Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City

Chapter 182
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Chapter 182

Huo Xishen brushed off the people who went up to try and suck up to him. He then reached out to pinch his temples, only to see that Tang Qing was sitting on the sofa and drinking some wine silently.

“Xishen, what’s going on with Tang Qing and Jinyi?”

Huo Chengyu asked in a deep voice with his thick eyebrows furrowed slightly, “When did Jinyi get involved with Tang Qing?”

Huo Xishen calmly sipped his wine and said, “Big Brother, why don’t you ask Huo Zihang and Huo Qingyuan instead?”

Huo Zihang and Huo Qingyuan had innocent expressions.

‘We don’t know anything!’

‘We don’t dare to meddle with Second Sister-in-law’s affairs!’

Shen Yan was surrounded by a group of wealthy men’s wives while Huo Xian led the three Huo brothers to talk to several prominent figures. On the other hand, Huo Qingyuan stayed at the side to chat with her friends.

Yan Jinyi ate the cake while wandering among the crowd, bored out of her wits!

‘The banquets of wealthy families are so boring!’

After thinking about it, she planned to go give Tang Qing a hard time. Zhang Guoquan walked over carefully and said, “Second Young Mistress Huo, there is a person outside who claims to be your aunt looking for you.”


‘Do I have an aunt?’

With a look of puzzlement, Yan Jinyi carefully searched her memories and thought, ‘Oh, yes, the original owner does seem to have an aunt.’

“Why is she looking for me?”

“I don’t know, she just keeps crying, there should be something urgent.”

It was the woman from her uncle’s second marriage. She was a gossipmonger and a greedy money-grubber. What else could she have wanted to see her for?

Right after Huo Xishen made Yan Jinyi upset, someone sent herself to the door to vent her anger.

‘Indeed, I’m a fairy who’s blessed by Heaven!’

“Tell her to come to look for me in the garden at the back.”

Zhang Guoquan left and Yan Jinyi wandered around the lawn. She stuffed a piece of cake into her mouth and finally grabbed a glass of wine before walking slowly to the garden at the back.

The Huo Family’s mansion was large. The back garden was connected to the vegetable garden, and at this moment, the servants have all gone to the front to help. Hence, the place was very quiet.

Yan Jinyi looked for a chair and sat down before drinking some wine leisurely.

Soon, Zhang Guoquan came with a middle-aged woman.

She was slightly chubby, but she was wearing a tight green dress, and a dazzling gold belt, making her particularly... eye-catching.

The woman was carefully clutching a designer bag, and after seeing Yan Jinyi, she immediately carried the bag in her hand and held her head up.

She was the so-called aunt Chen Yulian.

When she saw Yan Jinyi, Chen Yulian immediately put on a loving expression like she was a kind elder. “Jinyi, I haven’t seen you for such a long time. You’re getting prettier and prettier.”

Yan Jinyi glanced at her expressionlessly and said, “Zhang Guoquan, you’re dismissed.”

Zhang Guoquan knew that Yan Jinyi hated him. Hence, he immediately turned around to leave without delay.

Chen Yulian first scanned her surroundings, her gaze full of amazement. “The Huo Family’s mansion is really huge. Will you get lost living here?”

Yan Jinyi still remained silent.

“Your uncle owns a small business now, but unfortunately the nation’s economy is in the doldrums now. All his money has been spent on stocking goods and he can’t withdraw any. It happens that your cousin wants to go overseas to develop.”

‘There she goes, there she goes, this woman is finally going to start acting.’

Seeing that Yan Jinyi was staying silent for a long time, Chen Yulian thought to herself resentfully, ‘You just married into a rich family. What’s the big deal?’

“Jinyi, can you lend us some money? Your cousin wants to go overseas to study architecture. He’s very talented in this. Once your uncle’s money is deposited, we’ll return it to you immediately.”

Yan Jinyi sipped on some wine and asked, “Is your son doing well academically?”

She remembered that Chen Yulian’s son had poor grades and his results were worse than Huo Qingyuan’s. How could he do his ancestors proud?

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