Martial God Gamer

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Long Chu now laughed out loud with delight. before eating his hamburger with great gusto

Beside him, Long Ziyun and Ye Ying'er also ate the hamburger from the same menu that he was eating with their happy faces as well.

“Here, it's really delicious. I never thought that my dear grandson would have such a good idea for food. How long has it been since I've found food that made me can’t stop eating. Hohoho”

Long Chu spoke up. Then began to unpack another hamburger and eat it.

Long Ziyun quickly nodded before speaking. 𝐟𝐫𝗲𝗲𝘄𝗲𝗯𝗻𝐨𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝐜𝐨𝗺

“Really delicious, Grandpa. This one is absolutely delicious. I want to see my brother already. He must be really good at coming up with dishes like this.”

Ye Ying'er nodded. She couldn't speak, but still let out a sound.


Long Wei shook his head at his daughter and her friend. Both were satisfied with the food. They won't cause problems for him.

He looked at Long Chu. There was something he didn't understand. Why would an ancestor like him live in a city like this? Long Chu normally slept in the forest in his banyan tree body to cultivate. Or is it because of this strange food?

Looking at the food, Long Wei couldn't help but swallow his saliva. The Dragon Dao tried to tell him that this food was worthy of the dragons.

He unwraps the paper. before eating what's inside. The hamburger was so soft and juicy. He had to admit that it was delicious. Especially...Cheese It really matched his dragon tongue.

It was reasonable that the Dragon Dao would react to it. Dragon Dao will be in all dragon-related things. Besides this food The entire city was filled with the scent of dragons.

Long Wei shook his head. He looked at Long Chu again. He was almost distracted by the taste of the hamburger and forgot about what he wanted to ask Long Chu.

Long Chu now was not in hibernation. If he was in hibernation. He wouldn’t be here eating hamburgers like this.

He was very scary. if someone disturb him while he was asleep.

If it wasn't because he had an urgent matter, He definitely wouldn't have thought of coming to Long Chu. because he did not know whether Long Chu was awake or asleep.

And one more who is his grandson? If he said that he had a descendant, It would be understandable. Because with Long Chu's age, he probably wouldn't have any descendants that were close to him.

"Ancestor I have a question that I would like to ask you. I don't know if Ancestor will be able to answer my questions or not.”

Long Chu ate his tenth hamburger before nodding at Long Wei.

“The grandson that Ancestor refers to. Who is he? Is he someone from the same era as you?”

Long Chu swallowed his hamburger. before drinking cola flavored soda The flavors of the two go well together. Long Chu let out a burp before speaking.

“No, my grandson is not from the same era as me. He was not very old, only in his early twenties. But now he had stepped into the realm of the gods. but even though He still couldn't control his own power very well. Still needs a lot of practice. He can only use his power to stay at the Dao Origin Realm. so he won’t lose control”

hearing what Long Chu said, Long Wei gasped.

“R-Realm of God!”

Entering the Realm of God was not an easy task. It was necessary to go through thousands and tens of thousands of years of cultivation before being able to grasp just a little of the Divine way.

A young man in his early twenties was able to enter the Divine Realm. It sounds impossible. If he hadn't heard from Long Chu with his own ears, even to his death, he did not believe it.

“You don't need to be so shocked. He was a special person who had crossed over into the realm of God in a very special way. He didn't go to the Divine Realm with cultivation like everyone else. but through understanding and intuition No one in this universe has the ability to enlighten like him. Otherwise he wouldn't have been chosen by her.”

“He was the chosen one…”

Long Wei took a deep breath. If she chooses him, No wonder he has the ability to step into the realm of God.

No one she had chosen was even a normal person. even the creation god. Unfortunately, he was destroyed before he had a chance to grow. Long Wei sighed. He and Creation God are considered good friends.

Long Wei who knew the gods of creation surely knew who the enemy that destroyed him was. He could only hope that this new chosen one will be able to overcome it


Mount Olympus, the place where all the Greek gods resided.

Here it is filled with peace and shade, with trees, grass, greenery, colorful flowers. This is a beautiful paradise. It was completely different from the Hell or known as Tartarus.

Such a beautiful place was supposed to be the dwelling place of a deity filled with purity.

But unfortunately The gods that inhabited Olympus were gods full of greed and loathing.

They lived happily ever after. no worries They have nothing to worry about. Every day all they do is eat, sleep, socialize, sex and group sex.

They are the most shameless. They don't care if any god has a partner or not. Which god is male or female? if they are satisfied They are all ready to do it together.

God is not afraid of disease Gods are not afraid of having children. The gods don't care about the small things like whether they are siblings or parents and children.

In addition to all the filthy things that have already been said what they like to do the most is to bring to others endless destruction and torment.

Their victims were indeed humans and lower tribes.

Where in the sky full of thunder There was an old man in a white tunic. In his hand was a golden lightning. He was looking down from the sky with a nonchalant expression.

This thunderstorm was his own handiwork.

“Really bored”

the old man spoke with a very bored tone. He don't know how many times he's said this.

“Why is this so boring? How long has it been since I sat and watched this over and over again, human?”

This god is actually Zeus. Lord of all gods of Olympus He watched the humans who were now living their lives happily. Even if there is a thunderstorm

People live in their homes together. They prayed to the gods they worship.

And It wasn’t him

Zeus heard their prayers and his face was filled with disgust.

“You all look very happy. Hestia? Hah. wrong choice. The god that you must pray for is only this Zeus.”

Zeus raised the hand that held the lightning. before throwing it to the ground. He wanted to destroy everyone in that city.

The golden lightning destroyed everything in its path. An entire city full of people was destroyed. Just because he was upset that they didn't pray for them. but Hestia The goddess that he hated.


Zeus remained unscathed. He wanted to look for another city that had humans inhabited. He will see who they are praying for. If pray to him They will be destroyed easily and quickly. but if not He would gradually kill them by increasing his lightning power bit by bit.

And while he was looking for another human city that he wanted to destroy. He could hear someone calling him from a very distant distance.

“Zeus, I have something to tell you. come to the Temple of Heaven as soon as possible.”


Zeus was a little surprised. Hades didn't normally like to talk to any gods. In particular he and his brother Poseidon.

“If he talks to me like this It means that what he want to say in the temple must be a big deal. I hope it will ease my boredom.”

Zeus, before leaving, he threw his lightning to another city. The lightning that he threw at him destroyed that city to the point of destruction.

All humans destroyed by lightning were afraid of Zeus. They didn't even dare to be angry. for them God is the supreme being No one can hinder them.


in the vast sea There is a beautiful coral temple standing majestically.

Around the temple were soldiers patrolling the swimming pool with the upper half and the lower half as seahorses.

Behind the temple was a giant demonic beast. It resembles a snake.

Inside the temple, a middle-aged man was drinking alcohol. Beside him, a beautiful woman was pouring him a drink.

Both are Poseidon and Amphitrite.

Poseidon was taking the next cup and drank. He heard the same message Zeus had heard. Piseidon's expression changed now.

He turned his head towards Amphitrite before speaking.

“I have a matter to go to Olympus. You are here to take care of this temple instead of me.”

Amphitrite nodded. Poseidon rose from his seat and immediately headed for Olympus. He knew that something big was going to happen.

Poseidon after leaving Amphitrite she took out some crystals. before speaking to Crystal

“Poseidon moves. He was heading for Olympus. There seems to be something going on.”

Crystal shone slightly before a very beautiful woman's voice sounded.

“Acknowledged, Athena is heading for there.”

After sending the message and receiving the message Amphitrite acts like nothing happened. and lead her life normally

Tian'er Changdi was now extremely angry.

Chang'er appeared instead of Chen Ming, who stole his throne.

But no matter how angry he was, he can't do anything Chang'er was a higher level than him. He didn't think that Chang'er, besides being able to use the Law of Darkness. She could also use the Law of Emptiness.

“It seems that she has exceeded you. Tian'er Changdi”

Hua Yingnan spoke up with a smile. He didn't seem worried that Chang'er could use two laws at the same time.

Tian'er Changdi did not reply to Hua Yingnan. He looked at the other gods who were still beside him.

The gods still beside him were unfortunately all lower level gods. High Gods like Erlang Shen, Li Jing, the Li Brothers, and the Seven Fairies were all not beside him.

The current situation was really bad for him.

The sects seemed to be taking sides with Chang'er. This caused both his level and the number of people on his side to be inferior.

Tian'er Changdi turned to Hua Yingnan. He didn't seem worried, indicating that he must have a plan.

“HuaYingnan, you don't seem worried, does that mean you already have a plan?”

Huayingnan heard what Tian'er Changdi asked, he smiled before speaking up.

“People like me, Hua Yingnan, have plans all the time. Otherwise I wouldn't be an Evil cult master for so long. Unfortunately, my plans don't include you.”

Tian'er Changdi lowered his eyes before speaking in a harsh tone. A profound aura of the True Essence Realm surged out.

“What do you mean by that?”

Hua Yingnan, his body gradually dissipated. He wasn't here in the first place. He was just a fake figure.

Saw that Hua Yingnan had escaped. Tian'er Changdi understood immediately. This was Hua Yingnan's plan from the beginning.

“How dare you!”

“Haha, don't be angry, Heavenly Lord. Who would have thought that you could be so foolish? Do you think that I, the devil, will help the gods? Hahaha. How ridiculous. I have something to tell you all.”

Tian'er Changdi gritted his teeth. He absolutely couldn't let Hua Yingnan talk about his being rejected by the heavens. otherwise even if he got the throne of heaven back It's all too late

“Tian'er Changdi is no longer the lord of the heavens. The true lord of the heavens was Chen Ming. He wanted to kill the Heavenly Lord that In fact, he is a fallen god! haha"

Finished speaking, Hua Yingnan canceled his technique.

Tian'er Changdi's clothes and hair color had changed. His clothes were dull in color. His hair was pale white instead of shiny black.

His face wrinkled. He didn't look like a god at all.

“Hua... Ying... Nann!!!!”

Tian'er Changdi was exposed. The gods that were beside him now began to distance themselves. They initially thought that Tian'er Changdi was still the lord of the heavens. But now when I see the real appearance They already believed that he really was a devil.

And after Tian'er Changdi's appearance had changed. Demons and Evil Sects disciples began to appear.

“We have come to your aid, Demon Lord.”

“Huayingnan betrayed us. Only the Demon Lord will prevail over the others!”

“Fight for the Demon Lord!”

“We are ready to give our lives!”

The evil sect disciples and demons started to attack first.

Tian'er Changdi only looked at the evil sect disciples and demons with confused eyes.

Since when did he become a Demon Lord? And who are these guys!

As soon as the evil sect disciples and demons suddenly started to attack Erlang Shen Heavenly General shouted.

“Everyone knows Tian'er Changdi's true face, right? Everyone listen to this Eliminate all demons and evil sect diciples, leaving not a single one left!”

Erlang Shen immediately commanded the Heavenly God Army to face the devils and demons.

Tian'er Changdi, who now saw that the situation was not good and he had no chance of regaining the Heavenly Throne.

He intended to escape. Because he believed that he could not defeat Chang'er. and while he wanted to escape He found that he was unable to escape. He was surrounded by a wall formed by the power of the Nuwa stone.

This is the real Nuwa stone. Unlike the fake Nuwa stones he gave to the Sun Sword Hall to bring Chang'er back to him.

The true Nuwa stone has the power of one who is at the divine level. Even if it's still very little It was still enough to imprison him and everyone in this place.

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