Love You More Than I Can

Chapter 20 - How Hard Could It Be
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Chapter 20: How Hard Could It Be

Translator: Mia

Sheng Youting stopped, and looked down upon the dean, “Hehe? Aren’t you alive now? However, my wife lost her life. So you are exchanging my wife’s life for your social status and reputation. Do you deserve it? You own her and I will get it even on behalf of her!”

The next day, scandals about the dean were publicized and shocked the whole industry. The dean’s relationships with multiple women and his secret deals with medical and medical device companies to get rebates were known and scolded by people within the industry.

The dean was now like a rat crossing the street. He didn’t even dare to walk out of the door of his home. His wife wanted to divorce with him. His hair turned white in just two days.

Without any sign, the share price of the Yu group suddenly plunged to the bottom limit when the stock market opened in the morning. The large amount of stocks purchased at the early stage were now all sold at the same time. This situation lasted for a week in a row. Though the market indexes were red, these didn’t help with the current situation.

Retail investors didn’t know what had happened and went panic. They sold their shares along with the trend. Thus the share price of the Yu group remained acting poor. However, later, multiple private equity firms started to took in shares with a super low share price. Seeing the recovering of the share price, retail investors again followed the trend and bought shares. After the share price continued to increase to the ceiling for two days, the private equity firms started to dump their shares. The share price then was back to its previous state, plunged to the bottom limit for one week.

Tortured and unwilling to suffer from great emotion changes, retail investors were in a panic and dared not to buy the shares of the Yu group. Bank loan applications initiated by the Yu group were not agreed by both the state-owned or commercial banks at that time. Yu Bonian had no other ways but to sell all his properties and save the share market. Even his real estates were mortgaged to the bank finally.

Yu Bonian did ever think about asking Sheng Youting for help. However, his calls were always answered by Sheng Youting’s secretary, saying that he was abroad for meetings and all information concerned shall be kept as commercial secrets. It was natural that Sheng Youting couldn’t answer the call.

Yu Bonian was expecting that Sheng Youting would come back abroad and then help the Yu group with the social resources of the Sheng family. He was apparently trapped into this matter. However, he failed to check who it was.

There were so many private equity firms within the country uniting together to suppress the share price of the Yu family, leaving no room for the Yu family to fight back.

Sheng Youting was out of touch for long. Yu Bonian wanted to mortgage the house of Lanlinyuan. However, the application was grabbed and stopped by Sheng Youting.

Yu Bonian was happy to know he was back and went to him by pulling Yu Yi together.

However, when he arrived at the Lanlinyuan, he found Sheng Youting was cleaning Yu Lan’s photo frame and her mom’s picture was also there.

Yu Bonian swallowed...

Putting down the white cloth in his hands, Sheng Youting said indifferently, “You can’t sell the real estate of Lanlinyuan.”

Yu Bonian went directly to the topic, “Youting, if you mean it, I will follow your orders. You are finally back! Uncle has waited hard for you for long!”

“How hard could it be? Aren’t these the normal things that would happen to a business?” Sheng Youting turned around and smiled at Yu Bonian. The smile was a little bit weird.

Even though it was still hot in September, Yu Bonian was chilled by the smile.

“Youting!” Yu Yi came to Sheng Youting and acted like a spoiled child by holding his arm, “It has been a year. You are always out of touch. This time, thanks god, you come back at a perfect timing. Please help us. My dad’s hair is getting white because of the matter.”

“Ok. However, I would like to take a pawn first, or else the board of directors wouldn’t agree with the mortgage.” Sheng Youting agreed to help without a second thought. He then rejected Yu Yi’s hands and walked out of the door.

Yu Bonian was uneasy. Why did Sheng Youting ever mention about the board of directors? However, on a second thought, it was reasonable since the board of directors wouldn’t agree about the mortgage if no pawn was granted. “Ok, I got your message but my assets now are all mortgaged to the bank.”

“How about Yu Lan mom’s shares in Yu Yi’s hands? These would count.” Sheng Youting walked down the stairs and sat on the sofa. He didn’t even ask for drinks.

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