Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 29 Qi Pill Collection
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Chapter 29 Qi Pill Collection

“Haha,” laughed Han Zhan, and today he sighed fiercely. Under a series of surprised looks, he took Han Qingyun and Han Yu entered the Morma Guild.

“Unexpectedly, the Korean War has been so strong!” In the distance, Zhang Jiajia defended that Liding had a look of surprise on his face.

“The Han family did not know where to get the mental method of the deep stage, each with the ability to jump into battle, and even more invincible in the same kingdom,” said Zhang Liqiao, the eldest of the Zhang family, with a solemn expression.

“The Xuanjie mental method was acquired by the Han family. It is a waste. If my Zhang family possesses the deep mental method, the unification of Mangcheng is just around the corner,” Zhang Wei, the first teacher of the young generation of the Zhang family, his eyes shone with greed.

The auction was held on the second floor of the Mall of America. In the huge place, only a few people were sitting sporadically. The pattern of the auction sites has been decreasing step by step. The stairs surround the auction table in a semicircle. In this way, customers can patronize the auction items from the terrace seats and see them more closely.

Not many people were invited to the auction and not much was auctioned. There were only two Qi collection pills.

Even if some of the people who came to this auction wanted to get the Qi pills, everyone knew in their hearts that in this auction where the demand was low, the two Qi pills would probably fall in the third one. In the hands of two large families.

The people of the three main families could not help but be nervous: there are only two Juqi pills and one family is destined not to receive them. And this kind of treasure, whoever gets it, will cause one person in each family to suffer momentous changes, which is definitely a big blow to whoever loses the election in the competitive position.

After seeing the horrors of the Korean War, the Zhang and Yang families were even more determined to win the Juqi pill. If they get another Qi collection pill during the Korean War and reach the seventh level of Xuanwu, the other two will have no advantage. At that point, after the Korean War secured the throne of the number one teacher in Mangcheng, I am afraid they would spare no effort to suppress the two, which is the result they are both unwilling to see.

Therefore, before the auction began, the atmosphere in the hall began to become solemn, and people with a slightly more sensitive sense could feel that the Yang family and the Zhao family were secretly targeting the Han family.

Because of this, the Korean War was long overdue. In recent years, Yang and Zhang have developed rapidly and have strong financial resources, making it extremely difficult for him to gain an advantage in this auction.

Not long after, a middle-aged man with a greasy face and belly walked in, stood on the auction stage, arched his hands on the four seats and said some kind words. Although with the status of Gremio Moma, it can be said that there is no need to give a face to those present, and those present will take the initiative and enthusiasm to participate in this auction. But the middle-aged man did not show the slightest arrogance, but lowered his posture a lot, so the goodwill of all was doubled.

After the kind words, we entered the auction session. A wonderful girl was holding a tray in her hands, Lianbu moved gently towards the auction table, on the tray was a bottle of jade, which could be seen vaguely, with a thumb-sized tablet inside.

Although this girl’s appearance is extremely outstanding, everyone’s eyes were drawn to the jade bottle for the first time. Even Han Yu’s eyes radiated a bright light, and the rest of the people began to breathe quickly and their eyes were straight. Staring at the jade bottle, for fear of suddenly disappearing.

The middle-aged man held the jade bottle in his hand, then lifted it and showed it slowly, his speed was neither fast nor slow, so that everyone in every direction could see the pill in the jade bottle.

After the display, the middle-aged man placed the jade bottle on the high platform on the left and said after sweeping his eyes, “This is the first item auctioned today, the first Qi collection pill. As we all know, the Qi collection pill is a practice. The baby booster pill can get people through quickly. And this Qi-gathering pill is made of nine third class elixirs and thirteen second class elixirs.

Everyone took a deep breath and it took so many medicinal materials to refine a Qi Collection Pill of this kind. The value of this Qi Collection Pill can be imagined. Everyone’s eyes got warm, and even those who knew nothing about it were ready to move.

Because cultivation is not intrinsically an easy task, especially the higher the level, the harder it is to break through, and Qi-gathering pills can make people move forward smoothly, which is too much of a temptation for cultivators.

The middle-aged man was very satisfied with everyone’s performance and said with a smile, “The value of the Qi Juqi pill is obvious, but good things must be tested by a demanding expert. The base price of this Qi Qi pill is 500,000 yuan. Two-pattern silver, at least 10,000 yuan per bid, everyone can start bidding! ”

The middle-aged man’s words made people feel comfortable to listen, but everyone kept looking at each other. According to the calculation of the third class elixir of one thousand taels of silver and the second class elixir of one thousand taels of silver, the price of the material of this polyqi pill is only 103,000 taels of silver, plus the cost of refining. Two hundred thousand taels of silver is already very good, and now, the base price is only two and a half times the market price. The heart of the MoMA Guild is so dark that the atmosphere on the scene suddenly went cold. The middle-aged man is not in a hurry, smiling, ready to get ready.

“I give five hundred and ten thousand!”

In almost a minute, someone made an offer. Not from the three big families, but from the surrounding villages.

“I pay five hundred and twenty thousand!”, said the second immediately.

Although the price of this Juqi pill has far exceeded the market price, in this small place in Mangcheng there is no market for things like Juqi pills. It’s rare that the horse Mohor is auctioned off once. How can he miss it?

Although it is possible to buy medicinal materials that are much more valuable than the Juqi pills with such richness, medicinal materials are difficult to refine, and even if they are absorbed through refining, it does not mean that they can be a great advance. As long as the Qi collection pill is absorbed through refining, it can help people make progress. The opportunity for this advancement alone is of infinite value.

More and more people were bidding, and soon the top three families joined the competition.

When the people of the Zhang family asked for 680,000, the room fell silent.

Six hundred and eighty thousand taels of silver, which is considered a great expense for the three main families, and the rest of the individuals and families are even more difficult to maintain.

Han Zhan thought for a moment and said, “Sixty ninety thousand!”

Yang Zhentian immediately raised the price: “700,000!”

Zhang Liding thought for a moment and said, “700,000!”

The Korean War finally surrendered, Yang Zhentian did not continue to bid, and finally the first Qi collection pill fell into Zhang’s hands.

The middle-aged man smiled, although the price was high, he didn’t show much emotion. After registering for the Zhang family, they were asked to take the pill, and when the auction ended, the Zhang family was able to take the money.

Then came the second Qi Qi pill. When the Qi Qi pill arrived, everyone did not look at the Qi Qi pill, but looked at the Yang family and the Han family. Everyone knows that the next step is to watch the Han family and the Yang family compete. The intensity of the competition between the two companies this time will definitely not be worse than the three just now, and even worse, everyone has the idea of going to the theater.

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