Low Dimensional Game

Chapter 444 - Ignite the Flame of an Era
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Chapter 444: Ignite the Flame of an Era

Astral World’s Calendar, 620.

That was Arcane’s Calendar year 592; the Arcane Kingdom had started a new chapter and era in the great development of Astral World. Thousands of Astral World Airships, alchemy ships, and Astral World Sky Fortresses were flying towards to Astral World. Several Fairyland Cities had become the adventure continent in the exploration of Astral World; they carried the dream of hundreds of millions of pioneers.

Infinite numbers of exploration and development companies had been set up and most of them support and undertake exploration or discovery tasks; they would just follow behind the Fairyland Cities and then receive merits upon fulfilling the tasks from the Castellan of the City of Mythical Arcanists and the Astral World Development Association.

Chaos worms were born not knowing how many years ago. Other creatures were either born together with them or those creatures were born after derived power from the chaos worms; various Astral World creatures, the horrifying forbidden land of Astral World, the Dark Domain and peculiar mythical life were found from time to time.

Although there were tens of thousands of pioneers who entered the Astral World to explore, those who could find the unknown regions in the Astral World were some lucky ones. But it also proved that the vast Astral World wasn’t a deserted land, there were a variety of bizarre life forms and unknown existences.

Some people found a dark shadow creature in the depths of the Astral World which could carry out space transmission; some people drive their Astral World Airships, mistakenly darted into the unknown Dark Domain, they lost their way and eventually died.

There were some who detected strong spatial fluctuations from their Space Wave Detector; they thought they had discovered a new half bitwall and a core world. But a large space hole was eventually discovered that they were led to uncharted territory.

And then there was a terrifying region whereby time was warped inside; the intruders would be swept away by the intensely accelerated time field, they would age quickly, eventually die and transformed into ashes.

A planet which was like a mythical life crashed and smashed onto the alchemy ship directly, it had begun a fierce battle with the Fairyland City. But as the Arcane Kingdom opened a portal, several mythical arcanists came across from the far distance were immediately captured into the Arcane Kingdom; they set off new wave of experiments.

The territory of meteorites, the Gem Dragon Raja which was wandering in the star world, the Astral World Giants with mythical blood, a huge Elemental Wave life form which could be comparable to a world and so on.

All kinds of magical sceneries and life forms unfolded before their eyes. It was only then they had realized that the Astral World was amazing and fascinating. It could enable them to receive huge income too; many people by virtue of their discovery, they leaped and gained a strong power or become a noble of the Arcane Kingdom.

The development of the Astral World was intensified, with the first half bitwall found, which was discovered on the trajectory of a Fairyland City, the Arcane Kingdom entered a new round of development; a variety of legends spread in the Arcane Kingdom and then spread to other worlds.

When the Wizard World knew of the news that the Arcane Kingdom had discovered the first half bitwall, they sent a letter to the Arcane Kingdom, demanded that the promise of the Astral World of hundreds of years to be fulfilled; the discovery of the first half bitwall was to be paid to the Wizard World as the price for Heart of the Ocean Bitwall which was integrated into the Arcane World.

Then the Wizard World, along with the Arcane Kingdom, embarked on a plan to explore the depths of the Astral World.

Catherine, the master of the tower, convened a Wizard Parliament and the meeting was projected to the entire Wizard World. She signed the Pioneer Agreement and called out to all professionals to start their exploration to the depths of the Astral World.

Catherine, dressed in a silver-and-white robe belonged to the master of the tower, there was an eternal symbol which symbolized for countless towers at the back of her robe; the symbol was like an entangled ouroboros.

She spoke only a sentence in face of the whole Wizard World and it had ignited the flame of the whole era.

“Everyone! The era of the Astral World has arrived!”

After hundreds of years of rest and recuperation of the Wizard World, they had restored their vitality and strength. They had once again initiated their breakthrough to the Astral World; to release their excess energy. Hundreds of millions of professionals who engaged in civil war and professionals who had been excitedly waiting for such opportunity turned their attention to the Astral World.

Several Mythical Floating-Space Towers and tens of thousands of professionals acted according to their plans, they were advancing toward the half bitwall in the depths of the Astral World. They had begun the first process of the development of the Astral World.

As compared to the Arcane World and the Wizard World, the Divine Kingdom of Maria’s World was facing a greater problem.

The population had reached its limit. The 17 true gods and nearly a hundred clergies under each sub-god were all over the world; even hell couldn’t fit all those ambitious people. Although the previous Astral War had eased a bit of their immense pressure and the rebel in hell had cleaned up a large number of unscrupulous fellows, but that were completely inadequate for Maria’s World.

The enormous pressure was on Maria’s World, everyone within the world could feel the tension; the society, civilians, nobles, and professionals needed to ease their tension.

Hence, when the Wizard World initiated the development of Astral World, Divine Kingdom of Maria’s World also pounded on Astral World.

Seventeen True Gods also issued oracles at the same time; the popes, saints, sages of the major churches, and the churches and gods signed the Pioneering Knight’s Covenant. Whoever explored the depths of the Astral World would receive favor and reward from the gods; from receiving a position in the Divine Kingdom to become a saint or the rewards to be reborn as an angel.

Or if they wanted to be a nobleman or king to have endless wealth and accessed to vast tracts of land; those were possible if one could find a half bitwall. Even the divinity of a sub-god was within reach, if one could find a core world, then needless to say, a position of a sub-god was promised. 𝒇𝓻𝙚𝙚𝙬𝙚𝙗𝒏𝒐𝒗𝙚𝒍.𝒄𝒐𝒎

The three worlds were launching their exploration at the same time. A variety of information from the Astral World was constantly spread to the major worlds. It had attracted the attention of civilians, nobles, professionals and even gods; the entire Astral World became lively in a flash of light.


Black Sea Bitwall.

After a hundred years of bitwall transformation and construction, it was a joint effort of the six major churches of the Divine Kingdom. The Black Sea Bitwall which was originally like the land of death, finally it was gradually transformed into a paradise.

The power of the gods and the clergy was akin to power which could change a world; they had transformed all of the decaying sea which was emitting poisonous gas and stench; the rotting Black Sea was purified. The stardust which was floating and rotating was gradually collected and converted into a continent.

The Black Sea Bitwall of today didn’t have a single trace of its original look.

Blue sea and sky, white clouds were fluttering, sunlight shone through the clear and clean sea water, and sea coral and water grass could be seen under the depths of the sea. Several magic crystal towers were built on the sea, ships were shuttling on the surface of the sea, sea railway was built on the sea, and steam trains could be seen shuttling over the sea.

With a quick glimpse, it seemed to look like the Heart of the Ocean Bitwall which belonged to the Wizard World.

Off the coast of Yar Island, one could see a white-red hut on the edge of the cliff. The road which followed down the hut and across the bridge looked like a paradise.

It didn’t take long to see the sky with a dense numbers of alchemy airships, thousands of steam armored vehicles above the ground surrounded that area, several clergies and professionals rushed there, their bodies were glowing with divine brilliance as they looked to the top of the house.

Everyone was fully prepared, and there and even panic in their eyes, as if they were facing the existence of something extremely terrible.

Just then, a mythical alchemy ship in the sky penetrated the space and dived into that area, a Divine Shadow twisted out from the mythical alchemy ship.

The emergence of the gods had thousands of worshippers kneeled on the island below and they began to pray

“Lynn Ahenaten! The ancient and declining Fallen God!”

“The great Lord of Light has given you...”


Before the sentence was finished, an intense red light shot through the mythical alchemy ship, that brilliance darted through the clouds and shot directly into the bitwall. The shock created had blown away all the clouds in the sky; the sky was dyed into a bloody red color. The large number of airships was blown apart into pieces, transformed into a fiery fire and fell into the sea.

Then the whole cliff collapsed and it revealed the existence at the bottom; it was a delicate tower that seemed to be casted by gold. At the moment, the mythical light was twisting; it turned out to be a Floating-Space Tower.

The golden Floating-Space Tower was gorgeous and it had features of the ancient logo of Ahenaten.

“Ah! Lynn Ahenaten, how dare you!”

Mythical Floating-Space Tower bolted into the sky and burst out a golden mythical territory, with its absolute strength and aura, it had crushed the body of a sub-god. The sub-god shrieked and was torn in the air.

And Lynn Ahenaten stood on top of the Floating-Space Tower, he didn’t bother to turn and look, it was as if he had just crushed an insignificant bug.

Then, the mythical Floating-Space Tower rushed into the bitwall and into the world outside. The Floating-Space Tower which had consumed half of the resources of the Black Sea Bitwall had left and abandoned the Black Sea Bitwall.

Everything was incredibly fast, the god hadn’t yet reacted, and his body fell apart; he was back to the Divine Kingdom of the True God to wait for rebirth.

And Lynn Ahenaten, who was hiding in the Black Sea World for nearly a hundred years, he had finally gained an immense power and capital to break into the Astral World.

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