Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City

Chapter 235
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Chapter 235

“Don’t be shy, Mr. Huo. We are a married couple, isn’t it normal for married couples to do such things? I will be gentle. Come on, be good.”

As she spoke, she suddenly freed out a hand to lift Huo Xishen’s chin.

When her clammy fingertip touched the skin of his chin, Huo Xishen suddenly felt a chill all over his body.

Noticing the glint in his eyes, Yan Jinyi said with an evil smirk, “Ah, are you afraid, Mr. Huo? I know it’s your first time, don’t worry, it’s my first time too. We can learn from each other, and once we gain enough experience, it’ll be much easier in the future.”

While speaking, she leaned even closer to him and her red lips were about to touch his face. Huo Xishen suddenly pushed Yan Jinyi away, tidied his messy clothes, and then turned around to go inside the bathroom. “I’ll sleep on the couch downstairs. Go get some rest.”

‘Damn, I shouldn’t have gotten someone to move the couch in the room away.’

Having dominated the corporate sector for so many years, Huo Xishen was a reputable and esteemed figure whom many were intimidated by. Yet, he was in such a pathetic state now.

Seeing that Huo Xishen seemed to be trying to flee, Yan Jinyi couldnt help but laugh out loud.

‘Why is Huo Xishen so cute!?! He was so charming when he was being shy just now!’

Huo Xishen had always thought that Yan Jinyi was just joking when she said that she wanted to sleep with him, but he never expected that she was serious about it.

Yan Jinyi had a good sleep that night, unlike Huo Xishen who stayed wide awake on the couch downstairs throughout the entire night.

At the thought of Yan Xinyi’s deliberate attempt at teasing him last night, he felt a little furious.

He was full of repulsion and breaking out cold sweat last night but...

By the time Yan Jinyi came to, it was already almost noon.

Still clad in her pajamas, she headed downstairs in her slippers.

As soon as she reached the staircase, she saw Huo Xishen who was seated on the couch.

There were two men in front of him.

One of them was holding a document in his hand and reporting to Huo Xishen about some business-related matters.

The other was a Caucasian man who was engaging in a conversation with Huo Xishen, which Yan Jinyi could not understand.

“Hey, I’m hungry, is there any food?”

Hearing the female voice that sounded out of nowhere, the two of them looked over, horrified to see a beautiful woman whom they had never seen before.

The thing was, she even asked Huo Xishen for food.

Knowing that Huo Xishen hated being interrupted when he was working, they thought that she would definitely get into trouble, but in the end...

“Assistant Wen has great culinary skills. You may try the food he cooks, Darling.”

The man who was holding the document was Assistant Wen who soon figured out Yan Jinyi’s identity after hearing Huo Xishen’s words.

Sometimes, when Huo Xishen got too busy, Uncle Zhang would report the situation at home to Assistant Wen instead. Hence, the latter knew quite a fair bit about Yan Jinyi who was rumored to be violent.

Assistant Wen quickly bowed to Yan Jinyi politely and said, “Hello, Second Young Mistress, what would you like to eat? I will cook it for you.”

Yan Jinyi walked straight to the single sofa and sat down. Leaning back with her legs crossed leisurely, she answered, “Steak.”


The Caucasian hunk did not understand what they said and simply looked at Yan Jinyi in shock.

Seeing that Assistant Wen was about to leave, he stopped him.

After a long conversation that Yan Jinyi once again did not understand, the Caucasian hunk suddenly bowed to her.

“This is Jamie, the person in charge of the Huo Corporation’s companies in the US.”

Huo Xishen gave an introduction.

“Oh, I see.”

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