Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City

Chapter 94
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Chapter 94

Huo Zihang cringed, feeling a little scared.

“I... I’m doing this to stop her from wasting money.”

Huo Qingyuan snorted coldly.

“Huo Qingyuan, aren’t you quite fond of Yan Jinyi now? Think about it, Second Brother never quite liked her in the first place, and this time, he even deactivated her black card. If Yan Jinyi loses another hundred million this time, he will definitely detest her even more.”

‘Second Sister-in-law will never fail!’

Huo Qingyuan tried her best to brainwash herself.

“Forget it, if you’re willing to lose your money, go ahead and do it!” Seeing Huo Qingyuan’s nonchalant look, Huo Zihang waved his hand and continued, “By the way, did you say that she told me to avoid her when I see her in the future?”

Huo Qingyuan nodded profusely. “Third Brother, you’re finished. You’d better pack up and go abroad to look for Second Brother!”

Trying his best to maintain his authority as her brother, he said, “I’m not afraid at all.”

‘If you’re not afraid, why are you shivering!?’


After hanging up, Yan Jinyi rubbed her chin with one hand and began thinking about it carefully.

‘Get Zhao Xinchen to invest?’

‘Wouldn’t I have to split the earnings with the Zhao Family?’

‘Why do they deserve that!?’

‘They should be grateful that I didn’t cause them to collapse!’


A dim light flashed in her beautiful eyes and she said, “We’ll go ahead with filming as per normal tomorrow. I have to get going.”

Tao Wei watched Yan Jinyi leave alone.

“Zhuang Heng, why don’t you invest that 100 million?”

Zhuang Heng glanced at Tao Wei and refuted, “Didn’t you hear that Little Pepper disagreed? Hmph, you’re still coveting my money. Dream on.”

Zhuang Heng left arrogantly.


The rhythmic music made their hearts beat subconsciously as the radiant rays of light intertwined with the wine glasses.

Yan Jinyi weaved through the crowd, and her gaze was finally locked on the table in the far corner, which was separated by the partition.

She stroked her long hair and strode over.

The crisp sound of her high heels was drowned out by the deafening music. Soon, Yan Jinyi saw Zhao Xinchen who was seated on the sofa in between two women.

She walked over with a straight face and pushed the sexy girl who was cuddled up in Zhao Xinchen’s arms. She then sat down next to him.

Zhao Xinchen was about to curse when he saw that it was Yan Jinyi. He hurriedly stood up in shock.

“Sister Jinyi, why are you here?”

Yan Jinyi looked up and began munching on the banana chips on the table. “To look for you.”

‘Has my stupid sister gone to provoke Huo Qingyuan again?’

Other than Zhao Xinchen, there were several other rich kids in the room.

When they saw Yan Jinyi, they all put on a lewd expression and whistled at her. “Hey who’s this beauty? Xinchen, is she your new girl?”


Yan Jinyi’s eyebrows twitched.

When Zhao Xinchen saw her pinching the banana chips and crushing it into bits, his heart began pounding and he chided, “Shut up, cut the crap!”

“Hey, why are you so fierce? Are you denying? Since she’s not your girl, I won’t stand on ceremony with you.”

As he spoke, the man picked up a glass of wine and walked towards Yan Jinyi. Striking a pose that he thought was dashing, he flirted, “Beauty, I think you look especially like my next girlfriend. May I know your name?”

Yan Jinyi glanced at him coldly and said, “You look very much like the next person I’m going to beat up.”

The man froze and suddenly smiled. “Beauty, you’re really good at joking.”

“Get lost before I flare up.”

“Beauty, what’s with all the aggression? Isn’t the point of coming here to cozy up to someone in our circle?”

The man had already placed his hand on Yan Jinyi’s shoulder. “I think you’re not too bad. How about you leave with me?”

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