Love Stops Rumours

Love Stops Rumours
LSR, 谣言止于恋爱
Chinese Novel

Love Stops Rumours

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    On the first day of school, Wei Ru Song accidentally fell in front of Xiao Nian’s dick. With his girlfriend witnessing this incident and thinking that he was giving another man a blowjob, this led to a series of misunderstandings.

    WRS : I’m not gay I’m not gay I’m not gayyyyyyyyyyyy!

    XN : Neither am I.

    WRS : Seems like we need to come up with a scheme to clear our names now.

    XN : Ok.


    Counselor : I saw you and that junior doing it in the grass, *cough*, kiddo, please take note and be a bad influence.

    WRS : No we just fell accidentally…

    Neighbour : Wei Ru Song can you be quieter in bed? We couldn’t sleep the entire night.

    WRS : No that was just Xiao Nian giving me a massage ahh…

    Gym Teacher : You guys know what you did in the equipment room, go clean the mats!

    WRS : Noooooooo that was just the milk I spilt!!!


    XN : Senior

    WRS : Yeah?

    XN : Since they already think we’re gay, why don’t we just let this work itself out.

    WRS : … Just what I was thinking.

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