Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 936 - Song Wan Woke Up
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Chapter 936: Song Wan Woke Up

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Until a hand was gently placed on his shoulders and tapped on him once and twice. It did not have too much strength, and it seemed like a feather floating.


Suddenly, Chu Jiang opened his eyes and saw that Song Wan had already opened her eyes quite some time ago. She tried very hard to control her facial muscles, but as she was lying down for close to half a year, she found out that she did not have any strength at all.

She opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but her mouth kept opening and closing without a sound.

“I know, I know.” Chu Jiang held Song Wan’s hands tightly, and his entire person started shaking emotionally. “It’s great that you’re awake. It’s great.” This was the first time his eyes had reddened in so many years.

“I’ll call Ah Lui right away. He must be so happy.

“Someone, someone.” He yelled towards the outside, and a few nurses rushed in. Once they saw Song Wan with her eyes open and Chu Jiang with his emotional face, they could not help but be startled.

“Mrs. Chu, you’re awake?”

Song Wan opened her mouth again, but there was still no sound.

“I’ll go get a doctor.” A nurse hurriedly recovered her senses and called a doctor over.

“I’ll cook something for Madam to eat.” Another had also rushed out.

Chu Jiang held Song Wan’s hands tightly and did not want to let her go.

Not long later, a doctor hurriedly rushed over.

It was already a miracle for a vegetable of more than half a year to wake up.

After the doctor was done checking, he heaved a sigh of relief. “Great, Mrs. Chu really had woken up. However, as she had slept for too long, she needs some time to recover.”

“What about her voice?” Chu Jiang meant the fact that Song Wan could not talk.

“That’s a small matter. Mrs. Chu’s body will recover slowly. After all, it had been more than half a year.” The doctor then explained some things that they needed to take note of before leaving with his things.

Chu Jiang was finally relaxed and went out to inform his son. He thought that the moment Song Wan woke up, she would want to see her son the most.

At this point, Chu Lui was buried in a pile of documents. Recently, contracts had been pushed over to his side like crazy; but he did not mind it as he did not really want to go home. He practically lived and ate in the office. One could not deny that the increase in sales was all because of this CEO, but the employers below all could not take it anymore.

Even the boss was working overtime, let alone the employers. They could only work overtime with their boss, but their boss was a pervert that did not know what exhaustion was. The others were just civilians made from muscles, and they really could not handle such a heavy workload.

Chu Lui’s phone rang, and he took his phone and placed it by his ear.

“Hello, I’m Chu Lui...”

Not long later, the CEO office door burst open. This sudden movement gave Secretary Xiao Chen outside a shock.

Secretary Xiao Chen hurriedly stood up. What happened to the CEO? Why was he in a rush? Was he going to the toilet? Did he not have complete toilet facilities in that suite of his? He did not need to visit the washroom outside.

Did the CEO like using bigger washrooms as it was easier for him to defecate?

Before she could carry on thinking, she saw Chu Lui walking towards the elevator in big steps.

“That, CEO... meeting...”

Secretary Xiao Chen said softly, “You have a big meeting today and three small ones. Are you leaving now?”

“Push them back.” Chu Lui swiped the elevator and had left. Secretary Xiao Chen blinked first and placed her hands on her chest to pat it.

Ah, she was finally relieved.

Of course, she did not forget to inform the other departments that the meeting was canceled. It was okay even if it was pushed back to the next day. At the very least, everyone could take a breather and heave a sigh of relief. If this continued, perhaps everyone’s mental health would have problems.

Chu Lui was driving rapidly and straight to the holiday resort in the mountains. The view there was not bad, and there were very little people—which was perfect for Song Wan to recuperate. Coincidentally, he had a flat there; and it was convenient to move in as they did not need to prepare much. If not, he would really not dare to leave his parents alone there.

He parked his car and rushed into the small villa.

Once he opened the door, he saw Chu Jiang feeding Song Wan. Song Wan could already sit up, and the tubes attached to her body were removed. Even though she was still weak and pale, one could tell that her mental health was not bad.

Once Song Wan saw her son, her tears kept falling as she missed her son and also because she let him down and had ruined him.

“Mom...” Chu Lui walked in, and his steps were light and stable; however, one could tell his agitation in his stability.

Song Wan extended his hand and placed it on her son’s face.

“You’ve become skinnier.” Her voice was very hoarse and unpleasant, but to Chu Lui, her voice was like an angel singing.

“You too, Mom.” Chu Lui laughed rarely, and his eyes turned red.

Song Wan moved her lips a few times, but in the end, she really did not have the decency to say it out. She was afraid and terrified that her child would hate her, and Chu Jiang would be disappointed in her again.

She had lost Rainy and had pushed Xia Ruoxin into the ocean. Then, she wanted to kill her again. In the end, she did not expect she had caused herself to end up in this state.

Who could she blame? Who else could she blame?

She lay down again and bit the blanket hard. This unspeakable self-reproach had almost driven her nuts.

She should think about it further. Yes, she needed to as she did not dare to say some things and admit them as she was even more afraid of dying.

“Look, the weather today is great, right?” Chu Jiang pushed Song Wan to the yard and accompanied her outside. Song Wan had not been under such a warm sun for a long time. She had already forgotten the feeling of warmth.

Chu Jiang also sat on the bench and enjoyed the sunlight. Even though it was kind of hot when the warm sun of autumn shone on them, it also made them feel especially comfortable.

“Granny...” Chu Xiang ran over and held Song Wan’s hands, talking to her non-stop.

Chu Jiang extended his hand and ruffled Chu Xiang’s hair. “Xiang Xiang has become much more obedient in the last half a year.”

Song Wan held Chu Xiang’s little hand tightly and saw that Chu Xiang had grown taller and chubbier. She knew that Chu Jiang had taken good care of Chu Xiang. Even if she was not around one day, this child would not be mistreated.

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