Mages Are Too OP

Chapter 704 - Finding the Hidden Door
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Chapter 704 Finding the Hidden Door

In this crowded environment, many people should have seen this icy mist-like energy.

But in reality, no one but Roland could see it. And as it drew closer, Roland could even feel a coldness to the thing.

Honestly, Roland was not too keen on absorbing this unknown substance.

But instinctively, his soul had a desire for it.

Instinct was telling him that this was something good.

So he didn’t move and stayed seated at the table, waiting for the icy mist to come over.

...Waiting for this icy mist to enter his body.

At first, he didn’t feel anything, and then he noticed that he had a lot more things in his mind.

A lot of memories.

It was all snippets, but Roland could see that it was the memories of John from the time he was a child to the time he was married today.



It didn’t matter if it was just memories, Roland could feel that a large amount of MP was replenished within his body.

Even his MP cap had become higher.

In other words, his mental power expanded.

There was a term for this phenomenon.


In the magic world, it was a method to increase the MP cap.

But there were gods there, and all souls belonged to the Nether God. If one devoured souls rashly, they would not only change into the evil alignment but also be targeted by the Nether God.

So except for a few liches, the average spellcaster wouldn’t have any thoughts about people’s souls.

Another reason was that the souls in the game world could exist for a long time, and by devouring several souls, they were prone to assimilate the memories of other souls and even to develop split personalities.

But the icy energy mass that Roland had just devoured was no longer a soul.

It had been reduced to energy, so Roland could only read memory fragments, not the complete memory.

For in this world, there was no ground for the soul to exist for a long time.

Here he was savoring the feeling that he was suddenly quite a bit stronger, while on the stage, the doctor and nurses still worked to keep the man alive.

The middle-aged doctor even started artificial respiration.

But it was clear to Roland that the groom was a


The soul had left, and even if he could be saved, he would be in a vegetative state.

He would never wake up.

At this time the entire room fell silent. Most people were watching the doctor on stage as he struggled, and a few, squeamish about such matters, got up and left quietly.

Night Tide Sands and her friends were still seated.

They weren’t calm, but it had happened so suddenly that they were momentarily stunned.

After about ten minutes or so, the ambulance arrived in front of the hotel, and soon the stretcher was brought up.

The groom’s relatives hurriedly lifted the groom and sent him onto the ambulance.

After that, the rest of the guests slowly left. Night Tide Sands said goodbye to a few friends with a helpless look on her face and didn’t go back to look for Jane.

Because Jane had long since disappeared.

The two returned to the car. Night Tide Sands slumped, depressed, on the steering wheel, and after a while, she said to Roland, “I’m sorry, for bringing you to see such an embarrassing thing.” “Embarrassing? What’s there to be ashamed of, it’s not like it’s your business.” Roland smiled. “But rather, this has been a real eye-opener for me today.”

A wedding where the victim uses a video to rebuke their significant other for cheatingthis was something Roland thought he would only see on the news, and to see it once, in reality, was quite amusing. And more importantly, Roland also found out something important related to magic.

It could be called a bumper harvest.

He was naturally delighted.

Night Tide Sands turned her head to see Roland’s smiling face, and then she got a little more depressed.

Girls just thought too much.

She felt that if she had known this would happen, she wouldn’t have brought Roland.

She was now worried that Roland would have a worse impression of her.

Because there was an old saying that birds of a feather flock together.

Having a good friend who cheated, she thought that he might also think she was this kind of person. By extension, even if Roland didn’t think she was one of those people, then would he have a fear of marriage after seeing something like this?

The groom passed out from anger and possibly died from it.

Would he think that women were all as blackhearted as Jane?


The more Night Tide Sands thought about it, the more worried she felt.

nore W

But looking at Roland’s smile, she wanted to argue but didn’t know how to speak for Jane.

In the end, she just started the car in a sullen mood and headed home.

It was around three in the afternoon when Night Tide Sands dropped Roland off at his house.

Watching Roland get out of the car, she wanted to say something, but finally, let out a long sigh and drove off.

Then she complained about Jane in her heart.

She had meant for Roland to see a wedding, to suggest a relationship and encourage thoughts of marriage.

Yet the result... had the opposite effect.

When he got home, Roland sat down, grabbed a notebook at hand, and wrote three lines on it.

In the real world, he had three ways to absorb energy. One was to go over to the Yu family’s ancestral shrine to absorb energy, but the effect was not strong and it had to be converted and was a bit inefficient. Most importantly, the Yu family’s tomb keeper was getting a bit suspicious of him.

The second was Transform to Mana, but it was also quite exhausting. Roland already felt his body weakening

The third was what he found today, absorbing the energy from a broken soul.

This was the most efficient, and shockingly so.

Absorbing a cloud of it was equivalent to nearly a month of Transform to Mana.

The efficiency was great.

But this thing was also the most difficult to find.

Roland had discovered that not everyone could have their soul brought out after death; it took a special talent, one like John’s that could make emotional fluctuations felt a dozen meters away. He had been looking for energy for a long time, and he had been to many places, even hospitals, and had not found that icy mist-like energy. If he dedicated his time to finding the icy mist-like energy mass, it would be fine if he found it, but not finding it would be a waste of time.

Rather, it would be better to practice the Nourishment of Life, strengthen his waist muscles, and then just use Transform to Mana. This would achieve a stable output.

After thinking through these pros and cons, Roland gave up the intention of finding the icy mist-like energy masses.

He’d be lucky to find it, and if he didn’t, then it wasn’t meant to be.

Then, Roland went downstairs excitedly and pedaled the mountain bike to the park.

From a distance, he saw the old man walking on the mountain trail.

He ignored the trail and didn’t even head up the hill, but wandered casually through the park.

Then he found an unoccupied corner and activated Teleportation in a corner where nothing could be seen from all around.

Because Teleportation had been modified once before, slightly reducing the consumption, as well as shortening the teleportation distance...

This time the teleportation was successful, and he teleported right into the secret base.

“It worked!”

Roland looked over his head at the ball of light from Sunlight still taking effect and clenched his fist forcefully.

Although he only had a little bit of MP left, it was indeed a success.

Next, he used Transform to Mana to restore his magic power to more than half.

Then he began to seal the entrance.

He resealed over a hundred meters of stone stairs using Rock to Mud.

After doing all this, he used Transform to Mana several times on himself again to replenish the magic power in his body to almost full capacity, and then covered his waist and teleported out to the corner where he had teleported from earlier.

After resting in place for a while, he then went to a realtor near the park and asked if there were any vacant rooms.

The salesman approached him and told him that there were only a few houses left on the top floor. Roland chose one at random at that moment and said, “I don’t have my ID with me, but I’ll book this one now. How much of a deposit do I need?”

Just after he said this, the sales girl’s eyes lit up.

Small cities were different from big cities; houses were harder to sell, especially penthouses. Now that there was someone to take over the property, she was eager to have it done.

At the same time, she also winked at Roland.

The house was not expensive, but it was also more than six thousand per square meter. This young man asked to buy a house over a hundred square meters, and whether it was in a big or small city, a young man who had such purchasing power was an excellent catch.

Roland ignored the girl’s winks, and once he turned around, he saw the old man staring at him with a smile. He frowned, ignoring him, and turned to leave.

When he returned home, it was already late afternoon.

Roland hadn’t told his family about the house he’d bought spontaneously.

After all, it was meant to be a point of teleportation, so it was better not to talk about it.

Then, Roland went into the game to receive the “deconstruction” of the ceremonial room.

The next day, after getting out of the game, he went to the sales office with his ID card and signed the purchase contract. Meanwhile, the old man, with an obese middle-aged man in tow, went halfway up the mountain, found the spot where Roland had gone before, and entered the underbrush.

“Look, Uncle, this place is almost a walkway.” The somewhat obese middle-aged man pointed to the front and said, “It means that man walked here often. There must be something going on.”

The two men followed the trail Roland left behind and kept walking until they reached the mountain.

“He stopped right here,” said the middle-aged man, pointing nearby. “There’s no path farther on, so he couldn’t have climbed up the mountain from here.”

The old man was gasping for breath; it was a bit difficult for him to walk such a rugged mountain path. He looked around and said, “That means he did something here.”

“I guess so,” the middle-aged man said. “I’ll install a hidden camera here. This thing is used to film wildlife, has infrared capabilities, and a maximum standby time of more than seventeen days. It’s darn expensive.”

The older man nodded as he walked around, finally coming to a rocky outcrop and calling out, “Come here and see if something is wrong with this place.”

The fat man came over, looked at it for a moment, and said, “Something is really wrong.”

The form of the mountain here was all mud, but what they had before them was a circle of rocks.

And the radius of this stone circle was at least two meters tall, and the rock was new like it had been transported from the outside and then set in.

“This can’t be a hidden door or something, right?”

“It looks like it, and it doesn’t look like it.” The old man nodded. “Because it looks too abrupt, too obvious.”

The fat man pressed his hand against the stone circle and said, “The texture is strange and hard. See if there is a mechanism nearby.” The two searched for a while, plucking at a lot of grass and picking at a lot of small holes, and found no mechanisms.

“Then I’ll chisel out some stones and have them analyzed.”

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