Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities

Chapter 38 - No Use Begging
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Chapter 38: No Use Begging

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Relax. I won’t commit suicide.” Xia Ruoxin struggled out of his grasp, and so he loosened his hold. She picked up the rag and continued to wipe the other windows. “I won’t die. If I die, you have no one to exact your revenge with.” She said it with indifference lacing her voice as if she was resigned to her fate. She was mocking someone else and yet hurting herself at the same time.

She couldn’t deny that what he felt for her was hate. Nothing further.

“Enough!” he growled as he put his hands down. “Do you find joy in going against me? Have you never thought of begging me?” This woman really had a stubborn streak about her. Why can’t she beg him? Why?

“Beg you?” Xia Ruoxin could only smile. It was such a half-hearted effort that the corners of her lips curled weakly. “Have you forgotten? I tried begging you but you never relented. So, why should I? For what?”

She turned around and left him with a view of her back.

Beg, would it do any good?

Beg, would he have let her off?

Chu Lui’s eyes turned a few shades darker as if someone had taken all the light out of them—it was scary and infinite.

“That’s enough, Xia Ruoxin.” He repeated and then closed his eyes. When they opened once more, he had calmed his emotions. The moment he saw Luo Sha who had cowered at the side, he stopped in his tracks and issued her a cold and hard warning. “If you ever let her do these chores in the future, I will skin you alive.”

Luo Sha nodded, dumbfounded as she thought to herself, “I thought you said to let her do everything? How come she does not have to do anything now?”

Xia Ruoxin simply lowered her head slightly as she put both her hands on her stomach. Through the full-length windows, she could see the man leaving followed by the departure of a black sedan.

She stood there for a long time, like a mannequin with a porcelain white face. No matter how much sunlight fell, it would not warm up.

She had locked herself in the bedroom again. What was she supposed to do if she was not a maid?


The CEO’s office was located on the eighteenth floor of the Chu Enterprise. A woman in a state of nakedness dashed out.

A man with almond-shaped eyes gave a loud whistle. That woman had great assets on her body. There were many big-breasted women in his cousin’s company. Even if he could not touch them, it was still a blessing to be able to see them every day.

He walked into the room with big strides, carrying a stack of documents. He pushed the door opened. Anyway, he did not have to bother with knocking because the boss of that place was coincidentally his biological cousin.

“Documents.” He dumped the stack of documents on the table, ignoring the looks that could kill on Chu Lui’s face.

“Du Jingtang, don’t you know how to knock?” A cold and hard voice came out of Chu Lui’s mouth. It was cold enough to kill someone and hard like cement.

“I know. I know. I will remember to knock next time followed by ‘Mr. CEO, may I come in?’” He reached his hand up and ran his fingers through his hair. Then his expression turned serious with a change of tone. “Brother, is everything alright with you and that woman?”

He sat down. That woman was, of course, Xia Ruoxin.

“None of your business,” Chu Lui said without looking up.

Du Jingtang stopped smiling. “Brother, haven’t you noticed? Ever since Yixuan died, you have changed. It became more evident after you married Xia Ruoxin.”

“Did I?” Chu Lui remained buried in work. He did not even bother to look up.

“How could it not be?” Du Jingtang grabbed a bunch of his hair. He said his piece on the matter. “Mr. Brother, no one knew what really happened. You can’t just pin it on Xia Ruoxin and seriously think she was the culprit.” His voice lowered into a whisper as he said it, all because a sharp and chilly look was targeted at him.

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