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I reappeared back in my room on Earth.


There was no answer, perhaps she had completely vanished due to the explosion.

I walked into what had now become a new apartment building as I stepped into the other world.

“Hmm… how was it already that we made teleportation arrays?”

I had watched Lena do it several times and had occasionally helped out, but it was my first time doing it alone.

After some experimentation I was able to arrive back at the Pit and was warmly greeted by those closest to me.

I was now in contact with Machina, seeing if there was a way to bring back Lena.

“Well… I could restore her, but it wouldn’t include all of her memories, it would be more of a substitute.


I returned to Pit, disappointed with the news, but didn’t share it with the others. I enjoyed my time on both Earth and this world, but still my longing for Lena grew.

Years passed and news reached me of a genius which looked like a younger Gnoss. I saw him on the news. A child prodigy just 6 years old that was able to solve graduate level problems. It was then that a voice appeared in my mind.

“How have you been?”

It was Lena’s remnant nanobots which I had left in Gnoss. I had completed forgotten about that fact! I immediately left to meet up with this child prodigy. Through the internet I was able to find out where he was staying and by dawn the next day I was standing outside his home.

Ding Dong!

I heard a familiar voice through the intercom.


It was Gnoss. It seemed that he could recognize me, but it couldn’t have been a memory, so most probably Lena had informed him of me.

“Gnoss, or should call you Phil?”

He shook his head in response.

“I’m Gnoss.”

“Okay, now hand Lena over.”

I cut straight to the point.

“Haha Yes, she said it’s fine for her to return to Johra now that Metatron is gone.”


“My mission is to block the future attacks which have been set in motion by Metatron, you can go now.”

Gross asked me to leave with a sad face.

“Before that… Gnoss, can’t we be friends once more?”

It took me some effort to say, but it finally came out.

“Hmm… but I heard from Lena that Johra is still wary of me.”

It is true that most of my life I had perhaps been to suspicious of his motives, but the results were always good

“That was my own fault, if I had believed in you more, I could have avoided many hardships.”

Gnoss gave me a confused look, before smiling.

“It seems that after all these years, we’ve truly become friends.”

He reached out and we shook hands.

“Well good friend of mine, it seems my memories have returned.”

“Ah… wait, what?”

“I’m not sure how it is that I now have Metatron’s memories, but it seems that I’m now his reincarnation.”


It was my turn to be stupefied, I had never imagined that Gnoss would have been Metatorns reincarnation.

I tried to pull back my hand but it wouldn’t budge.

“It it wasn’t for you, Johra, this world would have disappeared and we wouldn’t have been able to become friends.”

His smile made my back break into cold sweats, but I couldn’t deny the veracity of his words.

“Yes, friends for life.”

“Hahaha I think I truly like you Johra. You may caused me to die a couple gruesome deaths, but I can’t help but like you!”

His words rang in my mind, and then he disappeared without leaving a trace. Ever since that moment I had never met him again, despite all the times I’ve looked.

I checked all the magic traps which Metatron had previously created, but couldn’t find any clues. I also asked Gaia, Skyfather and Odin if they knew anything, but they claimed to not know his whereabouts, despite giving me a small smirk.

“Damn… I’m worried that Gnoss will do something crazy again.”

Time flew by and with my four wives I ended up having thirteen children. To this day both worlds remain at peace, but deep within me remained a mix of anxiety and expectations when I thought of the future to come.


Translator’s note:

Thanks to all who have managed to stick with me throughout all the ups and down in the story. I’ve enjoyed my time translating it and couldn’t have done it all without your constant support. For those yet unaware, my second project will be Master of Strength (MoS) which I have just begun and should be start posting within the coming weeks. Thanks again for your unwavering support,


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