Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 31 Strange Phenomenon
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Strange Phenomenon

“That’s great!”

Guo Ming rejoiced, and Zhu Xue secretly breathes a sigh of relief both of them could see Du Shaofu is not weak compare to them, in fact to them Du Shaofu’s strength is unfathomable that even a mysterious layer Xiantian warrior was directly killed off by him. They will be much safer traveling with this person, at that time even Crane Elder had praised the youth in front.

The injuries on Guo Ming were not light and Zhu Xue overdraft her energies earlier, so the both of them need to rest for some time to readjust their condition before they can move on.

Therefore when evening came, Du Shaofu went hunting alone, and carried back a Mountainbore Demon Hog to the valley, preparing to roast it. When the enticing smell of roast meat filled the air, saliva drools; instantly the two people who were focusing to heal their injuries, Guo Ming and Zhu Xue snapped opened their eyes.

“Let’s eat together if you’re hungry.” Du Shaofu said to both of them.

While saying that, he already started to scarf down the meat. Guo Ming was too hungry to feign politeness whereas Zhu Xue was a little reserved but Guo Ming had torn parts of a thigh and given it to her, frowning slightly she ventured a tiny bite, surprise instantly replaced the frown on her forehead at the taste of the meat. Maybe it was due to her hunger that the meat is so much tastier than all the other meat she had tasted before.

“This is so delicious; I have never eaten such tasty roast meat before.” Guo Ming kept showering Du Shaofu with compliments while scarfing down roast meat nonstop.

When the roasted demon hog disappeared, Guo Ming and Zhu Xue continue to readjust their conditions.

Du Shaofu chose a spot, sat cross-legged and started running the Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law, from the just eaten Mountainbore Demon Hog, strands of silk thread-like essence were absorbed into his body.

Demonic beasts could extract energy from blood and flesh for own use, and after practicing Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law Du Shaofu could do this too, especially due to the Golden-winged Garuda being a top rank demonic beast among the beast race and the profoundness of its exercise law is frightening and superior.

But from a mere Mountainbore Demon Hog – a roasted one at that - the amount of energy is too little, in the practice of a true Golden-winged Garuda, other demonic beasts are consumed raw, energy from fresh blood and flesh are the purest and most concentrated.

However, as a human being, Du Shaofu is unable to make himself consume raw meat and blood.

It is already alarming that he’s able to extract energy from food, which led him to wonder if he could eat a high-level demonic beast, would the amount of energy extracted increase? Then the speed of his progress will certainly be faster too.

Since he had already started practicing the Golden-winged Garuda’s exercise law, he intends to continue down this path, including refining his physique to strengthen himself.

A real Golden-winged Garuda’s physique is extremely strong and tough, according to myths top existence amongst Golden-winged Garuda, the True Garuda’s terror is immeasurable for the legendary dragon race is their food.

Taking dragons as their food serve to prove the indomitable physique of the Garuda else how would a dragon be subdued.

The next day morning, the three of them, Du Shaofu, Guo Ming and Zhu Xue left the valley.

After gobbling down many healing dans, Guo Ming’s injuries healed at amazing speed, which made Du Shaofu sighed wryly, indeed someone that comes from a large sect with heritage.

From the dans Du Shaofu saw Guo Ming took, each one does not come cheap, the younger generation from the Du Clan cannot compare, no wonder everyone dreams of joining a large sect, the gap in resources is too huge.

Du Shaofu, of course realized that Guo Ming is about the same age as him, but already is a Xiantian level warrior. The Du Clan juniors absolutely aren’t in the same league as Guo Ming, and if not for that fortuitous event, he wouldn’t have break through to Xiantian territory and is incomparable to Guo Ming.

The morning inside of Wild Beast Mountains is very quiet as three people move quietly. Three pairs of eyes surveyed the surrounding vigilantly, Guo Ming grabbing the hilt of his long sword at his waist tightly, ready to deal with any sudden situation.

From the greenhorn that he was, he had gained experience from recent events, especially during the time he spent under the ‘tutelage’ of the white-clothed lady was most beneficial to him.

Du Shaofu’s every move and action inside the forest shocked Guo Ming and Zhu Xue, for they could see he’s much more experienced than the both of them, and unconsciously as time passed Du Shaofu became the core of the three.

Zhu Xue’s delicate face greatly appeals to others’ feeling of affection, although seemingly weak however as they move through the forest at rapid speed, her speed exceeds Guo Ming’s. Among the three of them despite looking the weakest, her cultivation is the highest.

Wild Beast Mountains being true to its nature are full of dangers even at the edge of the forest, being careful as they were yet unable to avoid being attack by some demonic beasts.

Encircling them is a pack of Berserk Wolfdog, an offspring from the coupling between a wolf and a dog type demonic beast. An adult Berserk Wolfdog’s strength could reach Xiantian level, and these wolfdogs always attack in packs, coupled with their sensitivity to smell and quick speed they are the nightmares of beast hunting teams.


There are more than twenty Berserker Wolfdog led by a big black Berserker Wolfdog the size of a tiger directly pounced on them, baring sharp fangs and ear-splitting roars.


Du Shaofu, Guo Ming and Zhu Xue’s strength aren’t weak, immediately launching attacks of their own.

To capture a country first capture the king[1], after killing two Berserk Wolfdogs, Du Shaofu targets the big black wolfdog and threw himself at it.


Unexpectedly, with just one punch of Pulsate Fist the big black wolfdog was push back. The big black wolfdog must have sensed something for its eyes were filled with fear when it looked at Du Shaofu, after that it swiftly turned tail escaping far away.

This baffle Du Shaofu because that big black wolf leader isn’t easy to deal with its even stronger compared to the sturdy Third Captain of the White Panther beast hunting team, and if he wants to kill it, he would need to exert a lot of effort but who would have the big black wolfdog ran away by itself.

The following two encounters with demonic beasts attacks pretty much ended up the same way, the moment Du Shaofu starts to attack the leader will look at Du Shaofu terror, turned tail and no longer dares to attack the three of them.

The sudden change during these two attacks also raised Guo Ming and Zhu Xue’s suspicion and tried to probe Du Shaofu’s identity but unfortunately, they were not able to dig out anything useful...

“It’s no wonder Crane Elder always advised us saying there is another sky above the sky, Brother Shaofu you are really strong. These Bal’van Pythons known for its tenacious strength that even a late Xiantian couldn’t do it much harm, surprisingly you were able to rival it.”

On a certain mountain trail, Guo Ming’s admiration towards Du Shaofu increases with each passing day; among his peers in Mystical Talisman House, he is considered as one of the elite talents thus his eye level is higher than the general standards. Most people don’t even qualify to enter his line of sight, but after meeting Du Shaofu, he considered it as having his eyes opened and his usual arrogance diminished considerably.

Du Shaofu simply smiles hearing Guo Ming’s words he’s still wondering why those demonic beasts run away from him.


The three of them were looking for a hidden valley, to rest for the night and of course some roast meat for dinner. This time Zhu Xue was no longer reticent like before and even took the initiative to help Du Shaofu while Guo Ming sat on the side with saliva drooling from the corner of his mouth.

After a session of gorging on roast meat, the three of them once again adjust their conditions preparing for another day of travel the next morning.

After traveling together for three days, their relationship grew closer.

During this period spent with Guo Ming and Zhu Xue, Du Shaofu knowledge of the outside world improved tremendously, such as realising the vastness of Wild Beast Mountains has its perimeter running through several empires, it is said even top level experts find it daunting to cut across the Wild Beast Mountains.

Behind every empire is a big sect’s support like Mystical Talisman House have more than a few big and small empires as it’s vassals. Princes and princesses from these vassal empires cultivate inside Mystical Talisman House.

In these three days, the three of then came across numerous demonic beasts nonetheless all ended running with tails between their legs the moment Du Shaofu makes a move.

Apart from demonic beasts, they also come across beasts hunting teams along the way, but none belongs to the White Panther Hunting Group; and most of these beast hunters have an excellent eye for judging – these three youngsters are no ordinary people, coming out from the deeper parts of the Wild Beast Mountains either they amazing strength or there are experts following them as they train and accumulate experience in Wild Beast Mountains thus the beast hunters will not mess with them.

The evening after the third day, while the three of them were looking for a spot to stop for the night suddenly nine silhouettes appeared not far ahead, lead them a broad young man in white robes, tall, about eighteen to nineteen years old with an exceptional temperament.

“Senior Brother Shen Yan.”

Looking at the person in front, Zhu Xue and Guo Ming were so happy that they rushed forward immediately. These nine people are same sect disciples which were separated earlier. The Leader Shen Yan is also the group leader for this time’s task.

“Senior Sister Zhu Xue, Senior Brother Guo Ming.”

The disciples that arrived with Shen Yan seeing it was Zhu Yue and Guo Ming, quickly ran up to both of them, however, Shen Yan’s pupils shrinks when his gaze fell on Du Shaofu.

“Senior Brother Shen Yan, how did you arrive here?”

After greeting the other disciples, Guo Ming asked Shen Yan.


To capture a country first capture his king – self-explanatory.

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