Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City

Chapter 181
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Chapter 181

Huo Xian was already a little displeased. “Tang Qing, Jinyi is a great catch, but she is in a loving marriage with Xishen. They won’t allow a third party to come in between them.”

“Old Master Huo, you’re being too serious. It’s the 21st century. We are not as particular as our foremen used to be. As long as the two people are in love with each other, it doesn’t matter whether they are married to someone else or not.”

The people around them watched the conversation with great interest. It seemed that Tang Qing was determined to make a cuckold out of Huo Xishen!

‘Mr. Tang is so suave and domineering!’

Tang Qing laughed at the ruffian. “Tang and other second young grandmothers are divorced.”

He grinned at Yan Jinyi roguishly and said, “I’ll wait for Second Young Mistress Huo to get a divorce.”

Gripping his walking stick tightly, Huo Xian was just about to speak when Huo Xishen said coldly, “Since you like being a homewrecker, we’re in no place to stop you.”

Huo Xishen then glanced at Yan Jinyi. “My dear wife, you’re so popular with men. I hope you will be careful and avoid going out in the future.”

‘What does this dog mean?’

‘Is he trying to ground me?’

Despite smiling, Yan Jinyi had already cursed Huo Xishen terribly deep down.

“Madam, is there something you’re upset about?”

“Damn it, you...”

As soon as Yan Jinyi spoke, Huo Qingyuan hurriedly covered her mouth and risked her life to pull Yan Jinyi to the side. “Second Sister-in-law, you can scold him however you’d like in private, but Grandpa’s birthday banquet is ongoing now. Everyone here is influential enough to easily take the city by storm. We can’t make a fool out of the Huo Family.”

Yan Jinyi took a deep breath. She understood that, but she couldn’t tolerate it!

Huo Xishen was being too much of a bully!

“Second Sister-in-law, I beg of you, Grandpa is always very generous when he comes home and he’ll give us juniors a lot of pocket money under the conditions that we don’t upset him. Otherwise, we won’t get a single cent.”

‘Pocket money?’

Yan Jinyi’s eyes lit up. “How much?”

“At least a million. Grandpa is very generous, if he’s in a good mood, he might give us even more.”

‘Ah this old man is a generous and wealthy man. I can’t offend him.’

Yan Jinyi clenched her fists and said, “I’ll try not to get angry at your brother.”

‘I’ll vent it on someone else.’

After cajoling Yan Jinyi and getting her to simmer down, Huo Qingyuan heaved a sigh of relief and made an ‘OK’ sign at Shen Yan. “Second Sister-in-law, let’s go over now. Second Brother must have plenty of people to meet this time since he’s just returned.”

Yan Jinyi looked at Huo Xishen who was being surrounded by others and asked, “Is Huo Xishen very good at earning money?”

“He’s better than Tang Qing. Second Brother makes enough to buy an entire city.”

‘Wow, he’s so rich!’

Yan Jinyi sighed. ‘Unfortunately, he’s stingy and no matter how rich he is, it’s pointless. He’s actually worse than Tang Qing.’

‘All he has are good looks. Yes... he’s got a hot body too.’

Most of the guests present were there for the sake of making connections with the Huo Family. As the helmsman of the Huo Group, Huo Xishen was naturally the center of attention.

“It seems Second Young Mistress Huo doesn’t have much of a say. Go and chat with Shen Yan instead and try to build some connections with her,” a boss ordered, staring at his wife ferociously.

“Where is Shen Yan? Getting close to her is the most important. Ignore Second Young Mistress Huo and Miss Huo for the time being,” a senior executive of a certain firm instructed his wife.

At this moment, Yan Jinyi walked past a few people while holding a tray of food.

‘Ignore me? Do I seem that insignificant?’

“Hubby, do you find your back a little cold?”

“It might be because of the breeze just now.”

“Mr. Zhang, I feel so cold.”

“Darling, be good, let’s focus on getting close to Shen Yan now, I’ll warm you up tonight.”

Yan Jinyi looked away and thought, ‘I don’t even care about a bunch of scumbags like you people!’

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