Martial God Conqueror

Chapter 156 Met the comet.
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Chapter 156 – Met the comet.

“Hah, your jokes stink. So today let me show you what is Dark Evil Door!”

Behind the leader, a guy standing on the left among the two young guys with the beginner Maidong Realm level smiled faintly. How could he consider such a brat like that. At the same time as he finished talking, his qi immediately rolled and suddenly leapt forward toward Du Shaofu.

“Beautiful sister, I’ll come to get the magical satchel on you myself.”

The skinny guy’s shadow also quickly moved towards Ouyang Shuang; his eyes flashed a kind of burning dirty look. With such beauty like hers, searching her body for the magical satchel would be a kind of pleasure too.

The skinny guy’s cultivation was stronger than the other guy’s, thus his speed was higher. In a blink, he appeared right in front of Ouyang Shuang and reached out towards Ouyang Shuang’s breast with a wicked smile.

“You want death!”

Ouyang Shuang shouted. Her breath of the complete Maidong Realm burst out in a short time and swept through the area. A long sword flew out from her hand and this light sword directly transformed into a stream of murderous light which moved towards that skinny young guy.

“It’s no good. This lady is in the full Maidong Realm.”

The skinny guy felt so scared. He didn’t think such a beauty who seemed so young could have reached the full Maidong Realm level. His dirty look turned into a scared look and the hand that had reached out towards Ouyang Shuang’s breast was now withdrawn.

“Too slow!”

Ouyang Shuang yelled and couldn’t leave this skinny guy. The longsword in her hand emitted a thunderous sound which drew a stream of light. Then a sharp and fierce breath spiked upward which made the whole surrounding space vibrated.

The rune on the swords moved softly, as the sword aura spread. Eventually, it transformed into several sword streams—each extremely sharp—that trapped the skinny guy inside.

“Wind’s Cry Sword Arts!”

Those sword streams flew out and slashed through the air. They arranged themselves neatly as they locked on to that skinny guy.

His eyes showed a sense of terror. The dark qi around his body poured out with a stinky breath. As the qi condensed, there was vaguely a trace of some strange runes that seemingly tried to go against those sword lines.

“Leader, help me...”

However, those sword streams were so terrifying. They directly destroyed the qi covering the skinny guy’s body and smashed his runes. Then, it glided over his body, thus he couldn’t finish his cry for help before the words were stopped and his body fell flat on the ground.


It seemed almost immediately that another guy from the opponents had already arrived in front of Du Shaofu. He threw a vicious punch towards Du Shaofu’s face with qi rolling with motion and his breath was extremely sharp.

“You’ve found the wrong person to steal from!”

Du Shaofu didn’t think that right at the moment they had just arrived at Dark forest, someone would show up to steal his magical satchel. He didn’t agree with that so he grunted and waved his hand. A light yellow qi from within his palm shone. As the qi erupted, a punch directly came down on the fist of the other young guy.

At the moment Du Shaofu carried out his attack, he didn’t employ any battle tactic at all, or stick to any style. It was just the moment he gestured his hands and legs, they were all simple and sharp and powerful enough to destroy everything.

It was just that in this moment, if someone supposed that Du Shaofu merely just used his powerful strength to win over the technique of ten people, they would be completely wrong.

During the time understanding that mysterious technique, Du Shaofu took the use of that mysterious skill into his normal attack, which made his simple move—even from a single lift of his hand—sharper. This secret technique will make his skill simpler, but it wouldn’t be less powerful compared to other skills.


In a short moment, one of Du Shaofu’s hands directly wrapped over the other guy’s fist which made a dull explosion sound.

“Crack crack crack!”

Then it was observed that the guy’s fist immediately shivered, and eventually there came the sound of breaking bones. In a moment, his whole right arm’s bones were completely destroyed into powder, and the arm fell down motionless.


That young guy let out an earth-shattering scream. His body seemed like a broken kite which was hit far away. The force was so powerful that it destroyed his right arm, while its remnants reverberation was enough to destroy his internal organs; He couldn’t live much longer.

In a short duration, two among the five people were killed upon attacking, while these others’ facial expressions changed so quickly and drastically.

All of this was so completely different from their imagination. Such a brat and an extremely young and beautiful lady, yet they were both assassins.

“Kill them all. You’re from Dark Evil Door. I cannot let you live.”

Ouyang Shuang’s soft body plunged out once more, this time aiming at the full Maidong Realm leading guy. With precious sword in hand like a spiritual snake, the qi sword penetrated the rumbling air and at once, wrapped the air around his body.


Du Shaofu shouted and then for the second time, the pale golden light radiated fiercely around his body. Like a golden flash, his shadow plunged next to the second young guy while he was using the lightning power and threw his right fist forward.

“Crack crack...”

The runes overwhelmed in front of his fist and as it was compressed in the air, there was a dull sound of the explosion produced. It seemed to make the whole space shattered in pieces. The momentum was extremely overbearing.

In fact, the cultivation level of that guy and Du Shaofu was similar. However in comparison, Du Shaofu could totally kill enemies of higher levels with his faster speed and more powerful strength.


While in fear, the young guy had no way to dodge and received a direct hit of Du Shaofu in his chest. Blood spurted out at the corner of his mouth as his body flew viciously back, hitting a towering tree. The impact swayed the trees and made its trunk cracked; the guy couldn’t stand up again.


The last guy with a level on the other side of Maidong Realm had his eyes scared as he ran for his life.

“Where are you escaping to!”

The pale golden light concentrated under Du Shaofu’s feet and he quickly chased after the guy like lightning. His spirit was like that of a golden-winged eagle as he suddenly appeared behind the guy.

“Fluctuating Fist!”

Swinging his arm, he gave out a series of fists, of which the fist mark burst in mid-air with thirteen explosions. Du Shaofu’s Fluctuating Fist eventually viciously fell on the back of that runaway guy. The impact caused the surrounding air to also blow up.


The other guy basically had no way to defend as his body fell forward while he spat blood out.


In the midst of everything, while blood was still coming out from his mouth, the guy also gave out waves of sharp laughters which reverberated inside the gloomy Dark forest surrounded in dusk.

“Not good!”

Du Shaofu couldn’t comprehend what that laughter would mean. However, he could vaguely feel that something was not right. There was a shadow that appeared immediately behind the fallen guy who struck a hit on the back of his neck. The sharp laughter immediately stopped as the fallen guy’s head smashed into the ground.

“Dare to kill Dark Evil Door’s people. You will surely be killed.”

The leading guy who was being restrained by Ouyang Shuang yelled out loud. After being pushed back by her sword stream, his eyes looked irritated as he didn’t think the opponent was that powerful. He made a magical hand gesture to clear his veins and as the runes were sweeping by, the spiritual soul condensed into a black evil wolf. It was like a living thing, which gave a growl before it rushed towards Ouyang Shuang.


With a low growl, the Demonic Scale Tiger appeared. The ferocious tiger claws came down from thin air and tore apart the ghostly wolf spirit back into runes. As the spirit was dispelled, the leading guy suddenly spat out blood.


A low rumbling explosion. In a blink, Du Shaofu appeared right behind him and quickly threw a fist upon the guy’s back.

Within his fist exploded a pale golden light with such a terrifying force. Du Shaofu directly hit that middle-aged guy for a second time to make the guy spray blood while falling forward.


A sword stream with the speed of lightning and murderous aura shot out strangely with such speed and accuracy from that leader’s chest. While passing through, it drew out a string of blood which made the leader fall down powerlessly.

Dai Xingyu turned pale and her eyes shook lightly. This level of killing had completely frightened her.

Five huge people of Dark Evil Door clan were completely annihilated in just a short period of time.

Ouyang Shuang’s face was contemplating as her large eyes looked at Du Shaofu: “We have to leave immediately. They’re from Dark Evil Door and the laughter just now must be the signal they give out to other people. I’m afraid that soon there would be a huge group of Dark Evil Door’s disciples coming.”

“Is Dark Evil Door very strong?”

As Du Shaofu looked at Ouyang Shuang, his look became quite serious. He knew Ouyang Shuang’s personality: this lady was not the type who cared for much hassle, yet she also worried about Dark Evil Door so their force must be out of the ordinary.

“There are numerous large and small parties within the Dark forest; among them Dark Evil Door lies somewhere near the top level and they were the royals inside Dark forest. No one dares to mess with the disciples of Dark Evil Door as they were the most vicious, bloody, and cruel. These recent years, there are more than a few disciples of Heavenly Martial Institute killed by the hand of Dark Evil Door. Furthermore, there are quite a number of strong warriors within Dark Evil Door that were placed on top of the bounty list in Heavenly Martial Institute.” Ouyang Shuang said to Du Shaofu.

“Seems like Dark Evil Door is truly very powerful.”

Du Shaofu’s look was also dignified. He was not a kind of arrogant person. As he had just arrived at Dark forest, he naturally should not be so reckless. After a quick thought, he raised his head to look at Ouyang Shuang: “Let’s talk after we leave this place.”

As he finished speaking, Du Shaofu didn’t forget to take the magical satchel from the dead bodies of those Dark Evil Door members, and kept it on his body.

“Shaofu brother, you should quickly come take a look. This little bird was so pitiful.” At this moment, the voice of Dai Xingyu came from a short distance not so far away.

Upon hearing this, Du Shaofu and Ouyang Shuang immediately ran over there to see a frightened Dai Xingyu. She was looking at a small blue bird the size of a hand in the nearby bush.

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