Mage Academy: I Have Infinite Skill Points

Chapter 16
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Chapter 16: Why!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Green Magic Academy.

Lin Ming looked at these extremely familiar words and smiled faintly.

At this moment, he was full of confidence!

He was no longer the half-baked Tier 1 Mage that others said he was!

Instead, he was an incomparably terrifying Tier 2 Mage!


The money he earned from the fighting arena, together with the reward Ernest had paid in advance, was already 20,000 gold coins!

He could be considered a rich man!

Lin Ming raised his eyebrows and strode through the door..


Downstairs of the Wind Faculty Building.

A man in a Tier-2 Mage uniform was holding a crystal-like box in his arms. Inside was an exquisite crystal wand with a large blue crystal inlaid on it.

This scene attracted the attention of many students around.

What attracted them was not only the valuable magic wand, but also the identity of the Tier 2 Mage.

He was the strongest existence in the second grade!

The son of the Earl — Melodeon!

He was also the prince charming in the hearts of many female students!

Lin Ming happened to pass by and also saw this scene.

He was a little curious and stopped to watch.

The surrounding students saw the magic wand in Melodeon’s arms.

They couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise!

That wand was terrifyingly valuable!

As expected of the son of the Earl, it was really luxurious to the extreme!

Feeling the envious gazes of the surrounding students, Melodeon was also very proud.

Thinking about the gift that he had spent so much money to buy, the goddess would definitely like it.


Very soon!

A blonde girl with blue eyes walked from the main entrance of the Wind Faculty Building.

She had a hot figure and a beautiful face!

She had an ice-cold temperament, which made her even more attractive.

If beauty was a kind of mistake, then she could only be described as an extremely evil person.

Melodeon was stunned when he saw the girl walk out. He quickly went over to her with some shyness.

The onlookers finally came back to their senses.

After seeing the girl’s beautiful face, it was as if they had just woken up from a dream.

In a trance, it was as if they had guessed the ending!

“As expected, I didn’t guess wrong. Another confession for goddess Winnie’s again.”

“My goddess will always attract so many competitors for me, and each one is more outstanding than the last.”

“Bro, go take a piss and look at yourself. Do you think you’re worthy?”

“Who’s Winnie?”

It was unknown who asked this question secretly, but it was despised by the surrounding people.

At Green Magic Academy.

It didn’t matter if one didn’t know the principal’s name!

Who didn’t know goddess Winnie?

She was a prodigy who became a Tier 3 Mage at the age of 18.


Even a prodigy wasn’t enough for Winnie.

Furthermore, she was the only granddaughter of Marquis Maud Williams of the Yan Lan Dukedom.

She was doted on by thousands of people.


Very soon.

Melodeon ran in front of Winnie.

He looked at Winnie and was still a little nervous.

Not to mention Winnie’s terrifying background and talent, just her cold and elegant face made Melodeon feel a trace of pressure in his heart.

“Win... nie, hello!”

Melodeon hurriedly greeted her, afraid that Winnie would leave directly.

“What’s the matter?”

Winnie stopped her footsteps and glanced at Melodeon.

“I... I like...”

“I’d like to invite you to dinner. I hope you’ll agree.”

Melodeon’s brave words failed to come out. It would be embarrassing to be rejected with so many people around him.

After all, the people Winnie turned down.

There’s no one worse than him.

As Melodeon finished his words, his hands were holding the magic wand quietly waiting for Winnie’s answer.

When the surrounding students heard Melodeon’s words, they were so shocked that they could not close their mouths.

They had clearly heard Melodeon’s previous words.

He had completely retracted his words in fear!

Could this be the aura of a goddess?

“I’ve already eaten, and don’t bother me again in the future. I hope you can remember what I said.” Winnie replied coldly. From the beginning to the end, she had never looked at Melodeon.

Melodeon nodded repeatedly. He didn’t even dare to say a single word!

The surrounding male students were incomparably excited!

It could even be described as unrestrained.

Goddess Winnie, if they couldn’t have her, how could they let others have her?

And the female students were both happy and envious.

As girls, who wouldn’t be envious of Winnie’s talent, temperament, strength, and status?

But Winnie rejected Melodeon, so they would have a chance.

“Lin Ming!”

“Lin Ming, wait for me. I’ll be right there.”

Winnie saw a familiar figure and her cold face immediately melted like an ice.

Her tone was very sweet.

Everyone was stunned.

The Icy Goddess just suddenly became a soft girl?

Lin Ming??

The goddess actually called him brother!

“No, why does Lin Ming sound so familiar?”

“A half-baked mage who has been practicing for three years!”

“F*ck! It can’t be!”

“Why does my goddess call him brother?”

Many people were in disbelief as if they had been struck by a bolt from the blue!

At this moment, someone said helplessly, “I don’t know why, but goddess Winnie treats Lin Ming very well, and it’s not just any good.”

“This is also the reason why Lin Ming is not liked by all the male students in the school.”

Looking at this, Winnie ran towards Lin Ming with a smile on her face.

All the male students present were extremely envious.

There were even some people with expressions of extreme grief on their faces.

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