Marietta-hime no Konrei

Extra Chapter 7 The Dreadful Tea Ceremony
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Extra Chapter 7 The Dreadful Tea Ceremony

Now then, there’s something called as the tea ceremony as one of the social gatherings for Oltaire’s noble ladies.

The ladies will be gathering in the residence of an influential noble lady to drink some tea while having some delicious snacks. As they do so, they will also make trifling conversations about the trending fashion or who seems to be in a love relationship with who, or even the truth of some unreasonable rumors, also some conversations related to politics on top of that. In short, they will be chattering enjoyably while exchanging information.

Understanding the diagram of power in the high society is important in the noble society. The young wife of Oltaire’s hero—the fierce god, General Belvant Fargus—, Princess Marietta, who came from Stellaus country for her marriage, was a smart woman who understood her own position even if she was still young in age. Therefore, she actively turned up in such occasions, and everyone fell for her docile personality.

Today too, there was such kind of a tea ceremony in the residence of Countess Hyamir. As the wife of General Fargus who was an important person matching a royalty, Marietta cosily sat in the seat of honor, showing her friendly smile, soothing everyone’s heart.

“Right, right, this is something that I’ve mentioned some time ago, but…”

Countess Hyamir said with an impish expression.

This woman is a very popular madam in Oltaire’s high society. Not only does she have an attractive appearance, she is also a playful and humorous woman. She is a charismatic existence with plenty of subjects to bring up during the tea ceremony.

The ladies who regularly attend the tea ceremony that Countess Hyamir hosted are… somehow people who are good at horse riding, and the ones with harmonious marriages.1

She then instructed her servant to bring in a basket. There were several bottles inside the basket.

“I’ve obtained the thing that is said to be able to heal a man’s fatigue and can make them full of spirit again!”

“Oh my, you’ve already got it?”

“As expected of Mrs. Hyamir!”

The ladies said words of admiration as they were boisterously laughing.

“As a wife, we must always support our husband, after all.”

“What Mrs. Hyamir has taught me is always very useful, so I always end up feeling impressed by them.”

Mrs. Hyamir elegantly put the folding fan near her mouth and smiled.

“Us women are the ones supporting the Oltaire country, so we have to at least have the spirit to do so. We have to protect the peaceful period that has finally arrived. And for the sake of the children we will give birth and raise in the future, let’s do our best from now on, too!”

In response to her words, all the women—including Marietta—nodded deeply.

“Well then, about how to use this…”

After one bottle was delivered to everyone’s hand, all of them listened earnestly to the countess’ explanation.

“Welcome home, dear husband-!”

As soon as the carriage that General Fargus rode in arrived at his home, the young wife who was still as innocent as a young maiden, Marietta jumped out from the entrance door.

The woman whose love towards her husband was so tremendous, the woman who was still like a maiden deeply in love even after getting married—she has been loitering around the entrance hall restlessly even at this hour.

Then, there were some servants on alert in front of the door, so that they could quickly open the door so that the madam could jump out from it once the master arrived at the residence.

They, too, were worried that their master—who possessed a face similar to an evil demon and a very bad luck with women despite his personality being not bad at all—would remain single for his whole lifetime. Therefore, they really loved and cherished the sweet Princess Marietta who arrived from a foreign country to marry their respected master.

The maid, Sierra, who followed Marietta all the way from Stellaus in order to serve her, was way too devoted to serve Marietta. And because she was treating Marietta so valuably, recently, she put on more importance to Marietta rather than Belvant as the main focus. However, since it was rather something that Belvant approved of, the other servants weren’t so concerned about it.

Well, with that being the case, as his beloved wife vigorously jumped out from the quickly opened door, Belvant’s terrifying face suddenly changed into a masculine and handsome face, as he showed a gentle smile and spread his hands towards Marietta.

“Sir Belvant-!”

Belvant held up his wife—who jumped at him as usual—in his arms.

“I’m home. Marietta, did you pass your time peacefully today, too?”

“Yes! Today, I was invited to Countess Hyamir’s tea ceremony, and I had a really good time over there.”

Marietta smiled as she held her posture in a dignified appearance just like a lady who was already settled down. However, since she was now being held up with just one arm of her husband, unfortunately, she only looked like a sweet little girl.

Belvant smiled at his wife and kissed her forehead while muttering, “I see. That’s good, then.” However, something bothered his mind, ‘Countess Hyamir, huh? …Hmm?’

“Hey, Sir Belvant.”

However, as the lovely wife in his arms—the one who was called as the fairy princess from Stellaus—wrapped her arms around his neck like a spoiled child, that kind of thing was not worth worrying about.

As she was giggling, Marietta whispered in her husband’s ear.

“You see, I received something good from Countess Hyamir during today’s tea ceremony.”

“Something good?”

Marietta nodded at Belvant who asked her again with a smiling face.

“What do you think about trying to use it tonight?”

“Tonight… which means, is it something that should be used at night?”

The General showed a puzzled expression.

“Yes, at night.”

Marietta whispered as she happily smiled.

“It’s something confidential, so right now, it’s a s-e-c-r-e-t!”

A secret thing that a husband and wife use in the night…

As his delusion somehow turned wild, Belvant’s nether region began to squirm. However, he tried to calm himself down by thinking, ‘No, since it’s something that the pure Marietta prepared, it shouldn’t be something obscene.’

“I see. Then, I’ll be looking forward to that secret.”


After they finished their dinner and bath, when Belvant was relaxing in the bedroom, Marietta—who was just out of the bath—finally showed up with her loose hair.

“Sir Belvant, sorry to keep you waiting. I know this is so sudden, but please take off your clothes and lie down on the bed.”

“T-take off my clothes?!”

Belvant’s manlihood became lively at once.

That was way too fast.


Marietta lightly tied up her hair using the string held in her hand, as she loudly declared, “I’ll be giving you a massage tonight!”

“Massage… huh?”

“Yes! I’ll relieve your fatigued muscles!”

“Muscle… massage… is it?”

His manlihood lost its previous liveliness immediately.

That was way too fast.

As he tried to bluff himself on the inside, ‘Yes, it’s something within my expectations, there’s no need to get so discouraged!’, Belvant became nude and laid down on the bed.

“Marietta, is there something else to do…”

“N, no, I’m going to start now.”

“Marietta, is there something else to do…”

“N, no, I’m going to start now.”

After rolling up the sleeves of her night clothes, Marietta opened the bottle lid and applied a considerable amount of the liquid inside on Belvant’s body. As soon as the liquid was applied, a soft fruity aroma filled the room.

“The aroma is pretty good.”

“Yes. It seems to be a cosmetic product for massages that can also be ingested. It’s said to be able to improve the blood circulation in one’s body, relieving the fatigue, and make one full of spirit again. Apparently, Countess Hyamir is the one who developed the product.”

“Is that so…?”

In response to Belvant who nodded, Marietta said, “Then, I will begin,” as she began doing the massage.

(What a feeling is this?! Such tense muscles! Aah, how dreamy, Sir Belvant…)

It is a muscle heaven for Marietta. The husband who was looking at the figure of his wife who was entranced as she touched his body, felt unrest somehow.

(It’s a massage that’s like being caressed gently, but the blood circulation is certainly improving. My body’s getting warmer, and it feels good. Yes, it feels…)

“Ah…,” such voice leaked out from Belvant’s mouth. Marietta didn’t pay any attention to it, as she crawled her hands without reservation to the slippery body, being immersed in the muscle heaven.

(What is with this feeling?! T-this is bad, aahh!)


In response to Belvant who ended up leaking another voice and seemed to be moved to tears for some reason, Marietta absentmindedly smiled, sayig, “Dear husband… Does it feel good…?” and continued her massage.

“Ha, uu, it feels… good, or rather…”

“Aah, it seems that your legs’ muscles are tired as well…”

“Ah, o-over there is…!”

Belvant’s weapon was completely ready for war, standing in an extremely atrocious condition. However, the wife dazed in muscles, Marietta didn’t realize it at all, as she touched her husband’s whole body.

As a matter of fact, Countess Hyamir’s cosmetics for massage was mixed with a special ingredient that could turn on both the person whose body was smeared with it and the person who smeared it.

“Countess Hyamir said that it was okay to lick it…”

“Wha, M-Marietta, aahh!”

Marietta threw off the nightclothes that only became a nuisance as she straddled Belvant’s body. As she was still massaging the muscular chest, she began to hold the chest’s pointed end in her mouth as she sucked it.

(H-h-h-how indecent! Marietta! Aah, not there, Mariettaa!)

The figure of Marietta, who was gasping as she laid under the bottom of General Belvant Fargus who was writhing in pleasure, was both adorable and obscene that Belvant tried his best to endure without exploding.

“Aah, I have to massage Sir Belvant’s back as well… Lie face-down…”

“T-that’s impossible!!”

The general, whose center of the body was soaring tall, screamed.

Even if he was asked to lie face-down, it was very troublesome with his current condition.

“Marietta, lying down is…”

“Well, this is a nuisance…”


The general who was being grasped with both hands as he muttered, “This,” ended up unconsciously raising his voice containing sweetness.

“W-wait, calm down, Marieaaaa-!1”

He writhed in agony as his pointed end was being massaged by his young wife’s slender white finger, with his wife innocently muttering, “Ufufu, it’s fine to lick…”

(W-what an attack! This is bad, very bad!)

However, Marietta proceeded with her own pace without noticing her powerless husband’s reaction. Then, she opened her mouth and put her husband’s thing in her mouth.

“Aaa-h, Marietta, Marietta, that’s… your tongue-!”

Marietta was licking the pointed end as she gently rubbed the thick hard thing with her clasped hand. Then, she raised her face, looking at Belvant, smiling as she said, “It’s sweet…”

What, Countess Hyamir went as far as to make it taste so delicious!

What a frightening lady model!

“No, wait, Mari—aaaaaaa–!”

General Belvant Fargus was at his wits’ end as he writhed before the torture of Marietta, who was licking his soaring thing once again.

Before long…

“Enough, s-stop, nooooo-!”

The fierce god of Oltaire, defeated.


“Marietta, spit it out here, come, spit it out!”


After she ended up swallowing the sticky liquid that filled her mouth, Marietta muttered, “I drank it,” with a blank face.

With Countess Hyamir’s liquid, it seemed that her oral cavity tasted sweet.

“Y-you drank it, huh?!”

Then, there was this lewd middle-aged man who was getting excited over it… correction, the fierce god of Oltaire, General Belvant Fargus.

“Now, drink this water.”

He instructed his wife who swallowed his own sticky liquid to drink the water that was at their bedside.


In response to his wife who was smiling pleasantly, the lewd middle-aged man who was getting even more excited… he could only be called as a lewd middle-aged man!

“Marietta, your massage is the best in the world! Umu, let’s just say that you’re talented!”

“Really, I’m happy…”

“Then, I have to reward you for that!”

As she was made lying face-down by Belvant, the aforementioned dangerous cosmetics was spilled onto Marietta’s back as she sweely screamed, “Kyaa!”


He crawled his palm which was used to holding swords to obscenely massage his wife’s amorous body as she raised her voice in response to the stimulus.

“How is it?”


“What about here?”


“How about if I do it like this?”


Marietta was gasping with her bright red face. And from within her legs, honey was already spilling over. Belvant saw that and suddenly raised her waist, pushing his own hot rod over there.

“I’m putting it in!”


Marietta who was being pierced in one go from behind, ended up coming from that one blow, strongly tightening up against Belvant’s towering thing.

“Kuuuuu, so tight! However, I can still do more!”

As his face distorted in pleasure, he held his wife’s waist as he drilled himself there many times over. The sound of flesh hitting flesh and the immodest coquettish voice, “Aah, how deep, Sir Belvaant, aah, spare mee, i-it feels good…,” resounded within the shared bedroom, and that continued until it was very late at night.

Then, the next morning.

The ladies who attended Countess Hyamir’s tea ceremony—every single one of them was unable to get up from the bed. On the contrary, their respective husband performed very well at their own work, each with glossy face.

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