Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 203 - Purchasing Rings and
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Chapter 203: Purchasing Rings and Coincidentally Meeting Qiao An

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On the other end, Lu Mo was lying on the hospital bed. When she saw this message, she was so excited that tears welled up in her eyes. This was one of the few times Huo Xiaoran took the initiative to ask her out.

She really wanted to jump out of bed and go to the appointment. However, her mother wanted her to pretend to be sick and deliberately arouse Huo Xiaoran’s guilt. The more guilty he felt, the more he wanted to make it up to her.

And the compensation she wanted was for him to marry her.

She pretended to be sad and replied, “Senior, I’m sick.”

Huo Xiaoran was stunned for a long time when he saw this message.

At that moment, he did feel very guilty. Lu Mo was sick, but as her boyfriend, he had no idea. He felt that he had failed in his duty.

After hanging up, he said to Secretary Dong, “Go and order a few roses for me. Send them to Jinghang Hospital and Lu Mo will collect them.”

Secretary Dong said, “Yes.”

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Huo Xiaoran walked out of the office and went straight to the jewelry store. Other than the roses, he also wanted to buy a gift for Lu Mo to make her happy.

He went to the most famous Four Leaf Clover jewelry store in the capital and told the shop assistant his needs. “A gift for my girlfriend. Give me a recommendation.”

The shop assistant immediately took out many couple rings and necklaces. Huo Xiaoran began to choose seriously.

Today was also Qiao An’s birthday.

Every year on her birthday, Qiao An would seriously choose a gift for herself. Since no one was celebrating it for her, she found a way to cheer herself up.

When she went in, she went straight to the counter.

She suddenly saw Huo Xiaoran lowering his head and choosing gifts seriously.

The counter was covered with a variety of couple accessories.

Qiao An felt inexplicably depressed.

“What do you need, miss?” The staff looked up at Qiao An and saw that she was stunning and otherworldly. Her eyes were filled with envy.

After being reminded by the staff, Huo Xiaoran realized that there was someone beside him. He inadvertently looked up and saw Qiao An. Huo Xiaoran was slightly dazed.

“Qiao An?”

Qiao An nodded at him, then her gaze landed on the couple’s rings on his hand. She said in a hoarse voice, “Are you buying a gift for Dr. Lu?”

Huo Xiaoran felt guilty about being caught. He stood there awkwardly. “Yes.”

Qiao An complimented them politely. “What good taste. This ring is good. It means one person for life. Blessings.”

When Huo Xiaoran heard her blessings, the ring in his hand instantly became heavy.

Qiao An looked up and smiled at the staff. “Help me choose a birthday gift.”

Huo Xiaoran suddenly came to a realization. It was Qiao An’s birthday today.

The staff chose a sapphire necklace for Qiao An. “My lady, your skin is a noble cold porcelain color. With this blue enchantress, you look even more noble and elegant.”

Qiao An gave a dreamy smile.


She wasn’t picky. She went straight to the cashier and started paying.

Huo Xiaoran looked at Qiao An in shock. His eyes were inexplicably moist. Was this how she spent her birthday every year? Even her gifts were paid for by herself and chosen by strangers?

Qiao An, whom he had once sworn to spoil as a princess, ended up living as an ice queen.

Huo Xiaoran took an expensive diamond necklace from the counter and rushed to the cashier.

He came to Qiao An’s side and said, “Qiao An, will you have a birthday celebration tonight?”

Qiao An turned and stared at him.

She shook her head.

“After I left home, I’ve spent my birthdays alone.”

Huo Xiaoran’s heart twitched inexplicably. “Then I’ll celebrate for you tonight?”

Qiao An shook her head. “President Huo should visit your girlfriend. In case she gets jealous.”

Huo Xiaoran said frankly, “After I visit her, I’ll come back to celebrate your birthday with you. Qiao An, give me a chance. Let me accompany you, okay?”

Qiao An refused. “Huo Xiaoran, you have a girlfriend. It’s not appropriate for you to do this.”

Huo Xiaoran said, “I know, but I once promised you that I would give you a special birthday party. Just this year, before I get married, let me fulfill my promise to you.”

Qiao An thought for a moment, then nodded.

Huo Xiaoran beamed.

He pressed the diamond necklace he’d chosen for her into her hand. “A birthday present. I hope you like it.”

Qiao An was disappointed to see the rectangular box. Given a choice, she would actually have preferred the small square box in his hand.

Although she hated this man for being superficial and duplicitous, she even wanted to stab him in the heart with a knife and die with him.

However, marrying him was also a wish she had cherished since she was young.

She did not stand on ceremony and casually stuffed the gift into her bag before waving goodbye to Huo Xiaoran. “See you later.”

As Huo Xiaoran paid, Qiao An heard the sound of payment behind her: 5,201,314 dollars.

13,000 dollars.

The sound of two payments was worlds apart.

One was filled with his deep love, and the other was extremely casual and cheap.

Qiao An quickened her pace and staggered away.

At night, Huo Xiaoran sent Qiao An a message. “An’an, where are you? I’ll pick you up.”

Qiao An sat in the bar’s private room, a full bottle on the table, a calculating glint in her eyes.

She was going to get Huo Xiaoran drunk today and interrogate him for evidence of him plotting against her.

She shared the address with Huo Xiaoran.

Not long after, Huo Xiaoran arrived in high spirits with a cake.

Huo Xiaoran pushed open the door of the private room and saw a pile of bottles on the table.

“You’re here?” Qiao An greeted him.

Huo Xiaoran placed the cake on the table and stared at Qiao An. “When did you learn to drink?”

Qiao An looked at Li Xiaoran slyly. She knew that he had been a good boy since he was young. He did not smoke, drink, or gamble. She was extremely proud of herself. In the past three years, other than breastfeeding, she had relied on alcohol to live.

Getting him drunk should be an easy task.

“Do you dare to play the game of truth or dare with me?”

Huo Xiaoran nodded.

Qiao An said, “Let’s keep it simple and crude. Scissors, paper and scissors. Whoever loses will drink and answer questions.”


Qiao An said, “Of course. You can make your demands.”

Huo Xiaoran said, “Do whatever you want.”

Qiao An smiled. He was quite the gentleman.

Qiao An placed the wine bottle in front of Huo Xiaoran and said proudly, “Then let’s begin.”

Huo Xiaoran frowned. “Wait a moment.”

He called a waiter and ordered some hot, famous snacks. All of Qiao An’s favorites.

“Let’s fill our stomachs first. Drinking on an empty stomach is harmful to the body,” Huo Xiaoran said.

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