Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 204 - An Interrogation
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Chapter 204: An Interrogation

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Qiao An was slightly surprised. If this guy didn’t drink, how did he know that drinking on an empty stomach was harmful to his health?

Qiao An ate a few sweet buns in a row and started playing rock, paper, scissors with Huo Xiaoran.

Huo Xiaoran’s reaction speed was outstanding. He could always react immediately after Qiao An punched. In the first round, Qiao An lost.

Huo Xiaoran asked her, “An’an, how did you spend the past three years?”

Qiao An cocked her head and answered evasively, “I was in a car accident. I was in the hospital for the better part of a year.”

She looked straight at Huo Xiaoran, wanting to see shame in his eyes. However, there was no shame, only endless worry and pity.

“Where are you hurt?” Huo Xiaoran asked nervously.

Qiao An reminded him, “That’s the second question.”

Huo Xiaoran was very helpless.

He scissored rock and cloth with her again.

This time Qiao An lost again.

Qiao An stroked her sideburns, answering his second question directly. “Here, the injuries aren’t serious. But they’re disfiguring. I had a microfix afterward. That’s what kept my eyes from showing signs of a car accident.”

Huo Xiaoran’s heart ached for Qiao An.

He thought about how she had jumped off a building and experienced a car accident at such a young age. After two serious injuries, her foundation was probably getting weaker and weaker.

When Qiao An drank again, Huo Xiaoran pressed her hand down and said, “An’an, stop drinking.”

Qiao An said, “I lost. I lost the bet.” She was headstrong.

Huo Xiaoran was silent for a long time before asking her in a low voice, “An’an, do you still love me?”

Qiao An answered firmly. “No.”

How could she love a man who wanted to kill her?

Something in Huo Xiaoran’s eyes completely disappeared.

His smile was bitter. “How did we get to this point?” he murmured miserably.

Qiao An’s eyes turned scarlet as she roared inside. “Isn’t this because of you?”

Huo Xiaoran raised the bottle of wine in front of him and began to drink. He drank the wine fiercely, as if his world only had wine and him.

Qiao An stared at him silently. She was waiting for him to get her drunk so she could torture him.

Huo Xiaoran was indeed not good at drinking. Not long after, his face turned red and his drunken state was obvious.

“Huo Xiaoran, do you remember what happened the night I left the airport three years ago?” Qiao An decided to torture him step by step.

Huo Xiaoran nodded with hazy eyes.

“I remember.” He would never forget the day he’d raced to the airport in ecstasy. The day he’d been ready to humble himself and beg her to come back to him, but she’d stood him up.

She was gone when he went.

He sat in the car until dawn, disheartened. Then the next day, he was in intensive care.

He suddenly glared at Qiao An angrily. “An’an, why didn’t you wait for me?”

Qiao An was stunned. This guy was really good at turning the tables.

It seemed to her he was not drunk yet.

Qiao An opened another bottle for him and handed it to Huo Xiaoran. “Drink.”

Huo Xiaoran picked up the wine bottle and poured it into his mouth.

After a few bottles of wine, Huo Xiaoran was so drunk that he couldn’t find his bearings.

But Qiao An’s drunkenness faded, revealing a fierce edge.

She glared at Huo Xiaoran, who was lying on the table, and said in a terrifying voice.

“Huo Xiaoran…”

Huo Xiaoran ignored her.

Qiao An stood and crossed to him, then opened the recorder she’d prepared.

“Huo Xiaoran, did you go to the airport three years ago?” She tried to bait him.

Huo Xiaoran said in a daze, “An’an, I went to look for you.”

Qiao An’s eyes turned even colder.

“What do you want with me?”

“I … I wanted … you to stay.”

Qiao An was furious. “I’ve looked for you so many times, but you’ve always ruthlessly pushed me away. Now, you want me to stay. Huo Xiaoran, how can you be so hypocritical to me?”

Qiao An’s eyes turned red as she spoke. “I’m loving you with my life. And you’re deceiving me and making a fool of me? How can you live with that?”

After seeing Qiao An cry, Huo Xiaoran suddenly reached out nervously to wipe her tears.

“An’an, don’t cry. Don’t cry. If you’re sad, come back to me. I promise to treat you well and not let you suffer at all.”

Qiao An cried harder.

Could this guy have a split personality?

It was true that he liked her, and it was true that he wanted to take his life.

“Huo Xiaoran, do you really love Qiao An?”

Huo Xiaoran nodded. “Yes, I love Qiao An very much.”

“How much do you love it?”

‘I want to rip my heart out and show her. Show her how much I love her.’

“You’re lying,” Qiao An snapped.

Huo Xiaoran stood up shakily, picked up the bottle, and knocked it on the table. The bottle broke and the wine spilled all over the ground. Huo Xiaoran held the sharp half bottle and stabbed it at his heart.

Fortunately, Qiao An was close to him and quickly hugged his hand. Feeling his strength dragging the sharp blade towards his heart, Qiao An shouted in fear, “Huo Xiaoran, no.”

Huo Xiaoran realized that his actions had frightened Qiao An and blankly threw the half bottle on the table.

“An’an, are you concerned about me?”

Jo Ann saw blood ooze from his palm. She closed her eyes in pain and ended the interrogation.

“Come on, I’ll take you home.”

She scanned the QR code on the table with her phone and paid. Then, she pulled Huo Xiaoran’s arm onto her thin shoulder and left with the drunk Huo Xiaoran.

It was late when they left the bar.

There wasn’t a car for hire in sight anywhere on the street.

Huo Xiaoran became a chatterbox after getting drunk. He kept nagging, “An’an, I’ll send you… home.”

Qiao Anyu threw him onto the flower pond in a hurry. She placed her hands on her hips and looked at him angrily. “Who needs a drunkard like you to send me off? I’ll be lucky if you don’t drag me down.”

Huo Xiaoran looked at her pitifully. “It’s so late… It’s not safe. I’ll be worried about you.”

Qiao An rolled her eyes at him. She was almost nauseated by his hypocrisy.

She reached into his pocket, took out her phone, and called Huo Zhou.

“Hello.” Huo Zhou’s voice sounded.

Qiao An put the phone receiver to Huo Xiaoran’s mouth. “Let him pick you up.”

Huo Xiaoran said in a low voice, “Come here and send Qiao An home.”

Huo Zhou was dumbfounded. “Xiaoran, why are you drinking again? Where are you?”

Qiao An said loudly, “By the tree pool at 288 Locust Street. Please come and fish him out. I’m leaving. Goodbye.”

Qiao An hung up.

Huo Zhou was so angry that his eyebrows twitched. Qiao An was really heartless to Xiao Ran.

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