Martial God Sovereign

Chapter 13: Internal and external problems
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Chapter 13: Internal and external problems

The storm abated in this way, but the Korean War and the Han family elders had extremely ugly faces. Now that Yang Zhentian’s words have been published, one can imagine how tragic it will be when all three races try. However, the Han family has hit rock bottom every year and the situation at that time is not optimistic.

During the Korean War, the seven elders of the Han family and Han Yu and others arrived in the Han family hall.

“Han Qingyun looked at Han Yu with a somber expression.

“The people of the Yang family were killed by us,” Han Yu said calmly.

Although Han Zhan and others had guessed the answer, they were surprised when they heard Han Yu say it.

“As far as I know, Yang Tai of the Yang family is the eighth layer of the Yuan Wu crop. How did you kill him?” Han Qingyun looked at everyone.

Everyone, look at me for a while, I look at you, Han Qing only got permission from Han Yu before telling the story. When he heard that Han Yu was able to subdue the Jade Horned Beast Yuan of the seventh order, the seven elders took a cold breath, and even the Korean War, their eyes burned.

“Han Yu, what is your present strength?” Han Qingyun stared at Han Yu, only feeling that what Han Qing said was a little false.

Han Yu said nothing, his body was shaking and, no doubt, Yuan Wu Sixth’s breath was revealed.

Han Qingyun’s complexion changed again and again, suddenly he looked at Han Zhan and said: “Look at the good son you raised, how much trouble the Han family caused us?

“Old man, Han Yu is not to blame...”

“Shut up!”

Han Qing waited to speak for Han Yu, but Han Qingyun stopped him.

Han Zhan’s eyes blinked and he said angrily, “Elder, what do you mean? Did my son protect my Han family badly?”

Han Qingyun’s face trembled: “It is natural to protect the same clan, but you must not kill the Yang family.

Han Zhan snorted: “I think all the members of the Yang family should die!

Han Qingyun’s face suddenly turned pale and irritated, and he said: “It’s all right, you are the patriarch now, what you say is what you say!” After Han Qingyun finished speaking, he rolled up his sleeves and walked away. The elders paused. He also continued to go out.

Han Yu clenched his fists tightly. Although Han Qingyun said nothing later, the meaning was obvious. When Han Zhan was not the patriarch, it was very likely that Han Yu and others would be attacked.

Han Qingyun is the first in the clan association, it seems that he is determined to win!

When Han Yu returned home, Little Jade Horned Beast had woken up and lost a lot of hair.

“Did you just make your way to the two-priced yuan beast?” Han Yu embraced the little jade horn beast. The little one was originally a yuan beast of the first order. According to common sense, a third order elixir can at least make it to the third order yuan beast. It seems that the capacity of this little one to consume aura is stronger than that of Han Yu.

The little boy’s front legs were hanging from Han Yu’s clothes, showing a pitiful look.

“Do you want a panacea,” asked Han Yu, and the little boy suddenly nodded.

“I don’t have it now. I will give it to you when I have one.

The little boy didn’t believe it, jumped up and started to rummage through the cabinet, then after one lap with nothing, he jumped into Han Yu’s bed in frustration and began to fall asleep again.

“Damn, it looks like I’m going to call you a bum!” Han Yu shook his head.

In the days that followed, Han Yu practiced Dragon Tiger Boxing during the day and used his killer spirit to perfect his soul at night before going to bed. Three days later, he practiced Dragon Tiger Boxing, the first form of Tiger Boxing.

Longhuquan is known for its toughness and mastery, and requires extremely high physical fitness for practitioners. Generally, people with the sixth level of Yuan Wu practice will not be effective for one or two months. As for Han Yu, not only was his physical body strong, his spiritual sense was enhanced, and his fitness was beyond the reach of ordinary people, he quickly understood the essence of Dragon Tiger Boxing, so he was able to successfully practice the first form of Dragon Tiger Boxing so quickly.

In the last three days, besides practicing Dragon and Tiger Boxing, Han Yu has been constantly perfecting his soul with murderous intentions and has achieved better results. The opening of the box has doubled the size of the previous one, but he still can’t see what’s inside the box. what.

After that, Han Yu started to practice Longhuquan, the second type of Longxingquan.

In the first three days of the clan association, the disciples who had studied art in the Liuyun Sect returned one after another. In Han Yu’s courtyard, an 18-year-old boy and a 15-year-old boy were learning martial arts.

The young man is dressed in a white robe and looks like a yushu tree facing the wind, and resembles everyone else when he moves his hands; the young man has a cold face and clear eyes, and is mature and sophisticated in every movement.

“Brother, if I hadn’t played against you personally, I couldn’t believe that a person from Yuan Wu Sixth Layer was so powerful, and even my brother wouldn’t be your opponent,” young Han Yi praised him, without showing any arrogance.

“That’s what the older brother told me. Young Han Yu smiled. The two played over 30 strokes, which can be described as a draw. Han Yu could see that Han Yi did not use all his strength, but Han Yu did not use all his strength either.

In the Han family, only Han Yineng and Han Yu talked, laughed and exchanged martial arts skills. Han Yi is the son of Uncle Han Yu. Uncle Han died early. Han Yi was always raised by the Korean War. He is Han Yu’s brother, but Han Yi went to Liuyunzong earlier. Otherwise, in the last three years, there will be Han Yi Huzhu, nobody dared to intimidate Han Yu.

The two fought a few more moves. Their clothes were already wet with sweat before they stopped. Han Yi approached and patted Han Yu on the shoulder, and the two brothers arrived at the next pavilion and sat down.

“Brother, the second uncle in the Yang family has already told me about you, you did a good job and my brother supports you,” Han Yi said with a grateful look.

Han Yu asked, “Big brother, when the three tribes are reunited, how confident will our Han family be in winning over the Yang family?

Han Yi’s face suddenly became a little heavy: “The Yang family has developed very quickly in recent years. There are more than 20 disciples who have worshipped the Liuyun Sect. Among them, there are three inner disciples. Our chances of winning can be said to be very slim . Brother Tian may be among the first ten when he returns. If Brother Tian does not return, we may not be able to occupy any of the top ten positions in the Han family.

Brother Tian mentioned by Han Yi is the number one teacher among the younger generation of the Han family and the only one who has become the inner disciple of the Liuyun Sect. It has been decided not to participate in the ranking competition, but I heard that all three races will try to return.

The so-called tribal test is a test that is held every year by the Han, Yang and Zhang families in Mangcheng. This test is not only to show the strength of the young generation of the three races, but it is also closely related to the interests of the three races. It is about the number of disciples sent to Liuyunzong each year and the ownership of the largest copper mine in Mangcheng.

The evaluation standard is based on the number of entries in the top ten and the ranking obtained. In the first three years, only one person from the Han family was in the top ten, and the best place was seventh. Not only was the Han family’s ownership of the copper mine greatly reduced, but there was only one place that could worship Liuyunzong.

For a long time, it is strange that the Han family did not refuse! Han Yu’s face also became heavy.

Han Yi sighed: “Brother, don’t think too much, do everything for your destiny. Some things we cannot change!”

Seeing Han Yu’s face get uglier, Han Yi laughed and said, “Don’t talk about this, let’s talk about the rankings. We have to get the first in the rankings.

Han Yu nodded, not only did he take first place in the competition, but also in the tribal test, he was determined to win.

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