Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City

Chapter 502: Kill Him
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Chapter 502: Kill Him

‘Second Sister-in-law actually gets nightmares too?’

Huo Zihang was flabbergasted as if he had discovered something beyond the perception of humans.

‘Such a vile, brazen, and arrogant woman actually got nightmares too?’

Huo Xishen stood up abruptly and strode towards her. When Yan Jinyi finally arrived downstairs, he walked towards the dining hall side-by-side with her.

“Are you scared?”


‘It’s just that dreaming about him is really disturbing.’

He could tell that Yan Jinyi was not in a good mood today. After giving it some thought, he reached his arm out and rubbed her head. “It’s just a nightmare, it’s fine.”

Yan Jinyi couldn’t help but turn to look at him. His side profile was very dashing and his features were exquisite and well-defined, making him look like a comic character.

“What would you do if you saw the person who harmed you and your loved ones in your previous life?”

“Huh?” Huo Xishen was bewildered. ‘Previous life?’

“Darling, no one has any memory of their previous lives.”

Yan Jinyi smiled perfunctorily as she suddenly remembered that point. “Just tell me what you would do.”

Huo Xishen looked at her and said, “Do the loved ones include you?”

Raising her head to meet his gaze with surprise after hearing his question, Yan Jinyi answered, “Of course.”

“I’ll kill him or her,” Huo Xishen said coldly with indifference.

His eyes were full of composure as if he was just discussing with her what to eat today.

“Aren’t you afraid of going to jail?”


‘As expected of a person who dominates the world of business. He’s just different from others.’

Yan Jinyi suddenly felt like her mood was lifted as she convinced herself, ‘There were many people who looked alike in the past life. That man couldn’t have been so lucky as to be reborn in this place again.’

‘He should reincarnate as a dog.’

‘No, he’s not even worthy of being a dog.’

While thinking about it sinisterly, she suddenly looked at Zhang Guoquan and said, “I’d like to have some steak for breakfast.”

Zhang Guoquan nodded respectfully and said, “Please rest assured, Second Young Mistress Huo, there will be steak for breakfast today.”

Yan Jinyi raised her eyebrows and couldn’t help but look at him twice more.

‘Zhang Guoquan has started getting to know me better and better.’

As soon as Huo Qingyuan took a seat, she suddenly said, “Speaking of which, I accompanied a friend to drop her younger brother off at the kindergarten yesterday afternoon and I saw a little boy who looked quite similar to Zihang. I was really shocked.”

Yan Jinyi stopped cutting her steak with her cutlery when she heard those words. “You must have seen wrongly.”

“I didn’t, he really looked like Third Brother, especially his eyes. Third Brother, think about it carefully, did you really not get any woman pregnant out there?”

Huo Zihang waved his hand disdainfully and said, “I’m innocent and my conscience is clear. Impossible.”

Huo Qingyuan humphed coldly. ‘You have so many ex-girlfriends and you have the cheek to say you’re innocent. Do you have any shame?”

“No, Third Brother, that little boy really resembles you. He was pretty cute, I…”

“Your eyes must have been playing tricks on you,”Yan Jinyi said.

Huo Qingyuan quickly shook her head and looked into Yan Jinyi’s eyes. “Second Sister-in-law, I really didn’t see wrongly, he really…”

“If I say he doesn’t, he doesn’t.” Yan Jinyi suddenly slammed her hand onto the table.

Huo Qingyuan chickened out.

She pursed her lips and looked down. “Fine, he doesn’t look like Third Brother, not even a little bit.”

Huo Xishen couldn’t help but look at Yan Jinyi a few more times with an ambiguous gaze, seemingly deep in thought. After a long time, he looked away.

“Second Sister-in-law trusts me after all. I may have had lots of girlfriends but I’m not an easy man. How can I get so many girls knocked up? Huo Qingyuan, if you spout nonsense again, I’ll have Second Brother send you on a blind date.”

Huo Qingyuan glared at Huo Zihang. ‘Good that he’s not your son. You don’t deserve to have such an adorable son. Third Brother, you’re a dog who will never get a wife in this life!’


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