowning, but quickly smiles appeared on their faces and greeted them with enthusiasm. Ma Su nodded slightly, which was considered a return, as Linger looked at Han Yu directly, his eyes seemed to torture Han Yu to death.

Han Yu withdrew her hand and mocked, “I don’t know what lady’s treasure I’ve broken this time?

If Ling’er said anything about it: “This time you didn’t break any young lady’s treasure, but you are about to destroy the treasure of our Mauma Guild. If this young lady did not stop it in time, we could have suffered a great loss now!”

The spectators were a bit inexplicable, how did you see that Han Yu was going to destroy something?

Han Zhan and Han Qingyun looked at each other, and both were very heavy. From their previous performances in the Han family, they seemed to hate Han Yu. I don’t know when Han Yu offended them.

Han Yu said angrily, “Which of your eyes saw me destroying your treasure?

Linger pointed to his eyes and said affirmatively, “Look at both of them.

Han Yu did not bother to pay attention to him, he turned around to take the cyan stone.

Ling’er immediately exclaimed, “Did you see it? Now people have taken the stolen goods!”

Han Yu ignored the cyan stone. He turned his head and left. Ling’er ran in several strides, grabbed Han Yu by the arm and shouted, “Hey, this person is destroying public property. Put it down!”

So far, everyone knows it’s about finding fault. Everyone can’t help but sigh for Han Yu, who offends the Morma Guild, this life is over.

Han Yu threw Ling’er out and said angrily, “You’re sick!”

All the spectators were stunned, daring to scold the lady of the Gremio Morma like this. Isn’t this seeking death? Both the Korean War and Han Qingyun were shocked and quickly approached to appease Han Yu.

For a while, more than a dozen people dressed in black surrounded Han Yu and others. The main middle-aged man greeted Ling’er and asked, “Miss Shui, what happened?

It turns out that Ling’er’s full name is Shui Ling’er.

Shui Ling’er pointed to Han Yu, a sly color shone in his eyes and said, “Just him, destroy the property of the Morma Guild and finish him off!

The middle-aged man turned to look at Han Yu, with a cold, severe glow in his eyes.

“I fell in love with this stone and wanted to buy it. Why did it destroy public property?” Han Yu resisted the anger in his heart and asked.

The middle-aged man was surprised and looked at Shui Ling’er in surprise. Shui Ling’er bent over his hips and said, “This stone is an ornament here. It is not for sale. If you take it away from above, don’t you destroy public property? She knows she has made a mistake and must be severely punished!

Hearing this, the middle-aged man also felt reasonable and said: “If this is the case, take it off!”

“Brother Dao, in the Korean War, the Patriarch of the Han family, this is the dog Han Yu, but he likes this stone and has no intention of offending. As this stone is not for sale, then we will return it”. Yu winked at him.

Hearing this, the middle-aged man did not continue to chase him. After all, the Han family was a local snake in Mangcheng. Although the Moma Guild was not afraid, it still had to pay for it.

Han Yu was quite depressed, he didn’t know when he had offended this Shui Ling’er and how he always pointed it out. Although I was greedy for the things in this stone, now I can only surrender.

But just as Han Yu was about to put the stone back in place, Shui Ling’er said, “He broke everything. It would be ugly to put it back. I think he sold it to her.

Han Yu was secretly delighted when he heard this, but said calmly, “How much is it?”

Shui Ling’er swelled her cheeks and thought for a moment and said, “Two hundred thousand silver patterns ... right!”

“Oh, damn it!” Han Yu almost broke the cyan stone directly on Shui Ling’er, who was actually eating people without spitting bones.

Shui Ling’er pretended to be afraid and hid behind the middle-aged man, showing half of his head: “People in the Han family are really fierce, even this lady dares to fight!

Both the Korean War and Han Qingyun almost jumped out of their hearts. If this charge is fulfilled, the Han family will be ruined. Han Zhan quickly said, “Miss Shui has calmed down, we bought this stone!”

Although buying a stone with 200,000 grains of silver is really a big hole, people have to bow their heads under the eaves.

Yang Zhentian had already left, but when he heard that the Korean War and his son were in trouble at the Morma Guild, they rushed back. He only saw that the Korean War was going to spend 200,000 taels of silver to buy a landscape stone, and he couldn’t help but laugh directly. He said: “The Korean War, ah, the Korean War, you have today too, spend 200,000 taels of silver to buy a landscape stone, the Han family is really rich! Hahaha...”

The scene suddenly laughed and everyone could see that the MoMA guild had killed the Han family like a big fat sheep.

Han Zhan’s face was blue and white, but now, all the anger can only be swallowed in his stomach.


There was a sudden loud noise, which surprised everyone.

Han Yu hit the stone on the ground and looked at Shui Ling’er and said, “Shui Linger, when did I offend you, why did you attack me two or three times?

Han Yu was really angry, humiliated and well, but he could not look at Han Zhan ashamed of him.

Shui Ling’er was surprised and shrugged his neck. It seemed that he had done too much. Ma Su frowned slightly and regretted not having stopped Shui Ling’er.

However, Han Zhan and Han Qingyun were surprised.

“Hey, the Han family is finished this time,” Yang Zhentian gloated, “Dare to threaten Mama Guild’s daughter, even if they don’t say anything on the surface, they’ll ruin the Han family in secret! The Korean War really did raise a good son!”

The scene was extremely quiet for a while, and Shui Ling’er walked towards Ma Su a little bit aggrieved, holding Ma Su’s arm with tears in her eyes.

Han Yu is going crazy, is she still aggrieved?

“What’s wrong?” Suddenly, a cold voice came. The temperature of the whole space seemed to drop to freezing point in an instant, and some people with weaker strength could not help but tremble.

The crowd involuntarily stepped aside, only to see a person who was wrapped in a black robe and only exposed a pair of eyes slowly approaching. The eyes shone with a cold light, like a lone wolf preparing to hunt at night.

Whether it is the middle-aged man in charge of order in the Mauma Guild, or the authoritarian Shui Linger, or the noble and arrogant Ma Su, all greet the coming. You can see that this man in black has a very high status and is very likely. He is the main leader of the Morama Guild here.

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