Magic Industry Empire

Volume 1 Chapter 30 - Plant manager and assistant plant manager
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Volume 1 Chapter 30 Plant manager and assistant plant manager

Heinz saw the large group of ragged men and women far behind Xu Yi, surging as a wave towards the factory and was terrified.

Could it be that this fellow was locked onto by all the “beggars” inside Banta City?

When the crowd came closer, Heinz noticed that he wasn’t right because in front of the men and women in rags, there was a brightly dressed old man with a noble aura around him with Xu Yi.

“Butler Brunei? Why are you here?” Heinz asked in a stunned voice.

Butler Brunei nodded at Heinz and didn’t respond to his question. He turned to Xu Yi and said, “Chairman Xu, I have already sent the people over. From now on, these hundred slaves will be for your use, you can do whatever you want with them. But the Lord Viscount has said that these hundred slaves are only being lent to you and they aren’t being given or sold to you. He hopes that you will fulfill your promise to him and if not, he will immediately take back the hundred slaves.”

Xu Yi said with a smile, “Alright, many thanks to Butler Brunei for personally sending them over.”

Butler Brunei turned to give those men and women a few orders before those people walked behind Xu Yi, revealing looks of obedience.

“Alright, I have finished my task.” Butler Brunei gave another nod to Heinz before saying seriously to Xu Yi, “Xu Yi, although the Lord Viscount didn’t tell me why he gave you these hundred slaves, as the Lord Viscount’s butler, I must warn you that these hundred slaves are very important to the Lord Viscount. Now that the Lord Viscount has given them to you, that represents the Lord Viscount’s trust in you. I hope you will not disappoint the Lord Viscount.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Be assured, if the Lord Viscount didn’t trust me, how could he accept my request?”

Butler Brunei gave a slight nod before saying nothing else and turning to leave.

After Butler Brunei entered his horse carriage and left, Heinz couldn’t contain the curiosity in his heart anymore as he asked, “Hey, Xu Yi, what is going on here? These people are all slaves? And they are all Viscount Leslie’s slaves? Why would he give you these slaves to use? What condition did you discuss with him?”

Xu Yi raised his hand to stop Heinz from asking his questions.

“I’ll talk about this later, what about the houses I asked you to build last time? Let’s set up the slaves first and let them settle down.”

Heinz doubtfully looked at Xu Yi looked at Xu Yi before turning to shout at the workshop. After a while, Heinz’s nephew Alex ran out.

After listening to a few words from Heinz, Alex waved his hand to bring the slaves to the distant large wooden cabins near the river.

“You called Alex over to help?” Xu Yi looked at Alex leading the slaves and asked this with a bit of a surprise.

“Hei…..I was just too busy, so I directly called him over to help.” Heinz somewhat awkwardly said, “Although this kid isn’t that smart, at least he’s serious when he works. I had him help me manage several things and it’s saved me quite a bit of effort.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and patted Heinz’s shoulder as he said, “This is my fault, I’ve put everything onto you. Actually now that there are more and more things, I should have found you a helper to share this a long time ago. You having Alex help is also good. At least he’s one of us, so we can be assured.”

“Un, I also thought the same. Of course, if the chairman has someone more suited for this, I’ll immediately send this kid back to manage the general store.”

“No need for that. Since he is already here, then let him work properly. We’ll do this, I’ll use this chance to divide the work. Heinz, you’ll now be in charge of managing the production line and all the large and small matters here. You’ll be the plant manager. As for the salary…...let’s just set it for thirty gold coins per month for now.”

“Ah? How could that be?” Heinz was stunned before he quickly waved his hands, “I have stock already, managing things here is what I should do. How could I also receive a salary?”

“Stock and you doing things are two completely different things. Putting effort in means receiving a reward. You spend a large amount of time and effort to manage things here, so actually thirty gold coins is already very little. But we are just beginning and can only afford this much for now. When we develop further, your salary will definitely become bigger.” Without waiting for Heinz to refute this, Xu Yi forcefully slapped his shoulder, “We’ll just set it like this!”

“This…..That…...That isn’t good…..” Heinz rubbed his hands and had a look of embarrassment, but in the end he didn’t refuse this.

Xu Yi smiled before continuing, “As for Alex, he’ll be the assistant plant manager. His salary will be..,....”

“No, no, no, no, no! It’s already his luck for that kid to help, how could he dare take a salary. You don’t need to consider him at all, really!” Heinz quickly said.

Xu Yi laughed as he pointed at Heinz, “You’re getting thirty gold coins each month and he’s not getting a single copper coin, how could he be happy? Alright, I’m setting this matter and it’ll be ten gold coins for a month for now. If he does well, it can be raised at any time. What do you think?”

Heinz gave two laughs and didn’t refute him.

Seeing the excitement that couldn’t be hidden on his face, Xu Yi found it a bit funny.

Heinz seeking benefits for his nephew, this could be considered a normal thing for people. Xu Yi didn’t have anything against this.

It was just like he said, Alex was considered one of them, so he could be assured in using him.

Moreover, like this, it would make Heinz invest even more and care even more about the factory which was a good thing.

As for his and Alex’s salaries, it was nothing more than a small thing.

“That’s right, Xu Yi, you still haven’t told me yet, what are these slaves for?” After a bit of excitement, Heinz didn’t forget to ask about the matter with the slaves.

“Oh, that’s the manpower I’ve borrowed temporarily from Viscount Leslie. Our factory will be investing into expanding our production capacity and we need a large amount of workers. These slaves are obedient and easy to use, so of course they are very suitable choices. That’s right, contract a few more construction crews from Banta City and have them build more rooms as quickly as possible. The dwarven craftsmen that I’ve recruited will be here in just a few days, so we need to have a place for them to stay when the time comes.” 𝒇𝒓𝙚𝙚𝒘𝙚𝓫𝙣𝒐𝙫𝙚𝓵.𝓬𝒐𝒎

“Alright, I’ll remember these matters. Is there anything else?”

“Anything else……” Xu Yi looked at Heinz before shaking his head, “Nothing right now. The main thing is taking care of the problem of where the slaves and dwarves will live. Heinz, you mustn’t neglect them because of their identities as slaves and dwarves, they will become important parts for our company to develop.”

“I know this, I’ll definitely plan everything.” Heinz have a serious nod.

Xu Yi let out a sigh, as he thought that he really lacked manpower.

Heinz in name was a plant manager, but he was also human affairs and the logistics manager. Almost all the small and large things of the factory was taken care of by him.

The factory was still small right now and the scale of production wasn’t big, but he already needed to call Alex over for help. When they developed in the future, he couldn’t rely on just one person to do everything no matter what.

But this kind of management talent was even harder to find than research talent sometimes. For now, he didn’t have a solution for this problem.

After he finished speaking to Heinz, Xu Yi walked into the workshop.

Because there were classes in the morning, the thirty students he recruited were at school right now and this workshop felt a bit lonely.

Xu Yi looked into the empty workshop and couldn’t help giving an emotional sigh over his lack of manpower.

To those students, their studies at the Baron Rickto Magic Academy was more important in the end. Even if they signed a contract, they wouldn’t focus on working here, rather they would balance work and study.

However, for a factory, a stable and continuous production line was very important.

Even if Xu Yi recruited a large amount of students to do this work, the minds of the students would still be affected by the system of the Sines Continent. They would feel that becoming stronger machines is more important than working here, so it was very hard for them to remain here for a long time like Xu Yi wanted.

“Two ways to solve this, one is to cast a wide net. Magic is extremely prosperous on the Sines Continent and there are many magicians, so there will always be magicians who aren’t too successful. In order to live, those fellows still need to work. This work is considered work for their occupation, so there will be people that come here. As for the other method……” Xu Yi fell into deep thought and considered this.

The other method was to reduce the threshold of the Magic Array.

Although the Magic Fan’s Revolving Wind Array was only a Low Grade Magic Array that even students in magic school could finish, Xu Yi would make even more products in the future. The Magic Arrays inside those things would not be limited to Low Grade Magic Arrays.

To draw a High Grade Magic Array, one needed the magician to have a corresponding strength.

When he arrived at that stage, it would be very hard to casually recruit magicians to complete this work.

What Xu Yi could do was reduce the magic power need by these magical machinery as much as possible, lowering the might and grade of the Magic Arrays, as well as the requirement for the magician needed to draw it.

But this was a very large project, needing a large amount of time and effort to finish.

Just based on the Revolving Wind Array used in the Magic Fan, it was already very difficult if Xu Yi wanted to make any improvements to it. If he wanted to make any product in the future, he would have the same problem.

If it was just relying on Xu Yi alone, it definitely couldn’t be solved.

Xu Yi knit his brows and aimlessly walked through the workshop, while considering how to solve this problem.

He arrived at the tables where the students drew Magic Arrays and suddenly felt a breeze of cold wind, surprising him.

Looking up, he found that the Magic Air Conditioner on the wall was still on.

“It’s still on without anyone here? Isn’t this a waste?” Xu Yi muttered, but then he remembered that he was the one who told them to do this. He wanted them to use the Magic Air Conditioner more and test its performance.

“I don’t know what kind of problems those fellows have come up with. After collecting their problems, I should go find Camilla and discuss this magic……” Thinking of this, Xu Yi narrowed his eyes and said to himself in a soft voice, “It seems like I need to have a proper discussion with Great Magician Camilla.”

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