Lust System in the Murim World

Chapter 68 Rematch Against Kiro Part 1
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"So, everyone is ready?" Kim turned around and asked.

Hearing his words, Neyol rolled her eyes and said.

"Everyone is ready. The question is, are you ready?" She said as she turned her head at looked at the house far away.

Kim also noticed her gaze and took a breath.

"We will meet soon. I will definitely reach the peak of this world, establish the order, and then, we will meet."

Neyol and others couldn't help but smile. After all, seeing their beloved so confident also made them confident.

"Let's go then!" Neyol nodded her head and finally, seven of them walked out of the town. They had to choose from the four directions. Three out of four were connected by a forest while one was connected by a small road that led them to a bigger city.

They chose one of the forest routes because it was a shortcut to the Purple Desert. This dessert was connected with the Monster Kingdom and the Ghost Kingdom.

So, they had to reach the Purple Desert first.

In the Murim, there were different kinds of danger. From powerful monsters to powerful Asuras, there was no limit to the powerful people.

But another thing was even more disturbing than these powerful people. They can't be approached by normal people. They were places scattered throughout the world.

They were called Disaster Zones.

Originally, they were called dungeons. But since this was no longer a game, it had changed a bit and now, they were called Disaster Zones.

Each Disaster Zone has an extreme condition that made it harder to survive.

They slowed down a bit as they continued their journey toward the Purple Desert through the forest.

"It seems like we can't escape from them no matter how much we try," Neyol spoke with a low voice.

"Then, let's just end this and move forward." Kim finally stopped. Although he had slowed down, he was still moving before. But now, he had completely stopped.

Six ladies also stopped as they covered him.

Soon, hundreds of people wearing black robes appeared one by one. They started surrounding Kim and others.

Among them, there was a young man. He slowly walked forward while holding the silver sword in his hand. He raised his robe and his peerless face appeared in their sight.

"Kiro!" Hinata narrowed her eyes and blurted.

"Princess, you truly have fallen so low. It would be a shame for you to return to the kingdom now so…."

Kiro raised his hand and continued.

"Kill everyone!"

Without further ado, all of them rushed toward the seven people. They weren't even going to keep the princess alive.

Hinata's eyes widened. She couldn't believe one day Kiro would give such an order. No, more than that she couldn't believe that her parents would give such an order.

"Oh! It seems like you have finally betrayed King and Queen. Well, it was to be expected. From the start, you just wanted to get power, prestige, and the princess of the Asura Kingdom."

"You were never loyal to the King and Queen. So, when you lost her, you finally decided to join someone who wants to take down the Royal Family of Asura Kingdom."

"So, you have finally become Royal Minster's dog. No, no, you don't plan to be his dog. You have another plan, don't you?"

Suddenly, Kim decided to drop a huge information in front of Hinata and Kiro. Both of their eyes widened but for completely different reasons.

"You? Why do you know all that? No, I can't let you survive today. Everyone, you must kill him. Kill him quickly!"

Kiro realized that the threat of Kim had risen to a whole new level. He never expected someone to understand his ambition. Not to mention, that person just had to be his main enemy.

Kiro had already regarded Kim as a greater enemy than the Shura Family from the Asura Kingdom.

Those who had already rushed forward started releasing different kinds of attacks. But, one thing was common. All of them used a blade to attack.

[Electromagnetic Field]

[Golden Barrier]

But, the second before their weapon could touch them, a massive wall made out of gold appeared. These walls easily blocked all of their attacks. But, it didn't end that easily.

[Golden Spikes]

Suddenly, dozens of sharp spikes emerged from the golden barrier they pierced some of them. Others managed to retreat in time.

And, the golden barrier fell down. It changed back to golden dust and hovered above Yeosho.

"Damn! That girl has completely mastered that power. But, why does she have so much internal energy?"

Looking at the red cloak formed out of internal energy, Kiro gritted his teeth and cursed. He didn't expect this at all. But, he quickly calmed down.

"Everyone, release the Asura Bloodline and strike."

With Kiro's order, all of the remaining people released their Asura Bloodline. Their robes got torn into pieces and dark scales covered their bodies.

At this moment, Kim slowly unsheathed his spear and whispered.

"I will leave these to you."


Suddenly, his body disappeared and reappeared in front of Kiro. This speed caught Kiro off guard but he still managed to use his sword to block Kim's spear.

But, the power behind that strike shook Kiro and pushed him away from others.

Kiro's soldiers reacted immediately but before they could rush toward Kim and Kiro, they were blocked by six people.

"How about we play for a while?" Neyol stood in the middle and the darkness shrouded her as she spoke with a gentle yet scary smile on her face.


On the other hand, Kiro used the ground to block himself from flying away. Using his sword to pierce the ground, he managed to slow down. After that, he quickly adjusted himself and stared at Kim.

"Damn it, I should've killed you at that time. But….. how could you grow this strong in just one year?"

There was regret in his tone. He was full of regret. He not only regretted running away that time but also regret not killing him as soon as he arrived in that village.

Kim raised his head and asked.

"Do you expect this to be the shonen genre? I am not going to wait till the last to burst out exponential strength with the power of love and friendship. This is not shonen nor I am going to play weak."

"One year ago, you were strong. But, with all that strength, instead of killing me, you killed all those innocent people. I am not going to kill you but make you live in hell."


Kim fully released his Spiritual Pressure. It was so strong that Kiro was shaken for a moment. This was the same feeling that he had from Tengu.

He gritted his teeth and suddenly a powerful soul power burst out of him.

"Don't get ahead of yourself! I am not the same as a year ago."

[Battle Soul- Activate]

Without any hesitation, he activated his battle soul. A shadow of a devil appeared behind him. This shadow had a similar appearance to those of Asuras.

But, its face, or rather the entire body was just a shadow. When it appeared, Kim could easily feel Kiro's combat power soaring through the roof.

If his combat power was around Grandmaster Realm before, now it had reached Martial Lord Realm.

Of course, Kim didn't care about it at all. He took a deep breath and the next moment, an immense amount of internal energy burst out of his dantian. Alongside the red aura emitting from his spear, he slightly lowered his lower body and held the spear tightly in his hand.

[One Spear Art]

When the momentum of his spear burst out, Kiro realized the power of the attack. He instantly infused his sword with internal energy and his aura.

The immense strength of the sword soared as its momentum also reached its peak. The aura emitting out of it alone changed the surrounding as it turned darker and darker. f reeweb

[Hell Splitting Sword Art]

There was no extra moment. There was no extra strength. He simply slashed his sword and released the sword energy. But, this sword energy was so massive and strong that it pierced through the space and moved forward.

The ground beneath it was torn apart.

Facing such a slash, Kim calmly stepped against the ground. The massive momentum burst to the tip of his spear and his entire body got covered with Armament Technique, pushing his strength to a whole new level.

[Death Dragon Strike]


His spear moved forward. It was so fast that before even the slash could reach him, his spear had already pierced through it.

Crack! Crack! Boom!

The entire slash shattered into pieces and the spear moved forward. The sword energy exploded and covered everything in dust. But in the middle of the dust, Kim moved forward with his spear.

As he reached in front of Kiro, he suddenly stopped his spear. The dust slowly settled down. Kiro was just standing in front of Kim with a frozen look on his face.

He couldn't believe that his strongest attack was broken just like that. But, Kim's spear didn't pierce. It reached him. It pierced his Aura, cloth, and even skin.

But, he stopped just at that moment.

"System, buy Internal Energy Destruction Palm"

Kim's words resounded in Kiro's ears. Although he didn't know much about this martial art, just hearing the name scared him. He tried to retreat but Kim had already thrown his palm toward his chest.

[Internal Energy Destruction Palm]


His palm struck Kiro's chest and he flew out like a cannonball, striking the tree. freew ebnove

"First Meridian!"

"I told you. I won't kill you but make you live in hell."

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