Lust Knight

Chapter 316 - Big Grave
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Chapter 316 - Big Grave

Lucien’s brutal landing left a deep mark of fear in the hearts of mercenaries and elves around them.

And the person nearest to him, Theodore, couldn’t even understand who Lucien is before someone else landed in front of him.


After jumping off Angela’s floating platform, Cassidy also creates a crater in the ground while landing right in front of Theodore.

She walks towards him with b.a.r.e hands, and Theodore quickly raises his greatsword to defend himself before he even recognizes her.

As soon as he raises his sword, the mercenaries behind him also prepare their weapons while trying to push Lucien’s deep fear back to their souls.

Lucien doesn’t want anyone to get in the way of Cassidy right now and dash forward while flaps his wings, reaching such ridiculous speed that he arrives next to Theodore in less than a second.

The naginata has already returned to his soul, and Lucien moves his arm from the left side of his waist to the right as if removing his katana from Its scabbard while attacking with a horizontal cut.

The strike is not aimed at Theodore but behind him. Also, it is not a common attack but the most powerful wind slash that Lucien has ever tried.

He uses both demonic energies plus all the wind mana he has from his girls with wind affinity, attacking with all his speed and strength.

The result is something unbelievable.

With his senses boosted to the fullest as possible now, Lucien sees the red blade of his katana shine white as a projection of the blade made of pure wind magic is released forward and grows horizontally.

Two meters, three meters, four meters... the wind slash is six meters when it reaches the first mercenary behind Theodore and cuts his armor, clothes, skin, flesh, and bones, cutting his body completely in half while it continues to grow and goes forward without seeming to lose any power.

Two, four, eight... the number of mercenaries cut in half by the wind slash grows in hundredths of a second, reaching unbelievable numbers of hundreds of deads when they hear the deafening sound of the explosion of force, and the dust raised blinds everyone.


The mercenaries still alive, and the elves protect their eyes from the dust and as soon as they regain their clear sight, what they see shocks them even more.

[The... HELL?!?!?] Most of them think as they see hundreds of bodies fall divided in half while blood splashes everywhere, creating a red sea of mutilated bodies.

Half of the group of mercenaries, approximately seven hundred people were killed instantly by Lucien’s attack, leaving an abyssal cold in the spine of those who survived as well as a memory that they could not forget even a hundred thousand years later.

"..." After such a frightening scene, no one was able to utter a sound...

Theodore loses all color on his face as he looks at the side to see the appearance of the demon that is just an inch from him. His legs cannot stop shaking, and his spirit wants to leave his body and move away from that place right now.


Then the silence is broken by the sound of Cassidy smashing the black steel greatsword of Theodore with her b.a.r.e hands, making him look forward again.

"Cassidy?!?!" Theodore doesn’t know if his heart can bear up so many shocks. But his mind begins to understand what is going on, or at least to assume that the demon at his site is actually a devil, the Handsome Devil.

While Cassidy holds Theodore’s greatsword with one hand, she launches a punch towards his face with the other.

He notices her movements because Cassidy does not really have incredible agility and tries to dodge by dropping the sword. However, her speed is still much higher than his due to the difference in their power levels.


Theodore is thrown backward as several of his bloody teeth fly to the ground after receiving Cassidy’s heavy punch.

Still in the air, he, for a second or less, can see Lucien’s devilishly attractive smile before falling and rolling into the sea of bodies and blood creating by Lucien’s wind slash.

*Thud* *Bam*

Before he even stops rolling or processing the pain in his face, Theodore feels his c.h.e.s.t being pressed hard against the ground by Cassidy’s boot.

Her massive strength and speed make it very clear to him that he has no chance of resisting, and the other mercenaries still alive in his group cannot take a step forward or back, still terrified to the soul by the brutally bloody scene in front of them. Well, many of them vomit as they can’t bear that smell.

"Just tell me why!! Didn’t I give you enough rewards for your loyalty by making you the leader of my royal guards and my right-arm knight?" Cassidy asks angrily.

Theodore holds her boot with both hands and tries to speak as he struggles to breathe. "I... you never gave me what I really wanted... your affection!"

Cassidy shakes her head. "Only one man has ever deserved and will always deserve my affection, and he is definitely not you."

Theodore fights the pain outside his c.h.e.s.t because of Cassidy’s boot and the pain inside because he is jealous of Lucien. "Cassidy... please... my Queen??"

Cassidy smiles, not because of Theodore but because she realizes how good it is to be called ’my Queen’ by Lucien than by anyone else.

She forces her foot down, crushing some of Theodore’s bones. "Before I kill you... I’m curious as to why you allied with that stupid pig."

Theodore is unable to contain his blood from flowing through his mouth and wounds while choking. Still, he tries to explain. "Me... and Bowen... we both failed to get your affection... so we supported each other... but in the end, it seems that we will have the same tragic end... I hope."

Cassidy nods. "Yes, you will both die under my foot, choking on your own blood."

Then she forces her foot even more.

*Crack* *Smash*

Cassidy breaks Theodore’s bones and smashes his heart. She certainly thought of more elaborate torture, but her life is going so wonderful with Lucien that she doesn’t want to spend time with Theodore but rather find Bowen quickly to skip that part of her life and focuses entirely on her new life with Lucien.

As life disappears from Theodore’s eyes, he sees Lucien hugging Cassidy and behind them, the mercenary girl he saved a few hours ago on Angela’s floating platform.

[Damn!!] It’s Theodore’s last thought before he died.

While hugging Cassidy’s waist, Lucien looks at the other mercenaries still alive and speaks in a cold, arrogant tone. "All enemies of the cat-clan, enemies of other Alliance clans, and enemies of any other kingdom under the protection of my family will have the same end..."

While the mercenaries’ despair gets out of control and they finally try to run away, Lucien raises a hand and fists it. "Death."

*Crack* *Smash* *Crack* *Smash* *Crack* *Smash* *Crack* *Smash*

Many ice spikes come from the ground below the mercenaries, killing them and creating a wall to block the escape of those who still survive.

Then the blood of the mercenaries killed by Lucien’s wind slash inflames, burning the rest of the mercenaries.

Finally, the ground opens just below them, creating a pit that is quickly covered by a new layer of rocks, creating a large tomb, another warning for future enemies of the cat-clan and of the Alliance in general.

The fact that Lucien can mentally talk to his wives and that they can know his intention because of their soul connection makes his actions seem to be planned. Well, he always plans something before he does it.

Nina, Lua, and other cat-girls who followed them into the forest are impressed by Lucien’s show of power. They find him more and more like Eve.

But the elves are still pretty confused, especially the elven captain. She obviously knows that Lucien’s group is extremely powerful as she is not even sure if Eve could kill seven hundred soldiers with a single move like he did.

Still, the elven captain is very proud to only report to Eve and Ghalenna, so she would not back down now just because she finds powerful opponents.

"Who are you? And why did you say that the cat-clan and the Alliance are under the protection of your family when we only have one Queen?" The elven captain asks Lucien in a neutral tone.

Lucien is also eager to find Bowen and put an end to this story so that Cassidy can be even happier with him.

Then he speaks in an arrogant tone to the elven captain. "I’m not in the mood to waste time on detailed explanations. In short, I’m King of Portgreen and Eve’s brother. We are unifying the continent as one nation led by our family together."

"Bulshit!" The elven captain exclaims as she cannot believe Lucien’s words.

Lucien looks at Nina. "Explain everything to her; I have to resolve a private matter."

"Yes, My King!" Nina responds promptly. After what happened there today, she doubts that anyone will dare to attack the cat-clan again, so Nina is already totally loyal and grateful to have Lucien as her King along with Eve as her Queen.

That is the fame of Handsome Devil growing more and more: Cruel, overprotective, and caring... characteristics that don’t seem to match very well, but the girls find them perfect in Lucien.

He wastes no time and instead flies up the sky with his wings, takes a step back, and sits on the stone throne that Rose quickly creates.

Mia also jumps on Lucien’s l.a.p next to Cassidy while Rose sits on top of the throne and takes them to the sky. Lucien’s spy, Lana, guides them north as she flies on Angela’s floating platform beside the stone throne.

Lana explained that the island where Bowen is hiding is about fifty miles away from there, so the group can easily fly there and, of course, Lucien took his wives who were in the cat-clan main longhouse to the purple world, leaving only his troops in Oxard a little while as he takes Cassidy to deal with her ex-husband.

While Lucien and his group fly over the cat-clan, another black feather falls on top of the grave where Theodore’s mercenary group is now buried.

Above the clouds, a hooded figure flaps black wings that look sick while she thinks to herself. [The boy is exactly as she said... in fact, he is even more incredible.]

[Maybe he really has what is needed... and who knows, I can also have what she promised me...]

[But if he really is who she told me, very powerful people will come after him... I will need more power.]


The dark-winged figure flies towards Lucien’s group as a mystical round barrier glows around her, preventing even L.u.s.t and Envy from noticing her presence... unless it fails.


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