Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City

Chapter 233
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Chapter 233

Huo Xishen stir-fried some vegetables while Yan Jinyi stood by the door to look at him.

To be frank, he seemed rather skilful.

“How did you learn to cook?”

“I used to go on missions with the Huo Family’s escort team.”

The Huo Family’s escort team was an incredible existence, as they often worked for the country and that was also the reason for their high prestige and reputation.

“Darling, do you like spicy food?”

Huo Xishen suddenly asked.

“I’m fine with it.”

“I can’t quite take spicy foods, can you make do with blander food?”

“A bandit never picks her food.” Yan Jinyi was nonchalant.

She really wasn’t picky with her food and would eat anything as long as there was meat.

Huo Xishen merely thought that she was referring to the role that she played in Female Fortress Leader.

There were three dishes and a bowl of soup, one of which was vegetarian.

Huo Xishen was actually not bad at cooking.

Yan Jinyi was already eager to eat.

“Darling, would you like to have some wine?”

“Red wine would be nice.”

Huo Xishen nodded and looked at Yan Jinyi whose eyes were glued onto the food. The corners of his lips curled into a smile and he said, “Madam, please lay the table while I go get the wine.”

“Oh, okay.”

The dishes that Huo Xishen cooked were not only pleasant-looking and appetizing, they tasted superb too.

Yan Jinyi quickly wolfed down two bowls of rice, as if she had been famished for decades.

However, Huo Xishen, the tall man who was almost two meters tall, did not have half a bowl of rice at all.

When she was almost done with her third bowl of rice, Yan Jinyi looked at Huo Xishen who was drinking some wine elegantly. “Um, can I have another half a bowl of rice?”

Huo Xishen smiled. “As you please, my wife. It’s a blessing to be able to eat.”

“Your culinary skills are indeed better than mine.”

Yan Jinyi spoke while chewing.

Hearing this, Huo Xishen raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “Judging from what you said, you’ve never cooked before, have you?”

“Oh, I’ve once cooked noodles for Huo Zihang and he was almost moved to tears.”

Huo Zihang would have denied if he heard her.

Once Huo Xishen heard that Yan Jinyi had cooked noodles for Huo Zihang, he moved his eyebrows a little and said, “Zihang is lucky.”

Yan Jinyi sniffled and looked at him in bewilderment. “Do you feel a sudden drop in temperature?”

Huo Xishen smiled particularly hypocritically and said, “No, Darling, you may still be unable to adapt to the temperature here because you’ve just gotten off the plane.”

“That’s possible.”

Yan Jinyi had already finished almost all the food on the table and Huo Xishen began to clear the plates.

While he was doing so, he suddenly asked, “How do the noodles that you cook taste?”

“Delicious, of course. My culinary skills are comparable to the imperial chefs!”

Yan Jinyi said particularly confidently.

Huo Xishen nodded and asked, “Well, is it convenient for you to cook a bowl of noodles for me now?”

‘Noodles? Haven’t you just eaten?’

Yan Jinyi’s eyes were full of bewilderment.

“I don’t really feel like eating rice. I heard that you’re great at cooking noodles so I’d like to try it.”

Yan Jinyi couldn’t stand it when others praised her.

Besides, she was being praised by a hunk like Huo Xishen.

“No problem, are you going to pay me?”

“100,000 yuan.”

Before Huo Xishen finished, Yan Jinyi turned around and headed to the kitchen.

When Huo Xishen looked at the large bowl full of noodles that Yan Jinyi brought out, his eyelids twitched.

Apart from the noodles and some vegetable leafs, the rest of the contents of the bowl was water.

It looked like instant noodles that were soaked in water without any seasoning.

“You don’t have enough seasonings here. I only decided to cook for the sake of that 100,000 yuan you promised...”

In fact, that bowl of noodles that Yan Jinyi made was rather bland and almost tasteless.

However, Huo Xishen somehow found it delicious.

He suddenly felt that it was not bad to keep her around to cook him noodles every day.

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