Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City

Chapter 234
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Chapter 234

Although Huo Xishen was living in a large bungalow... only one out of the four rooms in the house contained a bed in it.

Yan Jinyi watched as Huo Xishen dragged her suitcase into the master bedroom.

The cool-tone color scheme of the room felt just as distant as him.

“There is only one bed at home, Darling, please make do.”

Yan Jinyi realized that this place was different from the Huo Family’s residence because there wasn’t a sofa at all!

“Where are you going to sleep?” Yan Jinyi couldn’t help but ask.

“The bed too, of course.”

Upon hearing this, Yan Jinyi instantly became unsettled. “Didn’t you say you’d let me sleep on the bed?”

Huo Xishen nodded and said, “We are a married couple.”

‘So? That doesn’t seem right, that dog Huo Xishen has a phobia of women, he can’t touch women!’

Thinking of this, Yan Jinyi suddenly smiled sinisterly.

While walking towards Huo Xishen, she removed her jacket and asked, “We’ve been married for such a long time, don’t you think we should consummate our marriage?”

Huo Xishen’s gaze turned gloomy because he didn’t expect her to be so bold all of a sudden.

Raising her hand, she smoothly untied her bun and shook her head, allowing her black hair to cascade down her back like a waterfall.

The faint scent of shampoo lingered in his nostrils.

“Where should we do it? On the ground? On the seats downstairs? Or the balcony?”

Yan Jinyi lowered her voice and sounded particularly alluring.

Keeping a straight face, Huo Xishen said, “Darling, you have such special preferences.”

Yan Jin Yi whistled and winked at Huo Xishen. “I only have a special preference for you.”

At this moment, she was just like a female rogue who was extremely sinister.

Huo Xishen’s Adam’s apple moved and he said, “It’s my honor that you like me so much, Madam.”

“Come on, baby, do you want to undress yourself or would you like me to help you? Don’t worry, I promise you’ll be full of desires!”


Huo Xishen’s thick brows were furrowed and his eyes were glistening.

‘This woman is so good at teasing and flirting.’

As Yan Jinyi got closer to Huo Xishen, he was about to turn around but she suddenly pushed him towards the wall.

Huo Xishen was very tall and she could only reach his shoulders.

At this moment, she was supporting herself against the wall with the corners of her eyes slightly raised. Looking at him roguishly, she asked, “Mr. Huo, your nose bridge is high, you’re tall, and you’ve got a great figure. Are you good in bed too?”

Huo Xishen, who had always had a high EQ, couldn’t help but feel a little shy now.

His ears turned red and he was trying his best to keep a straight face, but the veins on his forehead were obviously bulging.

Yan Jinyi leaned closer towards his ears and blew some air into it. They were only inches apart but she maintained the distance.

“Mr. Huo, you look so charming when you’re shy, I can hardly resist. Time is precious, Mr. Huo, shall we get started?”

“My wife, please know your limits,” Huo Xishen said in a hoarse voice.

Although he did not like to be touched by women, that did not mean that he wouldn’t have the same physical reactions as normal men, especially when Yan Jinyi was so charming.

‘She’s just like a demoness. Was she a vixen in her past life?’

Yan Jinyi waved her hand and said, “Hey Mr. Huo, don’t be so shy, why don’t we do it on the sofa? You just have to lie down flat and leave the rest to me. Don’t worry, I promise you’ll be addicted!’

‘Such atrocious words! How can a girl say such words without feeling ashamed?’

Huo Xishen forced himself to remain calm, “Darling, it’s better for a girl to be reserved.”

“What is being reserved? Can that let me sleep with a handsome hunk?”

‘What a joke, I’m a bandit with no reservations!’

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