Love You More Than I Can

Chapter 8 - Bleed a Lot
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Chapter 8: Bleed a Lot

Translator: Mia

Sheng Youting sat on a plastic chair in the aisle with his back bent and elbows rested on his thighs. He wiped his face with force randomly and gasped.

Along with clattering high heels, Wen Ruyu came and started to sob with her arms pulling Sheng Youting, “Youting, come and see our Yiyi. The doctor said she is not well now!”

Without lifting up his head, Sheng Youting said in a casual tone, “Go find a doctor.”

Wen Ruyu was surprised to hear his answer. What was more, seeing the name of the emergency room, she was to some extent determined, “Youting, at first, Yiyi is getting better. However, according to the doctor, she is affected by extremely unpleasant facts and falls in a coma again! Yu Lan should take the blame! Divorce with her as soon as possible!”

Since Sheng Youting owed Yu Yi a life and as known by all he loved her, Wen Ruyu naturally put the blame on Yu Lan.

Sheng Youting was pent-up. He took in a long deep breath and leaned his head backwards against the wall. He was impatient and uttered a reply indifferently, “Fuck off.”


“Don’t make me to say it again, or else, someone has to pay my son’s life now.”

Sheng Youting didn’t say it out loud, or to some extent faintly, yet a killing intent was implied from his low voice!

Wen Ruyu was scared and silenced. However, she still asked tentatively after a while, “How could you know it is a boy? How could a woman like Yu Lan give birth to a boy!”

Turning around to Wen Ruyu, Sheng Youting stared at her viciously like a Shura, “Even if it’s a girl, it’s also my Sheng Youting’s daughter! You’re not even qualified to touch her toes!”

Sheng Youting’s anger built up with every uttered word. He stood up immediately, grabbed Wen Ruyu’s shoulders by force, and pushed her against the wall!

“It’s my daughter’s life! How come you should even think I won’t find the one who should pay for it?”

Wen Ruyu couldn’t help quivering upon Sheng Youting’s words! “Youting, Youting, your aunt has to look after Yiyi now. Let go out of your aunt!”

Sheng Youting loosed his hands and sneered at her after seeing her falling to the ground, “I don’t have the time to get even with you. However, you need to pay me back with interest later! Fuck off!”

Wen Ruyu staggered away and couldn’t help looking back. She didn’t even think she knew Sheng Youting now!

Sheng Youting didn’t know what was wrong with him. He was maybe just trying to restrain himself for he bore in heart the revenge told by Yu Lan.

Maybe he needed to do good deeds for Yu Lan before she got safe.

Yu Lan bled a lot and he had never done anything for her. Now he needed to do good deeds for her...

It had been one day and two nights. A fourth round of doctors walked into the emergency room and even experts overseas were invited here.

Sheng Youting could hardly sit still now.

There still weren’t any news and he couldn’t bear with it any more!

Sore red eyes and the newly grown stubble turned a handsome yet cold face into a trapped beast.

He still denied his concerns towards Yu Lan. Anyway, Yu Lan was his wife. How could a man sit still while his wife was in danger? Wasn’t it the responsibility of a husband to ensure his wife’s safety?

He stood up and stopped a doctor who was just taking a shift!

“I want to go inside!” He said with extremely red eyes!

“It’s the emergency room and you are just a family member!”

Sheng Youting almost stared his eyes out! “How could an intact person remain in the emergency room for so long? She is just having a small surgery of miscarriage! There are so many women taking this surgery every year! How could it take so long for my Sheng Youting’s woman! It has been one day and two nights! It’s such a long time that even a heart by-pass surgery can be done!”


Why the other women were fine taking this kind of surgery while Yu Lan was in danger!

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