Magic Industry Empire

Volume 1 Chapter 32 - Superior energy
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Volume 1 Chapter 32 Superior energy

“Watch properly, put this rough end here and carefully insert it into the hole.” Xu Yi took a half finished screw bolt and put it on the capping machine, “You have to pay attention to this next part. After you put it in, you must move away from the capping machine and you definitely cannot put your hand in. Otherwise, once the machine starts, it will destroy your entire hand, do you understand?”

Around Xu Yi were the hundred slaves Viscount Leslie had temporarily lent him. They were seriously listening to Xu Yi, nodding to signify they understood.

“Good, next you press down on this switch.” Xu Yi reached out to softly press the on button for the capping machine.

The flowing light green and scarlet red light signaling magic flowing lit up and the head of the capping machine fell down.


The sudden explosive sound caused the surrounding slaves to jump back in fright. Some of the more timid slaves even squatted down as their bodies trembled.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s not an explosion! Get up and look!” Xu Yi reprimanded, trying his best to regain order among the slaves.

Under the gazes of the slaves, Xu Yi took out the half finished screw from the hole of the capping machine, raising it to show everyone.

“Do you see this? This side of the screw has a cross shaped groove on it, that means that the product is finished. What you need to do now is check to see if the cross shaped groove matches the requirements.” Xu Yi took out an iron stick with a cross shaped tip and placed it into the head of the screw bolt, which fit perfectly, “Do you see this? If this stick can fit inside, it means that it meets the requirements and it can be taken to the next part of the process.”

The slaves nodded like they understood and didn’t understand at the same time.

To people like them who had positions as slaves, magic was not something they could touch at all. Not to mention a machine that seemed this complicated and mysterious. If it were normal times, they wouldn’t even have the chance to touch this machine, not to mention operating it.

But since they came here, Heinz under Xu Yi’s orders had treated the slaves impartially and was very comprehensive about their living conditions. This filled the hearts of the slaves with gratitude towards Xu Yi and Heinz, therefore when Xu Yi had three slaves come forward to attempt controlling the machine, even if they had hearts filled with fear of the machine, they still obediently came forward to operate it.

Actually, the controls for the capping machine was very simple and these slaves had normal intelligence. Under Xu Yi’s personal guidance, they overcame their fear of the machine and quickly learned how to operate it.

Seeing the three slaves he picked out gradually become more proficient, Xu Yi nodded in satisfaction. He had the three of them keep working before bringing the rest of the slaves to another machine.

“Compared to the previous machine, this Magic Thread Rolling Machine is a bit more complicated, so you have to watch properly. You can’t make any small mistakes.”

Xu Yi picked out five slaves and demonstrated to them how to operate the Magic Thread Rolling Machine. He made sure that they didn’t have any problems.

After demonstrating how to use the Magic Thread Rolling Machine, Xu Yi brought the remaining slaves to one final machine.

This was made with a cooperation between Xu Yi and Master Lanus, it was the newly made Miniature Magic Punch Press.

“This machine is relatively simple to operate, but it is much more dangerous than the other two machines. If you don’t pay attention, there wouldn’t be a problem turning your entire body into a meat patty, so you have to be seriously careful.” Since these slaves didn’t have any knowledge of how dangerous these magic machines were, Xu Yi had to warn them first. He proposed a set of very strict work guidelines to ensure that nothing went wrong.

“Watch properly, place this iron sheet here first. You have to be careful, this iron sheet has to perfectly fit into the model, there can’t be any cracks at all. Next, you close the model and move back a bit before pressing the on switch.”


The Miniature Magic Punch Press’s two giant sides crushed together and the lat iron sheet under the giant pressure turned into a half circular Magic Fan outer cover.

This Miniature Magic Punch Press was naturally used to create batches of Magic Fan outer covers.

In this new workshop that had only been built for two days, there were five different kinds of magic machines that were responsible for making the different parts of the second generation Magic Fan.

With the help of these machines, the requirement for human skill was lowered, so Xu Yi could finally give up on those blacksmiths in Banta City. Just based on the slaves Viscount Leslie gave him, he could produce the Magic Fans.

Of course, the Magic Array that was the core of the Magic Fan still required the students to finish. Please visit ƒre𝐞𝘸𝑒𝘣𝘯𝘰νℯ𝒍 𝐜𝑜m

After he finished teaching these slaves how to operate the machines, Xu Yi had the slaves scatter and he taught them how to assemble a single Magic Fan from the components.

If assembling the complete Magic Fan was a very complicated process, then after separating them into several parts, it became incomparably simple.

One group of slaves only needed to learn how to put together a few pieces, another group needed to learn how to thread iron wire into the same place and form a protective net, and another group had an even more simple job which was to put in the screw bolts…..

These slaves hadn’t undergone any learning at all, so their understanding abilities weren’t too high, but as long as their intelligence was normal, they could grasp this simple work without any problems.

Xu Yi worked all morning and these slaves began to familiarize themselves with their work. The entire workshop was filled with an intense working environment.

Xu Yi happily looked at his achievement and gave a satisfied nod.

Next, as long as the number of workers were adjusted based on their efficiency, the entire line would proceed much more smoothly.

As for this work, of course it was given to Heinz as the plant manager to handle, it didn’t need Xu Yi to personally care about this.

Seeing the slaves become more and more familiar with the controls of the machines, Xu Yi suddenly realized that he seemed to have neglected a superiority he had on the Sines Continent.

Compared to the highly developed industrial system on earth, perhaps there were many things the Sines Continent couldn’t compare to.

But there was one superiority where earth lacked far behind the Sines Continent.

That was energy.

Earth’s main energy sources are petroleum, coal, water, wind, solar, nuclear energy, and etc…...

Of these energy sources, whether it was using petroleum, coal, or the developing nuclear energy technology, they all had one fatal flaw. That was the fact that they were serious pollutants.

In any industrialized country on earth, the environment would suffer from the pollution and destruction caused by this industrialization. Finally, they would have to spend a large amount of manpower and effort to restore the environment.

As for hydro, wind, and solar power that had few pollutants, because their energy efficiency was low, they couldn’t be brought into the mainstream.

Compared to this, the magic machines that Xu Yi was currently researching used Magic Arrays as their driving source. To keep these Magic Arrays working, one needed to use Magic Crystals.

No matter what kind of Magic Array it was, after the Magic Crystal consumed the magic inside, it would become a normal piece of stone. It wouldn’t create any pollution at all.

Even the High Grade Magic Crystal, it was completely condensed from magic. So if all the magic inside was consumed, the Magic Crystal would then disappear and wouldn’t leave a single trace, so naturally there also wouldn’t be any pollution at all.

Other than that, Magic Crystals also had a bigger advantage which was that there was a higher energy efficiency.

Just a very small piece of Magic Crystal was enough to support the Magic Fan for three entire days. If one were to switch it out for a normal electric fan on earth, it would take at least three kilowatts of electricity.

Converting this three kilowatts of energy, according to the standard on earth, one would need to burn one kilogram of coal. At the same time, one would release as high as four kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions.

Based on the energy conversion and the scale of pollution, the Magic Crystal had an unparalleled advantage.

Not to mention that because of the low industrial base of the Sines Continent, the consumption of the Magic Fan Xu Yi made far surpassed the electric fans of earth that had been improved many times.

If this aspect could match the standard of earth, then the Magic Crystal consumption would be even lower.

As for the Magic Crystal? It could be found almost everywhere on the Sines Continent. Just Banta City alone had three large scale Magic Crystal Mines.

Moreover, since the Magic Crystals were very common, other than those high quality Magic Crystal Ores, the normal Magic Crystal Ores were basically ignored by everyone.

“Heinz, go buy some more Magic Crystal Mines.” Xu Yi suddenly said to Heinz beside him who had been watching the slaves work.

“Ha? Why are you suddenly buying more Magic Crystal Mines?” Even if he was already accustomed to Xu Yi’s sudden and random thought process, Heinz was still stunned, “If you want Magic Crystals, we can just buy them from other companies. If we were mine it ourselves, the cost will probably be even higher.”

“No, we must buy some mines. We need to do our best to buy more and more.” Xu Yi seriously said, “Remember, for things like energy, there will be less the more we use. No matter what, it’s best if we can control it ourselves.”

Heinz looked at Xu Yi with narrowed brows, not knowing why he suddenly had this kind of thought.

But he also understood that his foresight couldn’t compare to Xu Yi. Since he already made this decision, he must have his own reasoning.

“Alright, I’ll go take care of it.”

Xu Yi grabbed Heinz’s shoulder and urged in a deep voice, “Remember, this matter must be handled quickly and as secretly as possible, understood?”

Heinz couldn’t help muttering in his heart.

Secretly? This was something that wasn’t worth mentioning, was there a need to keep it a secret?

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