Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 36 Hate Being Robbed the Most
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Hate Being Robbed the Most


The Demonic Scale Tiger roars furiously, its malignant eyes looking at Du Shaofu now held traces of fear, not daring to covet the Blood-Infant Ganoderma anymore, quickly flaps its wings and fly away.

“Such a strong atmosphere, how could there be such a strong atmosphere!”

Everyone within the distance exclaims aloud; that Demonic Scale Tiger was scared away with just one shout from the young man. This is too overbearing and simply inconceivable, who exactly is that young man.

Du Shaofu turns back and quickly picks the Blood-Infant Ganoderma from the root up; causing the blood-red iridescent glow which fills the gorge to disappear and the much-coveted elixir finally falls into Du Shaofu’s hands. Leaping down from the large boulder he heads into the deeper parts of the gorge without so much as a look back, not intending to leave Spirit Gorge at all.

Watching the silhouette walking into the depths of the gorge, and gradually fades into the sea of fog the shock eyes following the young man went into a daze. The Blood-Infant Ganoderma that every person here covets and was fighting for taken away by a young man so effortlessly.

Shen Yan, Lin Boguang, Wang Yuan and Lu Kun’s expressions were ugly to the extreme; never did they imagine the result would be like this – especially Shen Yan. From the beginning, he was guarded before the youth with an unknown background assuming he would compete for the elixir if he were to follow them. Unexpectedly, it’s mantis stalking the cicada, unaware the oriole is behind; in the end, the elixir still falls into Du Shaofu’s hand.

“The Blood-Infant Ganoderma cannot fall into that brat’s hand, CHASE!”

Eventually, there’s a person could no longer restrain themselves watching the Blood-Infant Ganoderma disappearing right under their eyes, starts to chase after Du Shaofu. Earlier, facing against Du Shaofu’s overbearing aura, honestly, none of them dares to oppose him; however, there’s might in numbers and everyone feels braver as the number of people chasing Du Shaofu increases, nobody holds back and dives after Du Shaofu without a second thought. By one by one, the figures dash into the depths of Spirit Gorge.


“Ao ao!”

The demonic beasts start to move again, as if they too are extremely unwilling to see Blood-Infant Ganoderma snatched away, venting out their frustrations and anger onto the people within the gorge, resuming the mass slaughter. Those wanting to chase after Du Shaofu died vainly; their stomachs slashed open, intestines pouring out, and blood swamps the ground whereas those slightly stronger also suffers unimaginable ending as their lesser comrades grab them from behind to save themselves...

Deep below Spirit Gorge, under the sunlight the thick clouds of fog gradually dissipate.

“Sou sou!”

Du Shaofu’s silhouette flees through the gorge speedily. Being unafraid of demonic beasts doesn’t mean that he’s not afraid of those people waiting outside, ready to snatch the elixir from him. If he takes the Blood-Infant Ganoderma out of Spirit Gorge, those hyenas will surely besiege him; to leave safely is basically a daydream.

The demonic beasts’ roars coming from behind gradually grow faints, but Du Shaofu remains vigilant, the further he goes the safer he would be.


In mid-air, an enormous red falcon appears; its sharp gaze bears a dangerous glint. Flapping its wings in mid-air sending down gusts of hot wind akin to a violent storm.

“Giant Flaming Falcon!”

Du Shaofu looks up, his eyes instantly become wary. That large red falcon turns out to be a Giant Flaming Falcon, judging from its breath it seems very powerful- not weaker compared to the previous Demonic Scales Tiger, however, the main reason for Du Shaofu’s increase wariness is due to the several figures on the back of the Giant Flaming Flacon. Their strength definitely is not weak.


The Giant Flaming Falcon circles at low altitude, and a tangerine-red figure leaps down from its back; a young girl wearing a tight-fitting tangerine red dress appears before Du Shaofu.

“The Blood-Infant Ganoderma is not something someone of your capability can have; handover the Blood-Infant Ganoderma and you can safely leave.”

The young girl’s eyes that look at Du Shaofu were clear and bright. Her tangerine-red dress emphasizes her tiny waist and long jade-like legs make her look even slimmer and taller; beneath her refined temperament, there’s a distinct clear-cut attitude. Her words are denying Du Shaofu the right to refuse.

Looking at the young girl in front, feeling the breath fluctuations coming from her, Du Shaofu’s instinct screams danger. It seems these people were present at the Spirit Gorge from the beginning; also aiming for Blood-Infant Ganoderma. His xuanqi silently fluctuates inside his body while he raises one eyebrow said: “I hate people snatching my things, even though it is snatched by beautiful women. You want the Blood-Infant Ganoderma, dream on!”

“You think I’m beautiful?”

The young girl smiles faintly, and her delicate face seems to blossom; mesmerizing those who sees it.

“Already consider not bad; compare to the women I’ve seen, you are considered as one of the top.”

Du Shaofu nods his head; no doubt the young girl in front is gorgeous with an exceptional temperament. Her tall, slim figure is akin to a stem of lofty snow lotus; definitely not of common background. Unnoticeably, in his mind, the image of the Elf-like girl flashes across his mind.

The tangerine-red dress young girl tilts an eyebrow, in her bright clear eyes were a hint of surprise; the young man in front gives her an indescribable feeling. Below Spirit Gorge, that domineering scene is visibly clear from the spot she was standing; and facing that awe-inspiring young man at this moment, though her expression seemingly calm, actually is just a front that she puts up exerting strenuous effort.

“It seems you have some ability, but since you’re not going to handover voluntarily then I can only take it myself by force.”

The young girl walks up slowly to Du Shaofu, the movement of her longs legs teasing along with her calm voice. As her steps draw closer; there were visible xuanqi fluctuations at the soles of her feet, increasing her speed. As the distance between them shortens, xuanqi wraps around her leg, and she kicks out at Du Shaofu, leaving behind a streak of tangerine-red.

“Want to snatch my Blood-Infant Ganoderma; then I will ‘snatch’ you back to be my maid!”

Seeing the delicate figure leaping towards him, Du Shaofu also shouts loudly; rushing forward instead of retreating smashing out his perfected version of Raging Storm Waves Palm as his body glows a pale gold with runes floating around him. The energy fluctuations instantly push back the young girl.

“Only a Xiantian, how could he connect to his martial pulse...”

The young girl is shaken. The atmosphere surrounding the young man shocks her. Her foot lightly taps the ground; and as she spins up, from her slender hands a palm-print gently floats out, wrap in flickering runes clashes into Du Shaofu’s palm print.


A blast resounded, and Du Shaofu inverted back due to the impact force, staggering back a dozen steps before stabilizing himself; that gentle floating palm contains a terribly huge power.

“A Maidong level warrior.”

Du Shaofu was shocked, the young girl before him is definitely not a Xiantian level warrior; if not, it’s impossible to push him back.

“An early Xiantian but to have such strength; undeniably you do have some ability.”

Shock flitted across the young girl’s eyes, but instantly at the next second she makes her next move; she spurts forward borrowing the force from the movement skill at the same time her slender hands forms seals condensing palm-prints one after another just like a celestial maiden scattering flower petals, enveloping Du Shaofu.

Du Shaofu’s expression sank, his hands swiftly condense mysterious-looking handseals, runes of pale gold swirls around his body and an increasingly overbearing atmosphere emit from his body. His right hand raised akin to a Golden-winged Garuda flapping its wing, slaps straight at the incoming palm-prints.


Golden rays of light burst out like gusts of violent gale, shattering the vast area palm-print midway.


Shock once again appears in the young girl’s eyes. Her silhouette suddenly appears right in front of Du Shaofu, her slender hand strikes at Du Shaofu’s chest without delay.

When he saw the palm strikes down, Du Shaofu instantly retreats to the back; however, the seemingly soft palm was faster than he imagines.

The young girl’s brows crease together as if she didn’t expect Du Shaofu to react this quickly, immediately quickens her palm leaving a palm arc in mid-air giving the illusion that it pierce through space barrier to stamp on Du Shaofu’s chest.

At this point, unable to avoid the attack his body flew back from the force of that palm.


Du Shaofu staggered back, his face a sheet of white and from his throat he tasted a trace of sweetness.

“It seems you won’t be taking me back as your maid!”

The young girl lands gently on the ground and observes Du Shaofu with a bright smile on her face as if no longer has the intention to give chase; confident the opponent could no longer escape her.

Furtively glancing behind him, Du Shaofu continues to step back, and unconsciously he had already arrived at the edge of a cliff; thick clouds of fogs rolled in the air and the depths below the cliff unfathomable. At the edge of the cliff, there’s no more path for him to retreat for the young girl in front of him blocks the only way out.


The Giant Flaming Falcon continues to hover at low altitude, but there are traces of fear in its eyes as it looks at Du Shaofu; the golden glow emanating from Du Shaofu earlier makes it shiver in fright and ill at ease.

Du Shaofu tilts up his head, looking at the several figures on the back of the Giant Flaming Falcon then shifts his gaze back at the young girl in front of him: “That’s right, today I won’t be able to bring you back as my maid because you are stronger than me.”

“Early Xiantian cultivation, you already are quite strong; if our level of cultivation is the same, I’m afraid I won’t be able to deal with you. I’m giving you one last chance, handover the Blood-Infant Ganoderma and I will not embarrass you.” The young girl said to Du Shaofu.

“I’ve said earlier; I hate people snatching my things the most, and even if though you are pretty, it’s not an exception.”

Du Shaofu laughs, smiling with his pale face. And when his smile vanished, he took out the Blood-Infant Ganoderma and stuffed it in his mouth right in front of the young girl before she can even react. Wolfing down the Blood-Infant Ganoderma and in just a few breathes time he had swallowed the Blood-Infant Ganoderma into his belly.

The young girl stood rooted to the spot, dumbstruck; how could the Blood-Infant Ganoderma be taken directly. That is the main ingredient for refining high-grade dans ah, especially when it is ingested directly by a Xiantian warrior. The warrior will explode from the enormous violent energy, definitely gambling with one’s life.

The young girl had wanted the Blood-Infant Ganoderma, something she deem already hers but who would’ve thought the young man would pull such a crazy stunt, to directly swallow the Blood-Infant Ganoderma.

“What are you doing, halt your mouth immediately.”

When the young girl regained her senses, she quickly shouted loudly; her slim silhouette pounces onto Du Shaofu with lightning speed. How could she let go of the Blood-Infant Ganoderma when it is within arm’s reach.

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