Madam's Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 2446 - 2446 Sister Nian’s Shoulder Injury Shows Signs of Tearing Again
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2446 Sister Nian’s Shoulder Injury Shows Signs of Tearing Again

Ye Wangchuan sat down and turned his tablet on.

The video call only took a few seconds to connect.

“Master Wang.”

A young man appeared on the screen. Looking to be in his early twenties, he was handsome and had a cold and outstanding temperament.

He greeted Ye Wangchuan respectfully. Then, he asked with concern, “I heard that you went to the independent continent. Have you been well recently?”

“It’s alright,” Ye Wangchuan said calmly. “Are you still in Country M?”

“Didn’t you ask me to keep an eye on the reclusive families? I’ve always been here…” Ji Lin had parked the sports car in the emergency lane of the highway to answer the video call, so he didn’t beat around the bush. He frankly asked, “Master Wang, why did you call me?”

Ji Lin was good-looking.

Qiao Nian would definitely recognize him.

When she went to the Pharmacy Association to look for Zhong Yiliu, the Qi family had once wanted to force her to be a guest at their house. freewebn ovel.c om

However, Ji Lin appeared in time to help her.

Ye Wangchuan had ordered him to keep an eye on the reclusive families’ base camp in Country M for the past few years. Mo Dong and Mo Xi did not have as high a status as Ji Lin in Bright Gate.

“Help me investigate someone.”

“Who?” Ji Lin sat up straight.

Ye Wangchuan knocked on the desk with his knuckles and slowly said, “Lu Zhi.”

Ji Lin was stunned. “Tian Chen’s boss?”

He continued, “Master Wang, why do you want to investigate him?”

Ye Wangchuan shook his head, his eyes filled with coldness. He was not to be trifled with. “Go and find out his relationship with the K Organization.”

Although Ji Lin was surprised, he did not ask any nonsense and immediately nodded. “I understand.”

“There’s more,” Ye Wangchuan added.

Ye Wangchuan frowned. “Check how Tian Chen rose up the ranks and if there’s any shadow of a reclusive family behind its rise.”

Ye Wangchuan nodded and hung up.

The screen went black and the power was automatically cut off.

He sat back in the swivel chair, lowered his head, opened the drawer, threw the tablet inside, and closed the drawer.

Ye Wangchuan sat in his chair for a while before picking up his phone. He stood up and walked to the window to make another call.

“… Go and check Yu Qingliu’s background.”

* *

It was already dark outside when Qiao Nian sent Shi Fu and Zhou Zhou off.

The night wind in April was felt in the independent continent.

The weather was quite cold.

She went to the bathroom to take a shower and came out in a bathrobe. She did not tie the belt and only draped it loosely over her body as she took out a tube of green ointment from her backpack and lowered her head to change the dressing on her shoulder.


The scab on Qiao Nian’s right shoulder showed signs of tearing a second time. The snow-white skin near the wound was slightly red.

These were the symptoms of a second laceration and inflammation.

She applied the ointment and felt a cooling sensation on her shoulder, slightly suppressing the burning pain.

Knock knock.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door.

Qiao Nian put down the ointment and put on her bathrobe. Then, she looked at the door and said, “Come in.”

She got up, unzipped her bag, and wanted to put the ointment back inside.

Ye Wangchuan saw the green ointment in her hand as soon as he entered. There was a string of English letters on it, which looked vague from afar.

Qiao Nian quickly put the things away, but he still saw through her.

He frowned. His expression was a little solemn as he walked over, grabbed the girl’s wrist, and asked in a low voice, “Your wound is inflamed? How did this happen?”

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