Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 40 Cant Open the Storage Pouch
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“After he had thrown that sentence to Shen Yan, Du Shaofu looked at Guo Ming, and Zhu Xue and said: “I’m leaving. Wild Beast Mountains is very dangerous, better leave quickly.”

With that sentence, Du Shaofu turned around and left.


Her cherry lips parted slightly, she wanted to say something but hesitated and in the end, her eyebrows lowered looking slightly dejected but no words came out, feeling of loss was apparent in her eyes.

“Kid, who do you think you are? if you ever fall in my hands in the future...” Shen Yan stared angrily at the straight tall back dissatisfied, a trace of coldness was seen in his eyes. That kid actually brushed him off. If and when there’s an opportunity later to teach him a lesson, he will not miss it.


Lu Kun’s expression was unbearably grim; the people from White Panther Hunting Group either died or have fled. He and his disciple-brothers can’t deal with both Blacknether Sect and Mystical Talisman House together. Thus he immediately signaled the disciples to leave.

“Where are you going, chase after them quickly.” Seeing this Shen Yan hollered; there are treasures on Lu Kun’s body too.

“Lu Kun’s adamant, and most of us are injured, even if we want to deal with that guy we must heal first. Moreover, even though here is the outer edge of Wild Beast Mountains, recently there were too many high-level demonic beasts, we should be more careful.

Lin Boguang had no intention to chase at all, although they have more people but its still not enough to guarantee that they would be able to harm to Lu Kun. Not only that, he had no desire to be used as a tool by others.

“We should look for a safe place to heal our injuries; we can avenge our brothers in the future.” Zhu Xue said in her clear voice. She, Guo Ming and the rest of the are disciples are heavily injured, especially that they are currently in Wild Beast Mountains, it was not the best time to deal with Lu Kun. Anyway, the Lu Kun now can’t bring them any more harm.

“There’ll be a day, where I absolutely will not let him go.” Guo Ming said while gritting his teeth, this time, he can only give up.

Since everyone has no intention to pursue, Shen Yan can only give up. He alone is not enough to handle Lu Kun. Shen Yan’s heart was longing for the Golden-winged Garuda and the Demonic Purpleflame Phoenix’s feather picked up by Lu Kun. Both are valuable treasures.

The mountain peaks elegantly link like a path into the vast horizon.

At a corner of the forest upon a massive boulder, there’s a Demonic Scale Tiger shrunk to a kitten-sized next to Du Shaofu, not in the least worried that demonic beasts will sneak up on him or other dangers.

Taking out the storage pouch he got from Skinny Tiger’s body; Du Shaofu carefully checked it. He had heard about storage pouch before, in the whole Du Clan, only Eldest Uncle and Second Uncle each have one. The cheapest for one of this storage pouches cost several hefty thousands of xuanbi, a clear proof of how expensive it is. Definitely not something ordinary folks could afford on a whim.

“How do you open this thing?”

After fiddling with the pouch for half a day, Du Shaofu encountered a severe problem. This storage bag is sealed, and he didn’t know how to open it, which made him depressed. As the head of White Panther hunting Group, surely there will be a lot of good things on him, and it probably contains martial skills and elixirs. But, pity this storage cannot be open, and he had no idea at all.

“Little Brother, you won’t be able to open this storage bag, even an expert won’t be able to open it. If you open it by force, the things inside will shatter into pieces.”

At this time, suddenly a voice sounded in Du Shaofu’s ears, and at this same moment, Du Shaodu’s eyes widened in surprise, instantly retreating a few steps back, his eyes looked towards his chest while shivering a little.

The Demonic Scales Tiger beside Du Shaofu also perked up its ears, its squinted eyes fixed at Du Shaofu’s chest.

One human and one beast’s eyes introspectively stared at the chest area when a thumb-sized little tower floats out from his bosom; the very same little tower that Du Shaofu took from the Du Clan’s Martial Collection Building. Just not long ago, his clothes, the Violent Stone Demon Wolf’s blood essence, and the base-building dans turned to ashes from the purple-colored flame, only this little tower and an animal managed to survive.

While the little tower was floating out, suddenly a stream of light shone from the little tower, as vague runes flickered, the space around it rippled with strange fluctuations. Rolling smoke gushed out from inside the little tower, finally condensing into a see-through image of a youth.

This see-through youth looks about twelve to thirteen years old, and very thin judging by the silhouette of the image. Extremely thin. Super thin. He’s just skin wrapped over bones, sunken cheeks, and his eyebrow is an inverted eight (八) character. And beady triangle shaped eyes on a wretched looking face.

A twelve, thirteen-year-old youth with an immature but wretched face; the more people look at him, the more uncomfortable people will be. It truly made people wonder how could there be such a face in the world. The only words to describe the see-through youth in front would be ‘extremely wretched’ to truly describe and capture the entirety of the surreal youth in front.

“Hello Little Brother, can I get to know you?”

The wretched see-through youth smiled and floated gently before Du Shaofu. It would have been better if he didn’t smile, the moment he smiled his wretched face look worse than crying. The small triangle shaped eyes weren’t balanced and coordinated in the first place, now the small eyes were lost somewhere, if babies and small kids were to see this wretched face, their first reaction would be to cry.

And the youth even called Du Shaofu little brother when he looks just a little past ten.

“What do you want to do; don’t come over here.”

This youth’s really too wretched looking that Du Shaofu couldn’t resist retreating a few steps, thinking if this guy in front of him would have any special interests, would he? If the wretched youth dare to make a move on him, he will castrate him! But, his thoughts were running when it suddenly crossed his mind that he is stronger than the youth in front; puffed up his chest feeling braver: “Who are you, how did you appear from the little tower?”

“Little Brother, you don’t need to be afraid. Allow me to introduce myself. My family name is Zhen, and my given name is Qingchun.”

The wretched looking youth introduced himself like a ‘great elder’ with a scholarly tone, but it couldn’t disguise the child-like voice.

“Really(Zhen) pure (Qingchun)?” Du Shaofu observed the wretched looking youth, as if unable to figure out why would there be such a name?

“It’s the distinguish (Zhen), and Qingchun is the fragrance from an alcohol; not the Qingchun as in Qingchun (pure).”

When Zhen Qingchun was shaking and explaining, the more his ‘great elder’ like trait came out, however, that juvenile face makes him feel awkward.


The Demonic Scale Tiger growled at Zhen Qingchun as if it too was a little frightened for its kitten-sized body has reverted to its original enormity. Its hill-like body focusing solely on Zhen Qingchun, low growls issued from its mouth.

“A Mai-ling level Demonic Scale Tiger, eii, seems like a variation showing signs of ancestors genes. Good, good, useful if trained well.” Zhen Qingchun was surprised seeing the Demonic Scale Tiger, but then he simply waved his hand: “Just an early Mai-ling level, if it was before you don’t even have the qualification to become my mount. Quickly stand down.”


The Demonic Scale Tiger ignored Zhen Qingchun’s words, roared loudly at Zhen Qingchun however in its eyes were traces of fear.

“Why were you in that little tower?”

Du Shaofu calmed down as he moved to the front of the Demon Scale Tiger, indicating it to be quiet, but his eyes remained vigilant.

“This tower is not an ordinary item, and I’m not an ordinary person.”

Zhen Qingchun’s eyes flickered unnoticeably when he looked at Du Shaofu, and said: “Let’s put it this way, my identity is very distinguished and of exceptional origin. As you can see, I’m a spirit body, proof of my cultivation and due to a mishap during a practice, my spirit entered the little tower...”

“Are you really a strong expert with an exceptional background?”

Du Shaofu interrupted Zhen Qingchun’s explanation; his eyes curiously looked at the wretched transparent figure of a youth. Regarding matters about spirit body he knows very little of it, only those legendary strong experts could condense a spirit body akin to having an extra life, however, the know-how to this method is out those ordinary warrior’s reach.

“Of course I’m a strong expert, I have extraordinary bearing!” Zhen Qingchun nodded his head with enthusiastism, and exclaimed with a very loud voice.

“But you look like a snot-nosed kid.”


Zhen Qingchun was at a loss for words. His inverted triangle brows scrunched together, he looked at Du Shaofu and said: “That’s because of the accident that happened during my practice, to tell you frankly, I’m several hundred years old. Once I’ve healed, my looks will restore.”

“Then, do you have a Heaven rank exercise law?” Du Shaofu raised an eyebrow, and asked Zhen Qingchun.

When Zhen Qingchun heard this, his transparent face looked deflated. Then, he showed the smile that would frighten a kid to tears, and looked at Du Shaofu and said: “About this, I do have it; but since I’m away from home, I don’t have it with me ah.”

“Did you bring any high-grade martial skills? Some good elixirs or dans.” Du Shaofu looked expectantly at Zhen Qingchun, anticipating his answer.

“This... I also didn’t bring any.”

The smile Zhen Qingchun squeezed out with much effort stiffened on his face. The direction of this conversation differed greatly from what he imagined. In his imagination, once he revealed himself and this little brat sees him, he will immediately try to beg to be received as his disciples, and at that time he... But, the little brat in front of him simply did not follow the script he wrote; he only knows how to ask for benefits and not interested in him in the slightest it caused him to feel extremely depressed.


Ancestor gene – early primordial genes

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