Magic Industry Empire

Volume 1 Chapter 28 - Uncle
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Volume 1 Chapter 28 Uncle

“Trash?” Xu Yi was stunned before his face sunk, “Still, tell me, just what happened? If someone has bullied you, just tell me, I will definitely think of a way to take revenge for you!”

“You?” Still laughed and shook her head, “You can’t do it, his family background is very strong, you can’t do anything to him.”

“He has a lot of influence?” Xu Yi raised one before before saying with a faint smile, “If it’s like this, then I do need to investigate a bit. Come, tell me, what kind of person is the fellow who bullied you? The most important thing is…..what kind of harm did you suffer?”

Seeing that Xu Yi was looking over her, a faint blush appeared on Still’s pale face. She angrily rolled her eyes at Xu Yi, “What are you thinking? Nothing happened to me at all! Don’t forget, my grandfather is a Great Magician, he doesn’t have the guts to do anything to me.”

“That is true.” Xu Yi nodded, “According to what you said, you’re sad because you realized that he was waste, therefore…’re heartbroken?”

“Pei! I wasn’t even dating him, alright? How could I be heartbroken?” Still reprimanded. fre ewebno

Xu Yi laughed, “One sided love being lost can be considered heartbroken as well.”

Seeing Still recovering some anger on her face, Xu Yi became more relaxed.

It seemed like Still had just found out that the person she admired was trash, therefore the beautified image in her heart had been shattered, dealing a mental blow to her.

This was a very normal thing, it wasn’t rare for young girls to encounter this kind of thing. It was all good as long as she wasn’t injured, she would naturally recover after a bit of time.

“Humph! It’s a good thing you can still smile!” Still gave a snort and glared at Xu Yi.

Although she was a bit angry, Still found that after talking with Xu Yi for a while, she actually no longer felt like her heart was incomparably empty and the whole world had collapsed, it was like she had suddenly come back to life.

After a while, Still looked at Xu Yi seriously and said, “Xu Yi, the things I’m about to tell you, you definitely can’t tell grandfather, do you understand?”

Xu Yi knew that Still needed someone to vent to right now to get rid of her anger, so he gave an incomparably serious nod. He looked at Still and silently waited for her to speak.

“That gift…..I still haven’t given it yet……”

Under the cover of night, there was only a faint candle inside of Xu Yi’s room.

With this light, Still slowly narrated her troubles over the past few days to Xu Yi.

Actually, it wasn’t that strange of a story for Xu Yi.

The person Still had an unrequited crush on was a male student. That male student was from a large noble family in Anvilmar, so he had a deep background. Adding in the fact that he was handsome and dashing, as well as exceptionally talented in magic, he was publicly recognized as a “male god” in the Lampuri Royal Magic Academy. He was secretly admired by countless female students.

Still was one of them.

Properly speaking, this was just a normal story of unrequited love, but Still was quite the dedicated girl. Even after graduating the Lampuri Royal Magic Academy and coming back to Banta City, she still thought about that male student even though they were this far apart.

This time she wanted to use that male student’s birthday and use that chance of his birthday banquet. Still specially had Xu Yi help her make the model piano and brought this gift filled with her love to Anvilmar. She was prepared to personally hand this present to that male student at his birthday celebration and confess to him.

Who would have known that after she arrived in Anvilmar City, she would receive some terrible new! The male god in her heart had actually been engaged!

Still naturally felt dejected, but she still planned on giving her present. She was prepared to hide her feelings and bless the male god of her heart.

If this matter ended here, it would be considered a sad story with a decent ending.

But what happened next was something that people didn’t expect.

Still found that male god at the birthday banquet. She was prepared to give him the gift and give a few words of congratulations before leaving.

Who would have known that after seeing Still, the male god would secretly tell Still that he had always loved her.

Still was pleasantly surprised, but remembering that the male god was already engaged, she tactfully gave him a reminder.

But after hearing the honey coated words of the male god, Still strangely chose to believe him. She even had two secret appointments with him in the next two days.

“How did that fellow become trash?” Listening up to this point, Xu Yi looked at Still with a strange look, “Could it be that he…..forced himself onto you?”

Still’s face turned red, “He didn’t dare force himself onto me. But he…..he…..In short, he’s just trash! He’s clearly engaged, but before he is married, he gave me that kind of request. I rejected him and he said that I didn’t like him at all! Humph! Who set the rules that someone has to give their body away if you like someone? This trash, later I overheard some classmates say that this fellow had already played with several female students while in school and then didn’t admit it at all. He was already complete trash to begin with!” 𝘧𝑟𝑒𝑒𝑤𝑒𝑏𝓃ℴ𝘷𝑒𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝘮

“Pa, pa, pa.”

Xu Yi suddenly started clapping.

“Still, congratulations.”

Still looked at Xu Yi with wide eyes, “I’m this pitiful that you’re even congratulating me? Are you trying to comfort me, or are you just laughing at me?”

“No, no, no, I’m seriously congratulating you.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Still, being able to recognize someone’s real face before suffering an even greater loss, isn’t this worth congratulating? Other than that, I also admire your firm and clear mind very much. Since this fellow has tricked all those female students, he must be quite skilled in tricking girls. Since you could remain this pure and firm in front of his tricks, it really is something rare.”

Still’s face turned red and she gave a soft snort, “I wouldn’t sell myself cheap like that.”

Xu Yi said while laughing, “Good words. But Still, since you know that he is trash, why are you doing this to yourself, putting yourself in such a bad state? It completely isn’t worth it at all.”

“I just…..just couldn’t think it through for a while.” Still mumbled.

“Then what about now? Have you thought it through?”

Still looked at Xu Yi before looking at the night outside the window. After thinking about it for a bit, she took a fine box out of her backpack.

She opened the box and naturally there was the model piano she personally made inside.

Still looked at the model piano in a daze for a while before suddenly taking a deep breath and smashing her fist down.


This model piano was incomparably intricate, so naturally it was very fragile. Adding in the fact that Still’s fist was covered in low grade fire magic, when this fist came down, the model piano was instantly shattered to pieces. The remaining pieces also burst into flames, instantly turning into ashes.

“Alright, I no longer have anything to do with that fellow.” Still flipped her head up and the beautiful golden hair floated up.

In just an instant, she returned to being the lively and beautiful girl from before.

Xu Yi couldn’t help revealing a happy smile.

Still really was a strong girl,, she could recover this easily.

But that meant that she didn’t have real feelings for that so called “male god”. It was no more than the admiration a young girl had for something beautiful in her youth.

This was also good, most girls would experience this once. For still to experience this, it could be considered as gaining experience, making her more mature.

“Xu Yi, I’m not going back tonight.”

When Xu Yi was praising her in his heart, the words Still suddenly said made him spit out his thoughts.

“Ha? You’re not going back? It can’t be that you’re spending the night here, right?” Xu Yi’s eyes popped out as he looked at Still in disbelief, “Are you kidding me? I am a man who lives by myself and if a little girl like you spends a night in my place, aren’t you afraid of bad rumours spreading? If Great Magician Camilla knew of this, it would be strange if he didn’t send my flying with his magic!”

“Che, I’m not worried, what are you worried about?” Still looked at Xu Yi in distance, “Aren’t you always saying that I’m a child, so what can happen if a child like me spends a night in the house of an uncle like you? Then again, you have a small girl like Vivian here, how can you be a bachelor? Relax, I’ll sleep with Vivian later and won’t disturb you, uncle.” After saying this, Still stretched herself out before walking into the bathroom, “I haven’t had a bath in several days, I’m so dirty. Hey, uncle, can you lend me some clothes? I haven’t even washed my clothes in the past few days, I don’t have anything to change into.”

Seeing Still enter his bathroom without any politeness, Xu Yi could only helplessly stand there in a daze. He looked to the side and found that Vivian had opened a crack in her bedroom door, secretly peeping on them. He waved his hand at her.

“Come over, Vivian. Go and take care of Still, tell her how to use our bathroom. That’s right, are there any clothes you haven’t worn yet from the ones I bought you last time? Take out a set for her to change into first, I’ll buy a few more sets for you later.”

Vivian gave an obedient nod and went back to her room to bring a set of clothes to the bathroom.

Not long after, there was the sound of water splashing and Still’s soft singing coming from the bathroom.

Xu Yi couldn’t help shaking his head.

“This fellow, how does she look like she’s just been heartbroken at all? Humph, calling me an uncle? I’m only twenty seven this year, alright! How am I like an uncle? Hey, Vivian, do you think I’m like an uncle?”

The pitiful Vivian looked at Xu Yi in a daze, not knowing whether to nod or shake her head.

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