Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City

Chapter 310
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Chapter 310

“Honey~ help me take it, I’ll get shy if I come out naked~”

Huo Xishen felt goosebumps all over his body.

‘What the hell is Yan Jinyi up to?’

He nevertheless compromised and turned around to go to the closet.

Ever since Yan Jinyi moved in, he had to share the closet in his room with her but fortunately, the space was still enough for him.

In the past few days after he returned home, he spent almost everyday sleeping in the guest room while Yan Jinyi occupied the master bedroom. Tonight, he somehow wanted to enter the master bedroom.

He pulled open the drawer in the right closet, and he could see at a glance the neatly arranged...underwear.

Huo Xishen’s ears turned red and he casually took one without even looking at it. He then strode towards the bathroom.

“Here.” His awkwardness could be heard in his cold voice.

The bathroom door was pulled open again, and a long, slender arm was stretched out.

Huo Xishen stuffed it into Yan Jinyi’s hand casually and unintentionally touched her skin. In that moment, his body shuddered.

He turned around and was just about to walk towards the sofa but Yan Jinyi suddenly said, “It turns out you like thongs, Mr. Huo!”

‘Thong? What do you mean?’

Huo Xishen pursed his lips and as soon as he sat down, he saw the cell phone beside him.

The great Mr. Huo picked up his cell phone and began to search for a photo of a thong on the internet.

As soon as he saw the photos that popped up on the screen, his neck turned red and he felt as if there was an explosion in his head.

‘Why did she buy such a revealing thing? What is this woman thinking?’

Hearing that the door of the bathroom had been opened, Huo Xishen immediately returned to his expressionless state.

She picked up the book beside her and pretended to look at it seriously.

‘He’s still reading a book? So he just casually grabbed one without looking at the design of the underwear? What a typical ascetic guy!’

She suddenly recalled Huo Xishen’s strange misogynistic character and smiled wryly beore walking over to sit down beside Huo Xishen.

The distance between them was only the size of a fist and the fragrance of her shampoo immediately wafted up her nose.

Huo Xishen was thrilled.

“Actually, it’s my first time wearing a thong. Mr. Huo, if you like it, I’ll wear nothing but thongs in the future, okay?”

The picture that he had just seen on the internet immediately appeared in his head.

Huo Xishen coughed and said, “As the wife of a wealthy man, you should pay more attention to the way you dress.”

Yan Jinyi blinked and feigned ignorance. “What’s wrong with my dressing? Isn’t it pretty normal? Mr. Huo, are you referring to my undergarment?”

At this point, she waved her hand and said in a delicate and coquettish voice, “Ah~ If you like clothes that are more intimate, I’ll wear them for you! Other men can’t see me wearing it anyway.”

Huo Xishen felt his blood surging through his veins and he subconsciously clenched his fists.

“Mr. Huo, wearing revealing lingerie is a trend these days! I happen to have a set. Why don’t you come to our room tomorrow night too? I’ll put it on for you!”

Yan Jinyi reached out and was about to put her hand on his shoulder. He suddenly stood up and said expressionlessly, “It’s getting late, Darling,go to bed.”

After saying that, she walked out of the master bedroom without even turning around.

Yan Jinyi couldn’t help cover her lips and snicker when she saw his ears turning red.

‘Doggy Huo is so cute! Teasing him is so much fun!’

No one would have thought that the shrewd and ruthless businessman Huo Xishen, who was the helmsman of Huo Group, would be that resolute.

Having created a misunderstanding, Huo Qingyuan had already decided to avoid contact with Huo Xishen for the time being.

Hence, she took a class off to leave home later.

However, she ended up seeing Yan Jinyi, Huo Xishen, and Huo Zihang having breakfast when she went downstairs.

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