Manipulative Harem God

Chapter 291 *Zhao Hongyan’s secret* (2)
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Chapter 291 *Zhao Hongyan's secret* (2)

"It's so hard to sleep," Song Shoushan muttered, her frustration evident as she tossed and turned in the sheets.

Her eyes held a lingering trace of longing as vivid memories flooded her mind, recalling the scene where Zhang Wei had carried her upstairs.

Her opinion remained unwavering; he was still a scumbag in her eyes, but now, she saw him as a scoundrel with an oddly alluring charm.

During the ride home, she awoke inside the car, but she pretended to be asleep, trying to process the surreal experiences of the day. The sheer number of supernatural occurrences had left her feeling utterly overwhelmed.

"Was he always that handsome?" She pondered, her face flush with a vivid blush. No matter how hard she tried to banish his image from her mind, he seemed to have carved a permanent place within her heart, refusing to fade away.

She knew she was descending into a pitfall, but she couldn't resist the pull any longer.

The infatuation of young girls with older men is unparalleled, and unfortunately, Song Shoushan was becoming a victim of it herself.

A knight, or rather a demon, had rescued her from another demon, leaving her with a whirlwind of mixed emotions and a growing curiosity about the supernatural world.

Little did she know that her curiosity would lead her to witness something today that she wouldn't forget for days to come.

After exhausting herself by spinning in circles, she finally sighed and stood up, giving her cheeks a brisk slap to rouse herself and headed for some water.

Her footsteps echoed in the staircase as she rubbed her tired eyes and dragged herself to the kitchen.

"Gulp... Gulp..."

Finally, her eyes wandered toward the hallway leading to her mother's bedroom, and she wondered, "Would she be asleep?"

Her steps took her slowly toward the closed door until she eventually froze and came to a halt.


"Are they...?" She thought, her face darkening in realization of what was happening inside. Her mother and Zhang Wei must be in the midst of an intimate moment.

Despite the bitterness etched on her face, as if someone had snatched her candy, she pressed her ear against the door, secretly spying on the unfolding scene inside.

As she eavesdropped on the hushed sounds coming from her mother's bedroom, Song Shoushan struggled to process the mix of emotions welling up within her.

Whispers of conversation and soft moans filled the air, mingling with the occasional rustling of sheets. Her heart raced, and her curiosity battled with embarrassment and anger.

"Should I truly be doing this?" she pondered, her conscience like a relentless beast, gnawing at her very soul. However, curiosity had lured her like a seductive whisper, and as she listened, her ears perked up, catching the faintest hints of something deeply personal.

With each passing second, her face grew paler, the color draining from it as if time itself conspired against her.


Zhao Hongyan assumed a position on all fours, her enticing hips provocatively facing Zhang Wei.

Zhang Wei pondered whether or not to shift his preference towards something more mature, a surge of desire coursed through him.

Just as he contemplated abandoning his current train of thought, a magnificent idea seized his brain: to forge ahead and conquer not only maidens, but also trick their unsuspecting mothers in the battle, satisfying both his carnal cravings and his desire for conquest.

Driven by an overwhelming rush of longing, Zhang Wei swiftly discarded his clothes without a moment's hesitation.

Zhao Hongyan's body quivered, as if anticipating something extraordinary. Then, with a sudden impact, a hot sensation struck against her supple buttocks.

Her eyes widened in astonishment, a mixture of amazement and nervousness shimmering in her gaze, the reason for her apprehension concealed.

Zhang Wei couldn't help but feel a tinge of curiosity at the sudden shift in her demeanor, but his excitement overshadowed any doubts as he eagerly pressed the tip of his throbbing member against the inviting gap between her thighs.

He fervently rubbed himself against her moist folds, relishing in the electric sensations that surged through his body.

"Hey...." Zhao Hongyan could feel her heart racing, an uncomfortable silence settling in as she wrestled with the urge to voice her thoughts. But time slipped away from her, leaving her no opportunity to speak.


Zhang Wei leaned forward, deliberately sliding his pulsating shaft inside her. Unfazed by her low whisper, she bit her lips in anticipation, mentally preparing herself for the powerful thrust and the sensation of being completely filled by him.


An intense mixture of pain and pleasure escaped from the depths of her being, as he forcefully penetrated her in one fluid motion. His throbbing hard member delved deep into her core, greedily devoured by the warmth and wetness of her welcoming entrance.

Contrary to the evident satisfaction on Zhao Hongyan's face, Zhang Wei's expression froze, his enthusiasm draining away. He was no longer in the mood to pretend play with her.

"Who are you?" he asked, recoiling from her, his mind registering the sight of his dick slightly stained with reddish blood that undoubtedly belonged to her.

"What do you mean?" Zhao Hongyan gasped heavily, her hands clutching the mattress tightly as she pressed them against it in a aggrieved manner.

Zhang Wei narrowed his eyes, analyzing her speaking style. "Her way of talking is the same... So there's no impostor?" he thought to himself as he swiftly examined her status, confirming that she was indeed Zhao Hongyan. This only deepened his bewilderment.

But how was she still a virgin?

Where did that blood come from?

"Did you perform some sort of surgery or something?" he asked, bewildered.

"..." Zhao Hongyan struggled to contain her emotions, hiding her growing frustration within. "Is that even possible?" she managed to ask, her voice tinged with disbelief.

Zhang Wei simply nodded, a smug expression on his face. "It is," he confirmed.

"..." Zhao Hongyan was left utterly speechless, her mind racing to comprehend the implications. 𝒇𝓻𝓮𝓮𝙬𝓮𝙗𝙣𝒐𝙫𝓮𝓵.𝒄𝒐𝓶

Could something like this truly exist? It was unimaginable, almost as if the world had been turned upside down.

Regrettably, she realized that she was woefully behind the times on this matter. If only she had known sooner, she would have been aware of how many unsuspecting husbands ended up with second-hand goods disguised as pure virgins.

"Shanshan is your daughter, after all. Don't you owe me an explanation?" Zhang Wei's eyes narrowed, his tone taking on a threatening edge.

"Can we please discuss this later?" Zhao Hongyan sighed heavily, her eyes filled with a sense of grievance as she regarded Zhang Wei. It was clear to her that he had misplaced priorities.

Zhang Wei's eyes flickered in realization, the sight of her slightly wet vagina throbbing in anticipation fell into his sight. Her uncontrollable sex drive sent a surge of desire coursing through his veins. He shifted his gaze to her face, transfixed by the way she fought to control her blush, her lips pressed tightly together.

The sight ignited Zhang Wei's libido once again, causing him to press against her slender back. With a hunger in his eyes, he positioned his throbbing member against her entrance, leaning against her back.

"Remember, you owe me an explanation," he whispered seductively into her ear. She nodded with a grave expression, acknowledging the weight of his words, before eagerly pushing forward.


Zhao Hongyan's eyes rolled back in pleasure as waves of ecstasy consumed her. As her insides clenched and yearned for more, she couldn't help but shift her buttocks, aching for a deeper connection with him.


Zhang Wei's hand forcefully met her supple flesh, leaving a tingling sting on her buttocks. "Don't move needlessly," he warned with a mischievous smile, enjoying in his dominant control. With each thrust, he increased the speed, going unrestrained, her melodious moans that fueled his desires.

After fifteen minutes...


Zhao Hongyan panicked, feeling the pulsating throb of his dick deep inside her. "Don't... don't do it insideeee..." she moaned, her voice filled with pleading desperation. But he didn't listen. Instead, he suddenly intensified his movements, gripping her tightly, causing her to lose her balance.

In that moment, her eyes flew open, filled with a mix of pleasure and surprise, and she let out a long, uncontrollable moan, collapsing onto the bed with a helpless sigh.

"Why... why did you do it inside?" she muttered, her voice tinged with frustration. She collapsed onto the bed, her body slightly glistening with sweat, as their intertwined love juices began to escape from her throbbing, delicate folds.

"We can talk later," Zhang Wei reminded her, a sly smile playing on his lips, as he disregarded her words and plunged his dick inside her once again, seeking another round of fiery pleasure.


Zhao Hongyan's protest fell on deaf ears, drowned out by the intense sensations coursing through her body. He made her sit astride him, his hands eagerly groping and squeezing her breasts, amplifying her pleasure as his powerful thrusts pushed deep inside her.

The entire room now reverberated with the passionate echo of her moans, each collision of their flesh sending ripples of ecstasy through the air, transforming the house into a sanctuary of uninhibited desire.

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