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Chapter 2379: Got It

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Qiao Nian hid behind a tree and watched as everyone in the Punishment Hall was called away.

She deftly jumped down from the tree branch and knelt on one knee, then propped herself up with her palms and cleaned herself of the fallen leaves before walking elegantly towards the Punishment Hall.

The last sentence of the Morse code that Ji Qing left behind mentioned that she had ‘placed the item’ somewhere—the Ji family’s Punishment Hall!

Although Qiao Nian did not know what she hid there, Ji Qing left this clue encrypted.

She speculated that this “thing” was related to her mother’s death.

Therefore, she had to get this ‘thing’.

However, this matter was as Guan Yan said. It was too dangerous and involved too many people. She could not involve Ye Wangchuan and Feng Yu.

As for her and the Ji family…

Qiao Nian narrowed her eyes, which were quite cold. 𝒻𝑟ℯℯ𝓌ℯ𝒷𝑛𝘰𝘷ℯ𝘭.𝘤𝘰𝘮

She had already fallen out with the Ji family.

Since the two sides had already fallen out, it did not matter if the matter was exacerbated. At most, they would fall out more thoroughly!

Everyone in the Punishment Hall had been called away. The place that was usually as tight as an iron bucket was especially cold today.

Qiao Nian knew that the surveillance cameras were all blocked and no one could see her through them. Thus, she walked in openly.

Since the Punishment Hall was a place to punish those who made mistakes, it was quite spacious. There was a special place for the tablets of the Ji family’s Patriarchs.

Qiao Nian stood at this place that was specially designed for the Ji family to reflect on their mistakes. She glanced coldly at the memorial tablets of the various Patriarchs on the stage and walked over. She picked up the wooden tablet with the name Ji Xiangkong and touched it all over.

There was a recessed, secret compartment-like place below.

When Qiao Nian touched it, she focused slightly and pressed the depression into the middle. A wooden black box popped out.

The box was square and only the size of a palm.

Qiao Nian frowned and picked up the box. Only then did she realize that this material was not wood, but a very heavy rare metal.

It was cold to the touch.

She couldn’t tell what kind of metal it was for now.

The box had no patterns. It was very simple.

However, when Qiao Nian turned it over, she saw a high-tech mechanical lock on the front. It seemed to require a key to open the box.

Was this what Ji Qing hid using encrypted words?

Qiao Nian knew that now was not a good time to study this box. She put it in her bag and zipped it up, then prepared to leave this place…

There was a commotion outside.

“Is it appropriate for us to come back now? The Patriarch still needs manpower…”

Qiao Nian heard a man’s low voice. “I keep feeling that there’s something strange about the explosion this time. Look at the seven explosion locations, but no one was injured. Don’t you think it’s strange? Moreover, there are explosives everywhere, but it’s extremely quiet around us. That’s why I wanted to come back and take a look.”

“You’re right. There’s really no commotion around the Punishment Hall…”

Qiao Nian could only hide behind the door. She frowned as the man outside continued, “Sometimes, the most suspicious place is the most quiet! He Lin said that he found a suspicious car. The person he sent to intercept hasn’t sent any news back yet. I think we’ve lost him.

“The other party spent so much effort to cut off the Ji family’s internal signal and caused such a huge commotion. Don’t tell me you think he’s just throwing bombs around for fun?”

Qiao Nian lowered the brim of her cap to hide the coldness in her eyes.

Pfft, how annoying!

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