Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan Maou

Volume 14 Epilogue II — The Future
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Volume 14 Epilogue II - The Future

Part 1

On a certain holiday──.

When he woke up, there was Ilyailiya inside his blanket.

「Good morning, Kazuki. It’s a nice morning.」

Ilyailiya spoke with wide open eyes that were unthinkable from someone who had just woken up.

Kazuki quickly turned over his blanket. Ilyailiya was stark naked. Her twin hills were shaking like jelly.

This wasn’t the first time. Sometimes Kazuki slept alone without another girl sleeping in his bed. At those times, when he woke up, for some reason she would often be there.

Scary. It was Russian horror.

「You……how did you trespass inside here?」

It was something that he was scared to ask before, but he finally asked this time.

Ilyailya’s expression turned a bit proud.

「All the members of Russia’s Knight Order learned the Russian Army’s hand-to-hand fighting skill <Systema> along with infiltration and sabotage skills that had been handed down from the era of the KGB. Everyone is a one man army that can perform every kind of tactical operation. And I who was their King wasn’t an exception to that.」

「And why are you infiltrating into my bed with that professional spy skill? While stark naked.」

Ilyailiya was opening the front buttons of Kazuki’s pajamas as she pleased while answering.

「Kazuki has the duty to teach me the happiness and worth of rapport between humans.」

Certainly, Kazuki rejected Ilyailiya’s way of living──his fight against her on Atlantis was also that kind of fight.

However, it wasn’t something that could be taught because she told him to teach her, Kazuki thought.

On the other hand Ilyailiya’s blank eyes were shining with faint emotion, her palms were crawling all over Kazuki’s manly and trained pectorals and abs.

She was emotionally attached to him──Kazuki had racked up a lot of experience, so he wasn’t insensitive in that kind of matter.

「……I won’t mind if you honestly tell me that you like me though.」

He said that to test her while his hand gently stroked Ilyailiya’s head.

The completely innocent girl looked like a small child to him.

「……It’s not like an unclear emotion like love is observed within me. This is only because I’m being driven by intellectual curiosity towards the opposite sex, about the different body structure.」

She was rubbing Kazuki’s body with her hands while her eyes were sparkling.

Those hands were smoothly reaching to the direction of Kazuki’s lower body.

「……This is a man’s morning physiological phenomenon……」

Ilyailya sighed and said 「……Amazing……」 with a small voice. Kazuki also received a sweet stimulation.

Kazuki slowly crawled his hands on Ilyailiya’s white shoulders. Just from that her shoulders twitched.

It was skin with a mysterious feel at touch. It was white like Koyuki and the other elves. It was soft and springy like a mochi that wasn’t sticky. She was the owner of an ephemeral impression, but when he touched her it gave him sensual impression.

He was touching her skin from her shoulder until her upper arm and then to her sides. Her white skin was gradually reddening.

Faint red also tinged her face.

As far as Kazuki knew, a girl wouldn’t make this kind of face just from intellectual curiosity.

「Your face is red, is your heart beating fast?」

Kazuki used both his hands to lift the bulges of her chest up and down while asking.

「……This room is hot.」

It was the morning of winter with the indoor heating not working. He could only think what was this girl saying.

Kazuki pinched at the tips of her chest’s bulges.

Ilyailiya’s body was fiercely shaking [*tremble tremble tremble*].

「You are shaking just now, but that’s not from you feeling cold right?」

「…………Just now was……」

Kazuki didn’t even wait for her to reply and massaged the tips with his fingertips.

「Nnh! Nn……!! Nfuh!?」

The pinked color tips on the white skin even had the faint sense of purity. However when it was stimulated, it swelled larger and advocated its presence.


A sweet reverberation mixed into her voice, as though some kind of dam had broken.

A girl wouldn’t feel that kind of sweet numbness without the accompaniment of emotion.

One of Kazuki’s hands let go of her breasts──and sneaked between her legs.

His fingers touched searchingly, looking for the sensitive protuberance.


Her eyes opened wide and she raised a surprised voice.

Like that when his finger tickled the spot,


Ilyailiya shut both her eyes tightly and tried to endure from leaking out a sweet voice more than that.

However, that place had already become soaked wet.

「Is this, your pee?」

「Tha, that’s not……! I’m not a child……」

「Good grief. You look like you’re feeling good every single time. Is this a reaction that comes from curiosity?」

Ilyailiya crawling into his bed like this often got the tables turned on her by Kazuki making her feel good like this every time.

And yet she would always shake her head when asked that. She didn’t try to be honest.

Even though she recognized her defeat and said that she came 『to learn the happiness and worth of rapport between humans』, but she couldn’t become honest for some reason.

Most likely it was because her own nature that was stubborn and obstinate like ice.

He had become used to handling that kind of person from his experience with a certain Koyuki.

It went full circle and Kazuki grew to like toying and feeling this girl.

[*guchu guchu guchu guchu guchu*] Kazuki was fingering the secret place of the Russian queen who was supposed to be cold like ice.

「Thi……this is curiosity……」

She finally answered the mean question of Kazuki before this.

「It’s nothing more than a variety of instincts……a curiosity towards the body of a man and a woman. And then Kazuki ought to teach that to me……in other words……therefore……nnnnh!?」

Ilyailiya’s body trembled in a big way and then she completely overturned the blanket covering herself.

Her totally naked sweaty body was exposed to the cool air and both her legs were boldly spread open. That place’s coloring was also faint, the faint pink color was glistening wetly.

Ilyailiya was breathing roughly while looking up at Kazuki with an ardent expression.

「Kazuki……should teach me……?」


「You know, I cannot take care of a girl who cannot even take responsibility of her own feeling. Because I think a girl’s body should be treasured.」

Kazuki ignored her and stood up from the bed.

This was also the usual thing.

He wasn’t as hungry as he looked that he would leap at the advances of woman with ambiguous feelings.

Ilyailiya’s puffed up her cheeks. It was a really cute reaction, but surely she wasn’t doing that with the self-awareness that it was cute. Rather there was no doubt that she didn’t even have the self-awareness that her emotion came out to the surface. After that her mouth closed and open trying to say something, but in the end she didn’t say anything, she quickly wore the camouflage jacket and pants scattered beside the bed, and escaped by jumping outside the window of Kazuki’s room.

Her getaway was just like a special agent.

‘……Good grief’, Kazuki thought while seeing her off.

Part 2

Even now when peace had arrived, he was continuing his morning sword training sporadically.

Kazuki who chased away Ilyailiya made Kanae keep him company and he finished the training.

When he returned towards the mansion while wiping his sweat, a nice aroma gently wafted in the air.

Making breakfast was always Kazuki’s job.

Kazuki and Kanae looked at each other and tilted their heads, and then they headed towards the living room that was adjoined with the kitchen.

Beautiful blonde hair and a pure white butt were shaking mixed with the sound of a tune being hummed.

The naked apron blonde beauty holding a frying pan turned around towards them.

「Hallo, Kazuki!」

「Arthur! ……Not that, Alyssa!!」

Alyssa Sutcliff──it was the real name of the beautiful woman who dressed as a man who introduced herself as Arthur Basilleus before.

「Why are you here……」

「I’m thinking to treat Kazuki with an authentic British breakfast. Fufuh, after all I can appeal with my familial side only through breakfasts or teatime.」

Certainly it would be those two if speaking about the pride of Britain’s food culture.

「That’s nice, but why naked apron……」

The world level dynamite body with its tight waist and explosive busts and hip, was covered in the loosest sense with an apron tightly wrapping the body that some places were filled to the bursting. However the bewitching pheromone couldn’t possibly be suppressed with just that much. The pheromone was overflowing out steamily.

「Fufuh, because you see, until now I had only shown you myself in a man’s attire. So I have to take the initiative to emphasize my feminine side like this.」

She wriggled her white skin and twisted her waist towards him.

When she who was Arthur was liberated from her ties of obligation and became her natural self that was Alyssa, she was surprisingly deeply 『female』. He couldn’t help but feel allure from that gap.


Kanae pulled repeatedly at the arm of Kazuki who was frozen still. Kazuki was taken aback and returned to his senses.

However, when he compared the two of them by sight, for better or worse Kanae looked childish.

「Nii-sama……let’s leave the breakfast preparation to her while we go wash off our sweat! With me! Only the two of us! At the shower-!!」

「Ah, certainly that way is more fascinating compared to breakfast’s preparation.」

「That’s no good, it is by standing in the kitchen that a woman can carry out her natural duty……uwah!」

Kanae was talking self-importantly even though she had never done her own cooking at all, but Alyssa didn’t listen to her until the end. She took a ketchup bottle into her hand, pointed it at her face, and then squeezed without hesitation.

Alyssa’s refreshing smile became muddy with bright red ketchup.

「Oo, nooo, now I’ve done it. I also need to go to shower.」

「This girl, she is going on the offensive with an outrageous brute force!?」

For the cute Kanae who looked bold, yet unexpectedly lacked in resolve at the critical moments of when she was going to a lewd direction, the aggressiveness of a westerner’s sex appeal made her tremble.

Alyssa boldly stopped the fire of the cooking that was in the middle of preparation and left it behind with just that. She was a sloppy Englishwoman.

And then she came along with them to the shower smilingly.

It was only when she took off her last piece of clothing, the apron, that as expected even Alyssa showed a sign of shyness.

Kanae too, even though it was at this late hour already, she was taking off her clothes while acting shy.

Kazuki turned naked in a flash decisively, shocking the two.

「Let’s quickly wash your face.」

Kazuki embraced the waist of the naked Alyssa and escorted her into the bathroom.

「Nii-sama……what gentlemanship……」Kanae trembled. (TN: Another of Kanae’s butchered English)

As soon as they entered the bathroom, Kazuki did the wall bang on Alyssa.

「You know, you don’t need to do any indirect appeal, I’ll accept if you just directly talk to me.」

「……Fufufu, you’re really charming and cool even though you are younger than me.」

The two began exchanging a kiss with each other without any side being the one that really started it.

「Nii-sama……what a handsome man move.」 Kanae trembled.

And then Kazuki visited his caress through Alyssa’s body. Kazuki too was also still smoldering from the stimulation of Ilyailiya’s mischief. Because of that he was wanting Alyssa greedily.

The bare girl of Britain raised her voice outspokenly.

「Aah? A, amazing? Something like this?」

「……Good grief, really Nii-sama, geez」

As expected Kanae didn’t become a nuisance and watched over the two’s first time.

Part 3

The writer William Somerset Mougham said this──「If you want to have a delicious meal in Britain, you can do it by taking breakfast three times」.

At the present time it also felt like an exaggeration, but in any case a genuine full British breakfast was now lined up in the Witch’s Mansion.

Crispy bacon, sausage, toast fried with oil, fried mushroom, a heap of fried potato, large quantity of sunny-side-up fried eggs, eggs, and eggs, and then baked beans.

「They are brown……isn’t the oil too much?」

When Mio who was concerned with the beauty of appearance turned an astonished gaze at Alyssa, Alyssa played dumb with a smile. freewebn(o)

And then black tea that tasted somewhat strong──breakfast tea.

「Ah, but I thought that the baked beans tasted bad when I saw it in a picture, but it unexpectedly tastes good normally! It’s normal!」

Hikaru spoke too honestly.

「Obviously! For Englishmen, baked beans are our soul food!!」

Liz Liza-sensei shouted while joining them at the dining table.

「Why is baked beans that important of a dish for Englishmen? If I had to say, it feels more like a dish that originated from the American continent.」

Kaguya asked with honest interest.

「Fuh, that’s obvious. That’s because it can be eaten just by opening the can.」

Liz Liza-sensei answered. Kaguya’s head slumped down powerlessly.

Alyssa broke open smiling.

「Why is Liz Liza-sensei here?」

When Alyssa finished her cooking, this teacher showed up like it was only natural and joined the dining table.

「I called her. Because I’m made the cooking of the homeland, I had asked her to come as a fellow countryman who loves Britain. By the way, this baked beans isn’t canned food by my handmade cooking.」

「You two get along well.」

Alyssa and Liz Liza-sensei faced each other and then they nodded at each other.

「Yep, as expected, the affinity as fellow countryman is surging in this land of a foreign country.」

「Speaking about fellow countryman, is Lotte talking with Beatrix or Hrotsvit? Though it’s a bit faulty to say that they are from the same country as you.」

Kazuki turned his gaze towards Lotte and asked.

Lotte had finished her operation, and she was in the process of regaining a body that was healthier than the average person favorably.

「I’m often gaming with Hrotsvit-oneesan desu.」

「Eh, she is doing that kind of indoor activity?」

「She got really into fighting games……she is saying things like 『Fufufu, the only fight left is inside the virtual world……』 desu.」

Kamimura-san chuckled with a grin.

「Ku-ku-ku, she will surely fall into our(otaku) world before long……」

「How unexpected……」

「Beatrix often goes shopping with me.」

Mio suddenly said that. Kazuki was also surprised with that.

「Where is she going shopping at? A weapons shop or something?」

「Nope. She is normally buying clothes or accessories. She is saying things like aiming to become a cute girl, and so she came to rely on me.」

「……Beatrix is walking the path of a love-brain normie, while Hrotsvit is on the path of the otaku, the two lord and retainer are walking their own separate paths.」

There was no way that everything was revolving around him.

Unexpected relationships between fellow girls were born in unexpected places.

Part 4

「Kazukii─! We are going on a date right now! I’m not going to wait!!」

「Onii-chaaan! Leeet’s playy─!!」

After breakfast, when everyone was relaxing, two overlapping voices could be heard from outside.

It was a voice that sounded slightly dangerous and a stupidly bright voice.

After that there was the sound of the door of the Witch’s Mansion being opened, and then the loud footsteps of someone running.

[*baaan*] The door was thrown open and two girls were coming in side by side.

A bewitching beauty who normally wore Japanese clothing throughout her day──Aisu Ikousai.

A young girl wearing punk fashion──Kaya.

As soon as the two showed their faces in the living room, both of them glared at each other before Kazuki could say anything.

「Oi, Loki girl. The promise for today’s date with me was already made from a long time ago. I’ve got previous engagement.」

「I’m not Loki girl, I’m Kaya. I don’t know anything about any promise. I’m coming to meet Onii-chan after a long time.」

「Don’t kick down on other people’s promises so naturally!」

Both of them were glaring at each other dangerously. Kazuki rushed towards the two in panic.

After hesitating for a bit about which one he should deal with first, he started talking to Kaya first.

「Kaya! How are you doing in Yamagata-san’s house?」

Kaya’s expression turned bright when she turned to face Kazuki.

「……It’s not really good or even bad. It’s normal─. It normaally felt that I’m Yamagata Kaya.」

When Loki reincarnated as a human and separated from Kaya’s personality, she recovered her body back.

And then, Kaya who didn’t have any relatives──was taken in as Minister Yamagata’s adopted child of all things.

As expected there was no way the high school student Kazuki could do anything like adopting someone, so he felt nothing but gratitude in regards to this matter too. Kaya was making an unwilling face at that time, but she accepted the offer.

Everyone else fought by themselves and they were defeated while feeling content. But it was only Kaya who wasn’t like that. The chaos that she was holding hadn’t been cleared up.

Kazuki even became uneasy that perhaps she would even wish for death──.

It seemed that currently she was doing her role as a daughter normally, and lived as a middle school student normally.

He had also asked about her condition to Minister Yamagata through phone before, but hearing it from her own voice made Kazuki sigh in relieve. Her voice didn’t sound like she was forcing herself.

However, Minister Yamagata who was placing Akane-senpai and Shouko as his secretaries, and on top of that he was taking in Kaya as his adopted child was getting talked behind his back like a storm calling him lolicon, well, of course that would happen with how it looked like from outside.

「How is your school grade?」

「Is Onii-chan thinking that I’m stupid? It’s not a big deal you know, no problem. But even if I go to something like a school, there are no boys as cool as Kazuki-oniichan or Loki there so it’s boring!」

「So, you treat Loki as a cool guy huh.」

Kazuki almost laughed thinking it was somewhat funny, but Kaya suddenly made a serious face.

「Loki’s penis was absurdly huge y’know……almost like a horse. Or rather, it’s the size of a wrist. That was when it’s not erect you know!?」

Several people who were enjoying after meal tea spurted out their drink [*buho-*].

「……We, well you two shared the same body, so naturally you also caught sight of that kind of thing huh……」

「That was a precious experience. I wonder if there is a human body that can be entered with that?」

Kazuki felt a bit uneasy wondering whether Kaya was distorted in various things but……well, she would be fine.

Her smile wasn’t as distorted as in the past.

In the end……happiness could also be given to this girl who was in solitude, she was able to accept that happiness honestly.

Rather……perhaps her day of sharing a body with Loki healed her loneliness.

「Oiii, Kazuki, hey, don’t ignore me.」

Kazuki’s sleeve was pulled at.

「Even I aren’t living in the Witch’s Mansion, so it doesn’t change that my time of meeting with you is precious.」

「……Our promise is to go out just before noon isn’t it? That we are going to have lunch somewhere first. This is still too early from the promise.」

「Hmph, in the first place I was dissatisfied with the time you set up.」

Ikousai spoke self-importantly with an arrogant attitude. Kazuki wasn’t even pressured by that and he asked back.

「Eh, didn’t you okay it happily that time?」

「……I was thinking back about it when I woke up this morning, it’s really meaningless, this half-baked time during my waking up until our meeting time. If there is the decision to meet someone on that day, then it’s better to wake up early and then go to meet him right away. That’s what a date of warriors exactly is.」

「In other words」 Kaya cut in from the side while half laughing.

「When you woke up early, you’re really looking forward to the date that your heart is beating fast and you cannot just sit still! ……It’s something like that isn’t it? Puuuh! Ho─w─cu─te─!」


Ikousai turned at Kaya and she was about to raise her hand against Kaya, but she recalled that the opponent was a young girl and her hand stopped still, she then went ‘gununu’ and her body trembled in vexation.

「Hey, Kazuki-oniichan. Did Ikousai also say that she likes Onii-chan or something?」

「There was one time she said it only once when it was just the two of us.」

When Kazuki answered, Ikousai tackled Kazuki hard from her shoulder. She inflicted violence on Kazuki without any consideration. Kazuki caught that shoulder into a hug.

「My bad, Kaya. She is this kind of girl, that’s why…give my best regards to chief Yamagata.」

「It can’t be helped then that she is someone like this. Fufufuh」

Perhaps Kaya’s dissatisfaction receded from seeing Ikousai’s state, or perhaps she was satisfied from enjoying making fun of Ikousai, or perhaps because in the first place she came to show her face but she didn’t plan to be selfish, because she easily pulled back and laughed.

The comrades in the Witch’s Mansion laughed in amusement and waved their hands at the departing Kazuki and Ikousai.

「Then, while Kazuki isn’t here, everyone」

After seeing off Kazuki taking Ikousai away from the mansion, Kaguya called out to the surroundings.

Laughter leaked out naturally from everyone present.

「Who ever thought the indication of that will show up at the same time.」

Hikaru laughed. Lotte immediately laughed while saying.

「Hikaru-oneesan says that, but if there was someone among us that got left out then it will be embarrassing desu.」

Kaya opened her eyes wide in curiosity.

「What what, what is this about?」

Part 5

Ikousai was a girl who was fussy about the aesthetic sense. He had caught glimpses of it while fighting against her, and he could also feel her aesthetic sense from her appearance that was always meaninglessly wearing Japanese clothes.

In fact, her amount of knowledge and cultivation were also not a superficial thing.

On the other hand, Kazuki was a human who spent his life until now utterly unrelated with the realm of arts, but by exchanging commentary and impressions with Ikousai, the art gallery date became a time that was filled with stimulation.

Ikousai too didn’t express it clearly in words, but she looked like she was having fun. She appeared to be satisfied. Kazuki was getting used to sensing the feelings of a girl who wasn’t honest.

After that they finished having dinner and the two parted with each other.

「I’m not a woman who will entrust my body to a man that easily! Bear that in mind!」

Ikousai frequently told him that.

Was she a girl who was happy to be asked forcefully, or was she not, it was difficult to judge.

After that Kazuki returned home to the Witch’s Mansion.

When Kazuki returned, the full roster of everyone was watching the television in the living room. With the disappearance of alchemy, the technology returned to the ancestor and now they were watching a normal television.

「Hey, Kazuki. They are doing an interesting programme right now.」

Hikaru said that and pointed at the screen.

『MHK Special Science Programme, Science Future! In these few months since the power of magic vanished, alchemy was also lost at the same time, and yet despite so, there are several shocking scientific discoveries. This time all of the invited guest specialists here will exchange their opinion. Let us all come closer to the forefront of this discovery!』

Science programme……? Kazuki was surprised, but he then hurriedly changed clothes before he also sat down on the sofa where everyone was sitting at.

According to the cute Kanae of the Hayashizaki family who was moving in here, the TV show choice of the Witch’s Mansion was too serious. However even Kanae was concentrating at the screen with a serious face.

『What we want to be allowed to explain on this chance is about the intermittent equilibrium of science discovery that happened during these past few months.』

The elderly specialist started the talk with that sentence.

『Excuse me, what does this intermittent equilibrium mean……?』

『We have to explain from that first isn’t it? What intermittent equilibrium of science discovery means in other words is, that what is called science isn’t something that is developed favorably at a fixed speed. ……Just when everyone thought that a period where there would be no discoveries would continue, a little impetus would act as a jump board and the technology will be developed drastically in a stretch.』

『Then during these few months, you are saying that a result that can be said as a drastic scientific development has suddenly appeared?』

『Exactly. A rapid development can be seen as though various fields has been making arrangements beforehand. Synchronicity……I think that’s what it should be called. However in the world of science, a single impetus influencing across multiple fields of science isn’t something rare.』

『A rapid development after the long continuing period of darkness without any result……it was truly an event that shed light on the modern era where the cooped up feelings are hanging in the air!』

The studio was stirred with a bright atmosphere.

『Something like cooped up feelings are unthinkable! If we scientists are allowed to say……something like cooped up feelings or anything is absolutely impossible in the world of humans!!』

However, the elderly specialist’s fervent speech caused the show presenter to turn about into making a creeped out expression.

It was impossible for cooped up feelings to exist…… Kazuki felt those words pierce deeply into his chest because, since the battle that time, there was something still stuck inside Kazuki’s chest.

Yes, Kazuki was fighting the very cooped up feelings itself.

『Then first, what I want to introduce first, is the discovery of the theory of average temperature superconductor that everyone also knows.』

『And average temperature superconductor is……?』

『First we will need to have a review in regards to superconductors. In the year 1911……more than a century ago, it was understood that if mercury is cooled until minus 269 ℃, its electric resistance will vanish.』

『What kind of utility value does something like that have?』

『Because this resistance doesn’t exist at all, no energy loss will result. If a superconductor can be used easily, it will be possible to create efficient electric lines with zero loss of electricity. It will also be possible to create magnetic fields that can make materials float lightly.』

The specialist made a gesture of lifting his hand lightly and displayed it.

『Because something floating won’t cause friction, it will be able to move with intense speed just with a bit of compressed air. It’s the principle of linear motor cars. In other words the loss of electricity and the loss of material movement can be turned into zero.』

『However in the case of mercury, you said that property can only be displayed at the temperature of minus 269 ℃?』

『It had become known that other than mercury, various other elements and compounds can obtain this kind of property. However in practice, even after more than a hundred years, it still wasn’t understood why this kind of phenomenon occurred with the requirement that you put them into extremely low temperatures. It’s difficult to simply prepare that kind of super low temperature. Its practical implementation was impossible to be done.』

『But, this time……』

『Yes, it’s truly intermittent equilibrium……with the sudden explication of that theory, if the Nobel awards was still continuing even now, then without a doubt this will deserve the Nobel award. What meaning this discovery has……it mean we will be able to make material float lightly. We will be able to be liberated from gravity and manipulate movement.』

The studio was stirred with shocked voices.

『Perhaps you all think that this is a technology that is too astounding, but this kind of future illustration has been depicted since several decades ago. If we just can understand the principle for a bit more……the scientists have been forced to endure such a situation for a long time.』

『Freedom from gravity……how should I say it……it’s like a magic isn’t it?』

『And then what I want to introduce next is, the establishment of mass producing technology of molecule-sized transistors. Though if this discovery is compared to the Nobel award discovery just now, this one is still not really acknowledged.』

『Molecule-sized transistors……completely incomprehensible words are coming out again.』

『Transistors are a switch that can control the electric current in wiring. So to speak, it’s the smallest unit that can transmit a digital message. By minimizing the size of this transistor, computers can be minimized and have its efficiency raised higher.』

『So it’s that <Moore’s Law> thing then?』

『However, it was known that before long there would be a limit to minimizing the size of a transistor made from silicon. In addition what to do to minimize the size……a molecule transistor is a technology that turns a single molecule into a transistor. The manufacturing of this has succeeded since ten-odd years ago. However the cheap mass production method for it couldn’t be established. However, at this point of time the method has been discovered. Through that, the world of advanced information processing will be able to make rapid progress.』

『In other words an integrated circuit that surpassed the common sense until now can be made cheaply……?』

『Yes, I’m sure that from now on every kind of item will be embed with this thing.』

The studio stirred once more.

『I don’t really get it but, it’s an IT revolution isn’t it!!』

The entertainer with a giddy air that raised cheers and laughter suddenly rose up.

『And then what is important, is how these two technologies are established at the same time at this chance!』

The guest specialist shut down the laughter of the studio with strong words. That serious voice was an explanation, and also a call to the people.

It was a voice filled with a distinct will that was attempting to awaken something inside people’s hearts.

『Materials will be liberated from gravity. Materials will be equipped with advanced intelligence. Materials will be equipped with these two things at the same time. Everything around us will become like that! And then, what will happen? First our brains will be able to be embedded with integrated circuits too.』

『That sounds a bit eerie isn’t it?』

The entertainer smiled as though to ridicule it. The specialist ignored that and continued.

『Like that our brains will be able to send and receive signals from the surrounding items that have been turned intelligent. Our brains will emit signals, and the items that receive it will float in the air using their built-in superconductors. You can even put it another way that we will obtain Psychokinesis.』

The people’s expressions were turned flabbergasted from hearing that nostalgic word suddenly said as an example.


It was the power that Kazuki and the others should have lost.

『This isn’t on the level of being able to turn on and off the electronic appliances in your house using your mobile phone. You will be able to use the power of your mind to freely manipulate the items in your house, in the city, whether functionally or physically.』

『……So this is what you meant by intermittent equilibrium. It’s unbelievable that we will be able to do something like that so suddenly. Just now I said that it sounded like magic but……it resembles very closely the happenings that we all know well these ten-odd years, doesn’t it?』

Embedding a chip into the head……

『Yes. The mysterious alchemist Basileus Basileon embed the Philosopher’s Stone into people’s brains, and awakened the power of magic…… Right now we understand that it’s 【just a fraud】, and magic vanished but……the exact same thing will happen from now on scientifically. By embedding the chip that should be called as the new Philosopher’s Stone into our brains, we will recover the power of magic once more! By means of science to the end!! This time it’s only Psychokinesis, but of course our future won’t stop at just this level!』

『It seems like other magic are also approaching realization with this kind of technology too.』

A large panel was set inside the studio and various technologies were introduced in turns.

『Putting aside the utilization of summoning magic, even things that were completely impossible with general magic and alchemy might become possible within a few years with all these technologies isn’t it?』

『I believe that’s because the power of magic that Basileon awakened was nothing more than the power of illusions. However, science is something that can suddenly make something possible, even things that cannot be done even by illusions.』

That sentence made Kazuki feel like his heart was shot by lightning.

The thing sticking to his heart all this time scattered away hard.

『Science transcends above illusions. Or how should I say it……illusion isn’t something that is always more progressive than the actual reality. There is this things called negativity bias in humanity’s psychology. Human hearts are weak, that’s why they react more sensitively to loss rather than hope, they fear large change. Human’s illusions will naturally tilt towards negativity if it’s allowed to run unchecked. Inside the mist where they cannot see ahead, at the far away future, humans will imagine the illusion that despair is what is inside that place where they cannot see.』

──While the population was continuing to increase explosively, on the other hand resources kept decreasing. Humans didn’t correct the disparity between them because of fixation towards maintaining the status quo, the technology was being radicalized into something more delicate, hard to comprehend, and dangerous. Country borders, race, ideology……those problems that remained unchanged, there was no light of hope that they could be resolved. Predictions that the future would be better didn’t come into view at all. Everyone thought so. There is no prospect for the future to become better! ……That was despair! That was the reason why I’m reigning here!

Who would be able to tangibly object at those words?

No one was able to imagine the method to overturn the despair towards everything of the present society.

However, it was fine even if it was impossible to imagine it.

It wasn’t the responsibility of the king or anything.

What the king ought to do was……

『However, there is history where science was constantly continuing to advance at a speed that surpassed people’s illusions, there is history where humanity’s future prediction was constantly mistaken. Even so, humans continue to despair towards the future even now.』

『Thinking back, even the news program on television and the like report only bad news extensively, and the viewers also react sensitively only to the bad news. Those things remained in memory. ……Perhaps that is something like human nature that is mostly unavoidable isn’t it?』

『That’s why someone has to throw light ahead of the cooped up feelings. What is necessary is only that. The burden of that work is too heavy to be done only by the scientists. However……a certain young man destroyed the swindler who introduced himself as Basileus Basileon, and showed us the light. That’s why we are able to rise above the illusions once again and step forward to the future. This special program is for the sake of showing the outcome of that.』

『……The power of our King who triumphed in Atlantis, the report said that it was the Power of Bonds.』

『Do you know about this story? The difference between mankind who built up civilization and the primitive man who was unable to advance at all, it wasn’t intellect, but the biological difference in the ability to emit their voice. By obtaining the connection of complex voices, the connections between people turned complex and the complexity of society and science was advancing. The bonds clear open a path to unlimited possibility.』

『……I feel like I can understand now what the King gave us. ……Even we who keep imagining only negative futures inside the darkness, but if there is family, friends, or partners within our reach that can bond with us, it will be possible for us to summon courage and advance forward. If we have the light of bonds, the illusion can be changed, not as despair, but as hope, isn’t it?』

『With the hand of a young man whose name isn’t shed into light, the world is liberated from magic and illusions. There are still arguments for and against in regards to that matter. The voice that is reluctant to part with the power of magic is firmly rooted. However, it’s exactly for that reason that I want to declare my gratitude to him. Thank you for believing in humanity’s possibilities. We wish to convey that to the King. Our gratitude to the young man who defeated the <Incarnation of Despair>, and led us to a future where illusions won’t even be able to appear──』

The ending theme of the TV program was starting to flow.

In the end they all were watching the show intently all throughout it until the end.

Suddenly Kazuki noticed the girls were looking at each other, they were fidgeting as though searching for the right timing to start some kind of important talk.

「What’s the matter? The TV was interesting but……」

When Kazuki broached the topic, Mio and Kaguya faced Kazuki as the representative of all concerned.

Both of them talked with a shy smile.

「Kazuki-kun has to walk the future along with new bonds.」

「……We, got pregnant with Kazu-nii’s baby.」

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