Mama's Princess is Daddy's Beloved

Chapter 1477 Wait Makes The Fruit Taste Sweeter.
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Feng Shufen stepped forward to close the distance between them. And Li Xue tilted her head waiting to hear his words. But instead of replying to her, he came near her and put his hands simply on the sides of her waist.

His press on her muscles was simple and felt out of habit; but at the moment that was not all that. Rather she felt his hold on her like a medium through which he was sending his strength into her bones.

Li Xue stared into his eyes, and in his eyes, she saw his confidence. His confidence in her.

"Mr. Beelzebub, although I can understand your un-uttered words, still you know sometimes my heart craves to hear your magnetic voice. Your words. The words that always have the power to make my heart skip the beats." Li Xue said, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Feng Shufen kept one hand on her hips and moved the other to caress the free strands of hair on her face. "If you have craved, you should have let me know. I would have fulfilled it before your heart you have felt the loss of it."

Li Xue smiled, then shrugging her shoulders she repeated it with casualness. "I have already let you know. Now, I am waiting for it. So, come on. Bring on your words." She said and waited, knowing well that the next moment it would be coming for sure. But the curiosity inside her was getting the best of her.

She pulled her hands a bit to look at her watch and then spoke, "I don't have the world's time, Mr. Beelzebub. Kindly be a little fast." She said and then unwrapped him from her wrap and turned to keep her back towards him. Tapping her feet, she gestured to show her impatience in the situation.

Feng Shufen couldn't hold his chuckle. Whenever he sees her acting on her impatience towards him, he finds her too adorable. The impatience makes her look like a little kitty, teasing and playing with the ball of yarn.

He walked in front of her and remained silent for a few more moments, just to tease her. But just when she was about to lose it, he held her hands tenderly. "You will always have me." He said, his tone so sincere that even after being surrounded by lies from all sides, Li Xue would die to believe in those five words.

It was just the five words but it held the promise of eternity. He was not just giving her the strength for the day but the assurance for the whole life. Assurance that whatever or whenever she wishes, she can let go of everything and still have them all without working an ounce for it. He was promising her to give her all she wants and all she desires.

Li Xue understood the intensity and determination behind those words. Her lips curved up in a smile, but controlled her smile and pursed her lips. "I know I always have you and whenever I want, I can leave it all and just depend on you. But don't you think at the moment more than your words of assurance now, I needed the words of encouragement." Google search ๐™›๐“‡๐˜ฆe๐™ฌ๐‘’๐š‹๐’เซฆัตel. c๐’๐š–

She said and Feng Shufen smiled before adding, "Encouragement is needed when one is not confident enough. But you have never lacked it. So, the words of encouragement are not what you were looking for, rather you were looking around to see the believe people held in you."

He said, and Li Xue was not surprised by how well he had understood her anxiety. Pressing her lips in a thin line, she squinted her eyes at him, "I never lacked confidence, that's fine. But you know you also never lost your narcissism. Whenever you get the chance you make sure to flaunt it."

Feng Shufen didn't say more, his lips just lifted up on the corners to form a smirk. And at the same time, the knock at the door marked the end of the time Li Xue had alone to herself.

eaglesnov?1,ัoะœ "Your Highness!" The maid greeted as she bowed head down and trained her eyes to the floor. "The arrangements are already made. It's your time to walk to the courtroom of the palace." She informed and Li Xue paused for the smallest moment before giving a small hum in reply.

"Wait outside the room for two minutes." Li Xue said and nodding with politeness, the maid closed the door back.

Li Xue quickly turned to look back at mirror to check her look. Even though looks don't talk about capabilities, she wanted to make everything perfect today. "It's fine. I don't think I have ruined my makeup and hair. Right?" She asked Feng Shufen, looking through the mirror.

Feng Shufen was trying hard to ignore her looks today. But when she asked him directly, he could no longer avoid looking at her from the perspective of looks. She was looking gorgeous; to an extent where he just wanted to lock her up in the room and abstain the world from having even a small sight from her.

But he also knew well how important the date was today. She was there to claim the country, holding her back would not be fair. Clenching his fingers tight, he hummed, trying to keep his urges subtle. "Hn. It's good."

Li Xue's brows frowned and turning back to look at him, she asked, "Just good?" She didn't notice it at first but soon enough, she got the sight of his darkening gaze and understood what his subtle reply actually meant.

Knowing that teasing the devil at such a crucial moment wouldn't be good, she didn't take the risk. Instead coughing slowly, she shrugged off the situation as if it never appeared between them and she never realized it. "Ahem! Good is great then. Looking fine is all that is needed. I guess I should make them wait longer. P-People must be waiting, I should leave now."

Saying that, she took a small hold of her gown from the side and tried to walk past him. But just when she could, he held her gently by her arms and said, "Wait makes the fruit taste sweeter. I will wait until everything wraps. Then there will be nothing holding me back."



This book will end before it reaches 1.5k chaps and the new webnovel contest is already here. If I want to begin WeiWei's story, this is the right time for it. But I want to begin it taking your opinions. So, tell me, should I start it? Will I get all of your love and support for it?

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