Loved By An Older Man

Chapter 1164 - 1164 Putting On An Act
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1164 Putting On An Act

Sister Xia’s evaluation of Sun Miao was not good at all, and she wished that she could be eliminated right now. Who cares if she’s an investor or not, it’s best if she doesn’t appear in that competition ever again.

“But Sun Miao’s plan will all fall through.” Jiang Yu laughed. “It’s useless even if she’s willing to spend money to buy internet trolls to vote for her. The audience is very rational. They naturally wouldn’t believe it when they saw the number of votes. For example, most people didn’t believe the post that defamed me, right?”

“But that doesn’t deny that she did such a thing.” Sister Xia was still very angry. “Whether it’s Sun Miao or Hu Jing, we can’t let them off. Didn’t she want to increase her votes? Then I won’t let her get what she wants.”

Sister Xia had the same thoughts as Jiang Yu’s, and Jiang Yu did not intend to let Sun Miao get what she wanted.

These kinds of votes that were obtained by throwing money was not obtained through one’s own strength at all. It was meaningless at all. This was also very unfair to the other players who had been working hard. Why did their hard work have to be lost on money?

Jiang Yu felt that as a judge, she had to treat every contestant equally. Therefore, she had to stop this act against Sun Miao.

Therefore, Jiang Yu looked up a lot of information and finally sorted out all the evidence, printed it into a document, and planned to bring it to the scene during the shooting next week.

The rest of the time was used to help aunty Shen and lawyer Tang organize the case. Although everything was ready, they were still lacking evidence.

Even if there was still evidence for a case that had been going on for more than ten years, it would have probably disappeared after such a long time.

“This Hu Lei is doing whatever he wants just because the Hu family is powerful!” Sister Xia was furious. “If I see him, I’ll skin him alive!”

Jiang Yu thought quietly for a while and a plan gradually emerged in her mind.

Since they couldn’t find any evidence to prove that Hu Lei was the one behind the case, they would let him say it himself.

Therefore, Jiang Yu told everyone about her plan. Although everyone was worried about the feasibility, they were relieved to see Jiang Yu’s solemn expression.

After all, there was an old saying-‘A straight body is not afraid of a crooked shadow.’

Jiang Yu immediately contacted Hu Lei. “Are you Mr. Hu Lei? I’m Jiang Yu. I’m very sorry for causing you to be injured before, so I want to treat you to a meal and personally apologize to you.”

When Hu Lei heard this, he immediately perked up. “Alright! Is it just the two of us? Or should I call miss Kang Xue from that day?”

“This is my fault. I should be the one apologizing to you.” Jiang Yu softened her tone and said, “Moreover, Kang Xue has been preparing for the competition recently. She has no time to come out. So, I will apologize to you on her behalf.”

“Alright!” Hu Lei agreed without hesitation.

The movie queen had personally asked him out for a meal to apologize. Perhaps she was interested in him. She was just too embarrassed to say it out loud due to her status, so she used this excuse.

Hu Lei had always been very confident in himself, so this time, he also thought that Jiang Yu wanted to do something with him, which was why she asked him out for a meal.

After Jiang Yu and Hu Lei agreed on a place, they hung up the phone.


Sister Xia was a little worried. “Jiang Yu, that Hu Lei is not a good person. I’m always worried that something will happen to you.”

“It’s alright. Aren’t you guys coming with me?” Jiang Yu comforted her. “There are so many people here, why would we be afraid of Hu Lei? And I’ll prepare silver needles in my bag. If things don’t go right, I’ll find his sleeping meridian point and stab it. No matter what, he wouldn’t be able to do anything to me.”

“Alright, then. We’ll all follow behind you and protect you.” Sister Xia said.

“Thank you, sister Xia.” At night, Jiang Yu went to the place where she had agreed to meet Hu Lei.

It was a small restaurant in a remote area. However, the food was pretty good, so there were many people who came to visit.

Jiang Yu ordered a table full of dishes and a few bottles of wine, then called Hu Lei over to have a meal.

“Miss Jiang!” When Hu Lei saw Jiang Yu, he walked over with a perverted look and sat beside her. He even deliberately got close to her.

“Mr. Hu Lei, I’m really sorry for what happened before. How about this, I’ll give you a toast, as an apology for my insensibility back then.” As she spoke, Jiang Yu poured two glasses of wine and pushed one to Hu Lei while she picked up the other.

“Since Miss Jiang has said so, I, Hu Lei, will have to give you face!”

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