Marry A Sweetheart And Get Another Free: President, Please Sign This!

Chapter 1176
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Chapter 1176: so she had a husband who treated her like a goddess and held her in high regard ...

Translator: 549690339

as all of the custom-made gowns in the chf were exquisitely made, just the packing process took quite a bit of time.

an hour later, zhuo feng finally left with his bodyguards.

bruno wiped his sweat.

although he had made a big deal that could cover half a year’s sales, he was not happy at all.

now that he thought about it, he thought that he could persuade luo chenxi to be a model just by obtaining her mobile number. was he being too naive?

with a husband who doted on his wife so much and was so possessive, would mrs. mu really be able to appear on the runway?

” no wonder such a beautiful woman is married at such a young age. it turns out that she has a husband who treats her like a goddess ... ”

the staff looked at the expensive clothes being carried onto the car, and all of them had envious expressions.

“we’re all people, but we have different lives. i’m so envious of mrs. mu ...”

“you can really say that you’re a winner in life ...”

” forget it, forget it. don’t look at it anymore. we can’t be envious of this kind of thing. let’s just work hard ... ”

everyone sighed. seeing that there was no more drama to watch, they prepared to go back to work.

at this moment, a scream came from behind, ” “what did you say? did you buy those gowns for that broken shoe of luo chenxi’s?”

the assistants were shocked. they turned around and found that it was he tina who had spoken.

one of the blonde women’s face immediately darkened. ” hetina, you’ve offended a big customer of our brand. mr. bruno is already being merciful by just asking you to leave. why aren’t you leaving? what nonsense are you still talking about? hurry up and leave!”

he tina was still unwilling to give up and argued,”manager, this is not my fault at all! i used to be classmates with that woman. i know better than anyone what kind of person she is! she was afraid that i would expose her, so she framed me! take me to mr. bruno, i’ll definitely explain it to him!”

“i don’t care what your relationship was in the past,” the blonde woman said angrily,”he’s now an important guest of the company! why don’t you think about what you did wrong? you’re still making a fuss here! security, take her away!”

the manager called the security guards over and forcefully drove he tina out.

he tina was roughly pushed out of the door by the security guards. looking at the ancient and luxurious outer wall that had been restored by the sl suit, she felt a wave of regret.

he realized that his impulsiveness had ruined his future!

she had defeated so many competitors in order to get a job in the chf. now ... she was completely ruined!

“that damned luo chenxi! it’s all your fault! she was clearly a pair of used shoes, yet she thought that she was a winner in life because she had hooked up with a rich old man? bah! i won’t let you have an easy time!”


on the other hand, mu yichen had already brought luo chenxi to the tang family by car.

“waa ...!”

luo chenxi exclaimed in surprise as soon as she got out of the car, ” “this is a castle! the tang family is really rich!”

she had read many fairy tales since she was young, but this was the first time she had seen a european castle with her own eyes.

in addition to the large forest and lawn outside, it occupied an area of at least ten mu.

it was exactly the same as in the movie.

ever since mu yichen left the headquarters of the chf, he had been keeping a cold expression on his face. he did not speak to luo chenxi on purpose.

this stupid woman had actually been casually seduced by someone and nodded her head to go to the show!

she knew that models often had to wear revealing clothes, and they could only wear them for him to see!

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